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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Loss didnt last..

Well after a week at school with lots of candies, presents of candies good food the loss just didnt want to stick around for another week.

I gained 2.2 lbs bringing me to now 178.4. I doubt I will weigh in next week I mean who could possibly be brave enough to weigh in the day after christmas?!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Loss...Woo Hoo!

I lost 1.8 lbs this week:woo: so that makes me now 176.2

My goal for the holidays and until Jan. 1 is try to maintain my weight and not gain any and then Jan.1 hit the ground running hard!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weigh In Comparison

Just thought I would post these stats..very interesting and not good at all

April 25, 2008-weighed in at 163.3 (lowest)
December 5, 2008-weighed in at 178.0

Thats a gain of 14.7 lbs in about 7.5 mths...yikes not a good trail to go down need to get back on the losing trail instead of the gaining trail again....

Friday, December 5, 2008


Well I weighed in this morning only to see a huge gain of 3.2 lbs so Im now up to 178.0 just lovely but its been about the way my day has gone so no big shocker there. Maybe one of these days Ill turn it around and remember what it like to lose lbs instead of gaining them again.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Still Alive...

Yes I really still am alive it has been close to a month since Ive checked in here I guess, just have gotten into this attitude of "its the holidays who cares attitude" which is not good to have. I didnt weigh in last week because we were gone for Thanksgiving to the in-laws so didnt have a scale and really probably didnt want to see one..haha!

Ill let you girls know the results tomorrow, hopefully they wont be too horrifying. We have joined the YMCA but have yet to only manage to go one time...we need to get our priorities straight..haha!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Anyone still reading??

Well after being gone for almost a month I weighed in this morning and was down from the past two weeks when i weighed in at 176.4. My weight this week was at 174.8 which is a decent loss from last week of 1.6 lbs!

Success Plan for this week....
*no sweet tea (wonder if it really effects me that badly)
*lots of water
*eat smaller portions
*work out at least 3X a week (walking, Y, etc)

So that was my plan this past week and it seemed to work well, we will see how this week goes!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Loss is always good...

Well I finally had a loss a small one at that but its a loss nonetheless! I had a loss of .6 lbs today so Im at 174.0 now and hope it keeps going in the right direction!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Boy am I out of shape....

Well I know I havent posted in here for a while its because yes I have been down and out, gaining weight but Friday I officially have a plan for stopping it. Me and hubby both joined the gym and it only cost us for both of us to join per month $35 at the YMCA, how much cheaper can it get! Today was the first day though that we went due to having class, church and just plain learning the times they close and open. I must just tell my victory for today and my "boy am I outta shape story" though.

So today was one of the first days in a LONGGG time I felt good about my choices in food and I ever exercised and real exercise that I actually had a good sweat.

So today was the first time that we actually went to the Y and I worked out for 10 minutes on the elliptical that kicked my butt big time. I was in such pain before the 10 minutes but kept pushing myself for that 10 minutes and said I can make it come on (I was kind of my own cheerleader ) and made it, after that I did the bike for 20 minutes and I left there and even with those two things I am pathetic is that? I sweated like something else and have never drank a full bottle of water down any faster either. At first I really didnt want to go but am so glad we (me and hubby) went I felt so much better afterwards and am looking forward to going tomorrow.

Working out today just made me realize just how badly out of shape I really have gotten. I used to be able to do elliptical for 20-30 minutes with not feeling like I was going to do, now I have to work at getting back to that point, I can do it just have to work a bit harder to get there!

I just had to share so that hopefully in a few weeks/months I can look back and realize how far I have come and so someone can remind me of that too!

For food, I did well with eating veggies and fruits and felt so much better about myself today. I have also gotten addicted to blackberies they are my new fruit that I love!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Weight Loss!

Well I havent reported back and had gained a few pounds but Im happy to announce that today I weighed in at 171.8 which is still higher than I should be at but its a loss of 2.4 lbs from last week!

This week I havent exercised a ton but I brought my lunch EVERY DAY and have drank lots of water as well. I have also tried to cut back on my sweet tea consumption as well.

Unfortunately I have inherited a cold that is kicking my butt now and we are heading to Atlanta for the weekend so Im hoping it will go away soon!

Friday, September 5, 2008


I had a gain today of 1.4 lbs (exactly what I LOST last week!) Im really not too bummed out because I know how much crap I ate eating in the cafeteria this week and with the fried chicken strips and cookies it didnt help. I need to get back to bringing my own lunch. I know I can do it I got me a new FB ticker and am all ready for it to start going down for good in the right direction.

Goals so I can come back to them as well...
1) Start back journaling (it really does make a HUGE difference)
2) get back to working out on a regular basis (at least 4X per week for at least 30 minutes)
3) try to eliminate/cut way down on fried foods and sweet tea
4) lose 1 lb per week and get into the 150's before Chrismas which would make me have a normal BMI instead of overweight for the first time in years and years!
5) tone up

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day Two

Day Two...

Much better day and my food was a little bit better too. Im trying to make small strides to eating better, losing the weight so these last 20 lbs will melt away

Ive been trying to get in some veggies and really try to analyze everything I eat. Today at lunch in the cafeteria I wanted some type of meat and the only option was fried chicken strips so I ended up eating only 1.5 instead of the 3 I could have eaten so again small strides....

Differences from yesterday...
Calories: 1960 - 1419
Carbs: 314 - 198
Fat: 56 - 47
Protein: 56 - 56
Sodium: 4265 - 3738

So much, much better but still lots of room to improve. I have it setup in sparkpeople and how much weight I want to lose and what calories and all it tells me and I was very close to stay in range except for protein and sodium was really high

Amounts it should be:
Calories: 1200-1500
Carbs: 163-236
Fat: 32-56
Protein: 60-127
Sodium: 2300

Food for today

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Success Never comes to those who quit...

Its at the top of my page and should be the motto of my life but it has gotten to where I really dont follow this at all. Finally getting back into the hang of tracking and realizing also what it does for you. I think Ive been in a bad slump with things. I hope I can really stick it out and focus on being healthy and getting back to my good habits instead of my "who cares the nutritional information I wont gain too much weight" so here is my food for today..not grand but its much better than what I have been eating thats for sure

Food for today

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Getting Better...

Well I guess its been almost a month and usually I guess when i dont post for that long it means Ive hit the bad part instead of the good part but I finally have found a better home in the good direction for a few weeks just been busy with school.

Weigh Ins and results...
August 15-174.8
August 22-172.4
August 29-171.0

So Ive now lost almost 4 lbs and am getting back into the groove of things with school being back in session.

Also does anyone else have a WiiFit? It really has some fun things and gets kind of addictive since when you use it for so long you get to unlock new games. At first I wanted to kick it when it told my how unbalanced and my real age but I know Im going to get better so my real age can go down!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day and thanks for checking in on me!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Horrifying Results...

Well i weighed in for my horrifying weight of 172.8 I cant believe I have let myself get this big its just sickening to me. I went back to look and the last week of school I weighed 165 so Ive gained about 7-8 lbs over the summer Im just pissed at myself right now for letting myself get this big pretty much over not having a schedule and not exercising as much. I was looking back at pictures from last weekend compared to Easter and I could tell in my face how my fatter it looked it made me want to

Today I actually ate quite healthy and even had several veggies today at snacking it was so good to get back on schedule it really is helpful big time Im hoping next week I can show a drastic weight loss and get back down.

I also got some new shoes has anyone seen the new Under Armour shoes they are awesome and next week its supposed to cool down too, instead of 110 degrees it will only be about!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Not as great of a day

Today wasnt quite as good but it wasnt as bad as I have been eaten either. For some reason I have been sooo snacky and need to get out of that habit.

Food for today
Breakfast: Apple cinnamon Cheerios (2.3), 1% milk-1/2 c (1.1), banana (1)
Snack: borden string cheese (1.7)
Lunch: Schlotsky's Deli sm smoked turkey sandwich (7.2), jalepeno chips (5.2), water (0)
Dinner: Burger-90/10 meat (4.7), pepperjack cheese (1.2), bun (2.1), BBQ sauce (.7), relish (.1), white cheddar popcorn (2.3), water (0)
Snack: apple sauce (1.4), fudgesicle (1.3), borden string cheese (1.7), baby Almond Joy (1.8)

Food Pts: 35.8
Exercise (1 hr walk) -4
Total Pts: 31.8
Overage: 5.8

Calories: 1677
Fat: 55.75
Fiber: 11

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back to the Basics

Back to the basics..going back to counting points and it worked once so well see if it works again. I know my body will eventually get used to it and Ill probably go back to counting calories and everything else but for now this seems a good start to getting back on track

Food for today
Weight: 169.8
Breakfast (4): Kellogg's blueberry muffin cereal (2.9), 1/2 c 1% milk (1.1)
Lunch (6.8): spinach, chicken and cheese ravioli (4.4), marinara (1.4), banana (1), water (0)
Dinner (10.9): 3 pieces of california pizza kitchen pizza (7.9), snickerdoodle cookie (3), water (0)
Snack (5.1): 100 calorie ritz (2.3), mini bar almond joy (1.8), banana (1), water (0)

Total: 26.8
Total supposed to eat: 26

So not too bad of a first day back at tracking food. I have gotten a little notebook and anything I eat I must write down. I saw this on the today show yesterday and thought hey that could work. It made me not want to eat some things because I have to write it in the little log, silly but hey it worked today

We started finally the couch to 5k this week and it made me realize just how out of shape I am when I think that I was in shape. We did the first part of it -60 sec run, 90 sec walk with a 5 minute warmup and after the 2nd 60 sec run I almost didnt make it so I think we may improvise this week and start out a little slower and do either 30 or 45 sec run, 90 sec walk.

About that time it looked like it was about to start pouring down so we went home and plan to do either the 30 or 45 sec start instead of the 60 sec this week and then maybe by next week well be ready for the 60 sec. I dont think I realized how tough it was going to be. No Running/walking tonight I took the night off to study for a final exam I have tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day Two...

Food for yesterday was umm not so good...I ate one meal because we didnt have time to eat lunch or I would have so we ate a early dinner at 4:30

Snack: 3-4 handfuls of cheddar chex mix, water (16.9 oz)
Dinner: 1/3 lb hamburger (pepperjack cheese, lettuce, ketchup, onion, pickles), 10-12 fries with honey mustard, 2 glasses of sweet tea
Exercise: 45 minute walk, 30 minute walk (around MSU)

Yep that was it not a good day but Ill survive I guess and move on. I paid for only eating one meal for sure my stomach was hurting unbelievable I wont ever make that mistake again.

Tonight we are planning on starting the couch to 5k program. We were going to start last night and after getting back late I just said lets go on a walk and well start tonight The old me would have said screw it its already Wednesday just wait till Monday but Im trying to slowly work my mind back to the good instead of the bad training of thinking.

Oh and we went to San Antonio for vacation I had a conference to go to and we just made a little trip out of it as well.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Anyone still out there?!

Wow its been what almost 3 weeks now since Ive posted and I doubt anyone is still reading this thing since its been so long. I have fallen off the wagon big time for sure!

A little background and where I have been was on vacation last week (didnt eat well), week before I took the Praxis I and studied my butt off (passed two of the ones I know and get the last part back in about 1-2 weeks), then the week before I took the Praxis II (will get my scores Friday!) and then Ive had class as well so its been a busy busy time. Oh then on top of that I got a new job teaching high school but at a public school instead of private school and Im pretty excited about it, its a HUGE raise so that will be nice as well!

Hubby and I are going to start the Couch to 5k program has anyone else done this? If you arent familiar with it here is the link to it...Couch to 5k program

Food for today was eghh ok but I know I have to get back to posting it all and it will help me to get back in the feel of things so here goes..

Breakfast: 2 cups of fruit (grapes, watermelon, cantelope)
Lunch: Dairy Queen kids meal (cheeseburger-plain, apple sauce, kids sprite)
Dinner: 1 piece of chicken fajita pizza, 1 piece of cheese pizza, 2 breadsticks with marinara, salad (lettuce, bacon bits, brocolli, cucumbers, ranch-NO CHEESE!), 1 glass of sweet tea
Snack: 1 grape popsicle

After typing this all out I just realized Ive had no water and no exercise either gotta get better but its a start Im embarressed to even say how bad Ive been eating this is actually much better. I probably had been eating close to 2500-3000 calories a day.bad, bad but thats why Im geting back in the groove.

Oh and today I weighed in after vacation and not eating all that grand and have gotten myself up to 173.3 and I was down to 163.2 at one point pitiful for sure.

Tomorrow I will be gone all day but hopefully I can eat healthy and get back to it. Working out will be tough but depending on when I get back tomorrow I will have some time to work out. If not Wednesday it will be to start my workouts.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Thank you girls for coming to check up on me I havent been too good about coming here probably because Ive been doing so horribly! For some reason I am really sucking it up I need to get my act together and sooonnnn. I have gained 4 lbs in the last month just not acceptable to me...Monday it is back to tracking every little thing that goes into my mouth Im tired of this crappy feeling

My stats for the past month..gotta get back to the stuff I had been doing to lose this weight this is just unacceptable..6 weeks I have GAINED 4 lbs...uggh thats probably why Ive been feeling like a chubby lard lately

5-9: 164.4
5-16: 165.4
5-23: 165.9
5-30: 165.5
6-6: 166.6
6-13: 167.7
6-20: 168.4

Friday, May 30, 2008


I weighed in this morning and lost .4 lbs which brings me back to 165.5 so Im pretty happy I had a loss because I had gained a bit this weekend while in Nashville so I lost all of that weight + a little more. Ive been exercising a ton so I think thats helped a bit too I got in a total of 5.5 hrs of exercise in 7 days.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Its Been a while...

Its been a while since I have updated in any fashion but hopefully Ill have more time to update and hopefully get back on a schedule for the summer since Ill be out for school. I must say its really weird saying well I wont be going back to work until hubby would say you have an extra long Memorial Day weekend..haha!

Friday I weighed in before we went to Nashville and I was up .5 lb so not a huge gain but still a gain. My body was so funky this week with not knowing whether to get AF or not then got it and it was on the rough day when I weighed in so that maybe it as well.

This weekend we went to Nashville and had a great time but we ate way too many good restaurants for sure...TGIFridays, Demos', Pancake Pantry, Old Spaghetti Factory, & Monells but I weighed in yesterday (before Memorial Day cookout) and was up 1.5 lbs which Im shocked I wasnt up more than that with all the food we had so I just need get that plus the .5 I gained this past week and Ill be doing good this week!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Bad Food=Gain

I weighed in this morning with a gain of 1 lb even at 165.4 so I guess I gained back what I lost. I need to really do well this week and get it off for sure. I think my body is still whacked up though because it still hasnt found AF yet after 7 days so well see if she shows up soon.

Today was our last full day for the year next week will be all half days then Thursday Im done I cant wait. In other news I got a huge raise and was so shocked it was a pleasant surprise, it ended up being 17% so Im obviously doing something right.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Good Day

Well I havent been the most regular person to this blog but starting next week Ill be back and ready to get it going a lot better. Tomorrow is our last full day of school and then Thursday is our last day of school for this school year. Next week is exams and we get out at 11:30 each day so that will be nice for sure.

Today has been a pretty good day for food I just feel kind of light headed. I really havent eaten much it seems as though nothing really sounds good and too many things make me want to so Im taking it nice, easy and light for today.

I have found a great new snack...jello sugar free gelatin they are not the best thing in the world dont get me wrong but they are a good hit the spot type of snack and its only 10 calories and 0 g of fat

They have a girl at school who Im pretty good friends with who has started to lose weight. She knows I have lost a good bit and has been asking me all kinds of questions. Its quite an honor even to be asked IMO.

Food Journal for today

Friday, May 9, 2008

Food + Exercise = Weight Loss

The story of my week. My lunch hasnt been fantastic Ill be the first to admit but our dinner has been pretty healthy stuff with a salad and Ive gotten to where Ill add extra veggies to bulk it up and its amazing the mindset it gives you. My favorite salad is lettuce, onion, cucumbers, bacon bits and light ranch. Very low in fat and really good.

So the culprit of the week. I lost 1.3 lbs bringing me to 164.4

I have exercised every day except for yesterday due to going to softball game and other things but other than that Ive done pretty well. Just goes to show you obviously it does make a difference for sure

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ehh week

This week has been ehhh, not too grand we have had so many good meals from parents its crazy and well I havent been oh so good but not the worst ever. Ive tried to keep my portions small and try a bit of everything b/c well it just looked too good to pass it all up. Well today was probably the best day of food and they had the most amazing dessert and it was just one of those things you could look at and see all the calories floating away on it. It was a chocolate cake topped with condensed milk, whipped cream, and butterfinger. So how could anyone really resist this?? Im trying to keep it ok and not overdue it during lunch and then eat healthy lunch and dinner and exercise as well.

I cant wait till the end of the semester...May 22 cant come soon enough and then our 5th anniversary is May 24 and we are heading to Nashville..woo hoo!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Bad start to the week

Yep Im owning up to it, its been a bad start to the week and its only Monday..its got to get better!

For breakfast it started off with a bagelful (which are delicious) and not horrible stats but a tad on the high side.

So this week is Teacher Appreciation Week and they have all kinds of moms that are bringing their homemade good stuff for all the teachers. Well today it was shrimp and grits (yes very southern for anyone who doesnt live here), sausage balls, egg and sausage breakfast casserole and they did have fruit so I grabbed a bunch of it with some water.

Then for dinner we had a big dinner and it couldnt get much worst for the food, well for nutrition wise not for taste wise. Fried catfish, fried french fries, fried hushpuppies...yikes! I ate it all but tried to keep small portions.

I dont even want to see the stats on how bad I did today. Then I had no time to exercise either Ive been running around like a chicken with my head cut off today. It was from the dinner that lasted 2 hrs to a basketball game and we just got home and I just wanted to post how I did and it was far from good thats for sure...hopefully tomorrow will be better than today!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Disappointed in the week...

Well I weighed in yesterday with a pretty big GAIN. I was pretty shocked a little since I had done really well at eating lots of veggies and fruits but of course I didnt exercise so Im kind of holding that as a reason as well maybe.

My gain this week was 2.4 lbs which I had tracked all week and honestly am not sure how I gained that much. I did have more sodium than normal which I saw in tracking my food but other than that I just dont see it other than does exercise make that big of a difference.

Well off to another week, Im just ready to get over this plateau I seem to be stuck in the 163-166 range and cant get over the plateau..just frustrating to say the least.

School is getting easier now that the Seniors are gone and my classes I will only have 2 now instead of 7 so life gets so much easier from here until May 22 the last day!

Monday, April 28, 2008

So-So Day

Well today was so-so. I had kind of a rough lunch because I have been bringing my lunches to school and this week I have break and I kid you not they seem to have no healthy options Im not sure what to do there for this week. I would bring something to warm up but there is one microwave for 174 students..yeah Im not waiting on that because lunch would be over by that time.

Goals for this week and how I did...
1) eat lots of fruits and veggies (ate 4 fruits, 2 veggies)
2) track my food each day (DONE)
3) drink at least 50 oz. of water (ONLY 33.8 oz so a little shy)
4) exercise on my elliptical (NOT TONIGHT)
5) cut down on useless sweets (NO USELESS SWEETS, unless you count STARBUCKS )

For shopping....I went back to NY & CO (my favorite place to shop of all times) to bring back a pair of pants I got since the other store didnt have them and they were half off if I got another pair of pants so I said Ill just go to the other one to get them. Well when I went in they had some other stuff on clearance and I got a really pair of nice pants and a cute shirt all for $25 in my new smaller size I need to stay away from the stores, they are dangerous right now

Food Journal for today

Tomorrow Im playing in our student-faculty basketball game and Lord help me I dont know a lick of basketball but I do know Ill be getting a good workout too

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shopping + Healthy foods

Thank you girls for all the congrats It truly has made a huge difference for sure in my weekend with the loss instead of gain or maintain. Today me, my mom, and grandmother all went to this little fruit/veggie stand and I got a ton of fruits and veggies all for only $11 I was so proud of myself. Now I have lots of good and healthy snacks instead of junk. I got lettuce, cucumbers, onion, pears, bananas, apples, plums and it seems like there was something else but to say the least there was lots of good stuff so Im headed for a great week for sure

My goals for this week..have to take it week by week and I think it really helps to focus on the small picture even though I have a big picture in my mind as well:
1) eat lots of fruits and veggies (should be pretty easy)
2) track my food each day
3) drink at least 50 oz. of water
4) exercise on my elliptical that has been collecting dust at least 3-4 times before Friday
5) cut down on useless sweets (ice cream, sweet tea, etc.). Ive probably been eating a good too much sweets. I love the 100 calorie packs for sure but honestly they probably make my hungrier than fuller.

So these are my goals for this week and Im sticking with it

Im hoping to see a loss and with that loss the LOWEST I have to see. If I see a .1 lb loss it will be the lowest and anything more than .1 will be my all time lowest I cant wait to see a lower number

Also to make my day for sure I went clothes shopping because Im running out my pants that fit me and thats a good thing because they are too big. Well when I went I could comfortably fit into a size 10. I have been kind of squeezing my way in but I can comfortably fit into it. Oh and then for a shirt I fit into a small. IM more of a medium shirt but I fit into a small it was wonderful. The clearance items were so much more fun because it was small and mediums in shirts and I could fit into them. Then last but not least is shoes. I actually went down a 1/2 size in shoes and could actually wear some cuter shoes because Im not having to fit into the wide size anymore and they actually looked cute. Now wonder shopping is so addictive when you can fit into cute stuff..haha! I always hated to go shopping because I hated to see the larger number. Now I just want to be in a size 8, no more double digits I cant wait! Shopping=so much fun when you are smaller.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Rocking it OUT with a BIG LOSS!

Well Ive got some FABULOUS NEWS...I weighed in this morning and LOST 2.8 lbs this week Ive rocked it this week with exercise + Food and it really has paid off which brings me almost to my lowest weight of 163.3 and my lowest weight of all time was 163.2 so Im close enough for sure and brings me to my getting in the 150's by our anniversary (May 24th) a very reasonable goal for sure it just made my morning for sure

Monday, April 21, 2008


Well today was a pretty good day. I tracked my food fully and even went to go see how many WW pts I had and had 25.6 pts and my point range is 25 so right at it

I even found a new snack. Has anyone ever heard/tried a crumpet? Well I found them at Fresh market and am now in love with them. Its kind of like a bagel/biscuit combination that has tiny holes in it. They are delicious. Its only 80 calories and 0 g of fat. I added 1 tbsp of peanut butter and I think Ive got a great hit going on. Its a satsifying snack/breakfast that doesnt make you want more sugary stuff and actually fills you up. Ok so yeah crumpet + peanut butter

Im determined this week to have a loss I must stick with this plan I started and stop falling off this wagon, Im tired of having gains/maintains by gosh I want a LOSS friday!!
so here is my food for today
Monday, April 21

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A whole week...

A whole week since Ive been here and the result of weigh in

Well I weighed in this morning and had a small gain. Honestly I really wasnt surprised because I feel like a big blimp with AF but its definitely something I can get off in no time. I gained .4 lbs this week so less than 1/2 lb. Ill start going full storm and AF will be all gone.

yesterday it was dreary, raining full blast and tornado warnings out for our area. I was going to go exercise but I just wasnt not feeling it. AF + dreary weather is not doing too good for my mind right now and this thing called exercise. Hopefully today will be better since its a pretty day and around 70ish degrees.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Maintaining my weight...

Well this week was a maintain for my weight loss at 165.7, no gain or loss of any sort. Honestly Im not bummed about it at all because I know I did pretty well just need to get a few more veggies and fruits but its getting there but just taking some time. Ive drank my water, exercised the whole nine yards. As summer is pretty much here in the south at a high of today at 80 it will get even easier I think to lose these last 20 lbs.

Now why would I say such a thing like that and how would it be easier (if anyone is curious..) it will be hotter which in the south its nothing for it to be 90 degrees or hotter towards the end and humid and the sweat just comes pouring if you are outside. Another reason would be I think it motivates you so much more to have sunshine and pretty outside to go outside and get some exercise in. The final reason I would have to dont want to wear your big clothes or sweatshirts like in the winter you want to wear the clothes that fit and you sure dont want a "gut". Anyone agree with these or have anything else? I love the summer/spring its so motivating to lose the weight for sure. I mean who wants to be fat in a bathing suit?!

Also, I know this maybe a little old but saw this on Roni's blog and thought I agree with this so much.. #6 and #7 would be the ones I dont go with 100% but the others fit me so well! Article to go with it

1. They believe failure is to be expected, but that when you keep trying, ultimately you will be successful.
2. Those who kept their weight off realize that deprivation leads to binging and binging leads to setbacks.
3. They've learned to eat a wide variety of foods — even an occasional treat.
4. They closely monitor their weight, daily and/or weekly tracking loss or gains.
5. They plan for and exercise moderately for an hour each day and they add in activity wherever they can.
6. As a permanent way of life, these weight-loss successes choose plenty of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meat and diary products and occasional allowances of sugar and fat.
7. They eat small frequent meals — often five — spread out over the day. They Graze!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Almost a week....

wow has it really been this long since Ive been by? Its almost been a week...

Well I havent fallen off the wagon just havent had much time to check in. Ive done ok, not fantastic but not horrible either somewhere in the middle...

Food Journal for the past few days if anyone is curious.
Monday, April 7
Tuesday, April 8
Wednesday, April 9
Thursday, April 10

Im curious to see if I will lose any or not this week. Ive been exercising every day for about an hour each day but I think my sodium and sugar have been a little on the higher side so well wait and see what happens tomorrow morning

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Weigh-In Report Early....

Well since Prom is tonight and I know its going to be a hectic night I decided to weigh in a day early to give myself a fair weigh in. I had about 2 hrs to spare since we actually got things done pretty quick we only had about 5 hrs to setup and we thought it would take much longer but with lots of help it does go quicker..haha! until I have to be back up there for Prom so Ill make this short and sweet. Oh and for the person who asked about me going to Prom Im a high school teacher and a junior class teacher so I get to be there, decorate the whole nine yards for it so I really cant wait for it be over with but I love decorating so I cant say its been all bad.

Well I weighed in this morning and LOST are you ready for it??? Im still in a bit of a shocker mode over it...I LOST 3.2 lbs this! Im so proud of myself for sticking with it when I had a terrible week last week this is just what I needed. Thats almost all of my weight gain from last week so I just need to stick with it and lose the rest of my 20 lbs!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Winning Day!

Thank you girls for all the comments you truly dont know how much it means to have people checking up on you and those that support you it really does mean a lot and it really does make it that much more difficult to give in/up. I went to look at my counter today that has been in place almost a year (one year April 12) and there has been 5,428 people visit my blog. That is truly amazing and quite shocking to me to know that many people have visited even if you didnt comment. I have a few people that read the blog and email me which I love comments either way so if your reading along feel free to leave a comment I always like to see who is reading along.

Well I must say after Friday I had two choices:
1) Let it ruin me and keep up the pile on of pounds
2) Change me and get back to the basics

Well I chose #2 and really got down to the nitty gritty this weekend. I tracked every single little thing I put in my mouth this weekend, there were no freebies. As silly as this sounds sometimes it made me almost not want to eat things because I would have to go log it in so I think it really did help. I have drank tons and tons of water which is a big plus also.

So today was truly the first day I have felt like I can do this, this is how I need to feel. I ate well, cooked in tonight and used wheat pasta and hubby didnt know until afterwards and I told him and he said I cant even tell, used lean meat and it was a pretty decently low in fat meal. For lunch I did well also and brought my lunch instead of eating in the fattening cafeteria so that helped also.

Then to top off the night I went and walked. I was going to run but I think I kind of killed them this weekend so I wanted to get in some physical activity but something a little lighter on my legs because they were hurting because I pushed them too hard this weekend I think. I was determined not to gain this week and lose.

So I weighed in this morning I was curious to see if I had lost any yet after having a pretty good weekend with food and exercise and I had lost 1.0 lb so far so its coming off.

So anyway the point of that to be said, today was just what I needed to get me feeling great and like I can do this and not feeling defeated like I have been. Then on top of all this other good stuff I guzzled down 60 oz. of water about 10 oz. over my goal. So yes I had a WONDERFUL day I just need to keep it up! Thursday night is prom so that day will be a little tougher because I really cant plan things out and when I dont plan is when I usually dont do so well. I cant wait for Thursday to be over with. Ill get up at 6 am and the day probably wont be over until the next morning probably Im guessing 1:30 am to 2:00 a.m. so Im sure Ill be a zombie I havent stayed up that late in a while!

This all to say, its amazing how much ONE day truly does make a difference. Food Journal for today

Friday, March 28, 2008

Gain WAY too large...

Thank you girls for the encouraging comments it has taken every ounce of me not to just throw up my hands and say I give up. I had a bad week and I know I deserve what I gained and Ill fully admit to it. I let myself go way beyond just eating too much. I let myself eat whatever I want, whenever I want and no exercise at all, its like I went back to the really old me before I lost the weight. I just dont know what I was thinking doing it. Its a new week and Im determined to have a loss next week. I need to get back to the very basics of when I started.

So that being said my gain this week was 4.5 lbs and weighing in at 168.9 which I was honestly saying 5 as bad as I ate. Im pretty bummed I gained that much in one week but I do know I deserved every last lb that was added due to myself and how I treated my body this week.

Plan for this week....
1) Get back to tracking and really watching what I eat. If Im not hungry I dont need to eat...
2) Water..make sure I drink lots of water I seem to feel myself getting deprived of that water
3) Fried Food..I need to toss them to the wayside and let them go or have them on occassions, not every day
4) Exercise at least 3 times this week. It will be tough with Prom but then I say that knowing we will be organizing, decorating and probably moving more than I would do in a regular walk.
5) Fruits and to get back to eating these

So any advice on how you get back to doing what you have been doing after a rough week i would love to hear anything I need some major motivation right now!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rough Week

Thank you girls for all of the comments I have sure needed them this week!

So lets see this week has been hell on earth week. After Spring break the kids are wild as anything and Ive had some real issues with a few and their attitudes. I feel like Ive gotten pretty good at putting them in their place but this week has been an extreme challenge.

Then on top of the kids being wild my dear sweet hubby ended up going to the ER after his mouth bled for over 2 hrs and it wasnt slowing down. Well turns out he ended up having a pinched nerve and somehow it busted. He got it all taken care of now but it was quite scary to be bleeding the way he was without stopping.

Then on top of all that I get to be in charge of prom with another teacher and its a week from today and its been crazy trying to make sure everything is completed, put together. Im counting down the days until next Thursday is over! It will be a long, long day that day but the reward is that Friday we are off!!

My motivation is extremely down and I feel like Ive gained 10 lbs this week Ive been so bad and with no exercise and no sleep. I just need to go lay down and take a nap now.

Food Journal for today..not sure what we are having for dinner Ill come back and put it in..
Breakfast: Fiber one-chocolate, water
Lunch: asian chicken, fried rice with sweet & sour sauce, fried egg roll with sweet & sour sauce, M&M cookie, water
Dinner: ?
Snack: pear, 2 pieces of banana nut bread with honey butter, lemonade, 100 calorie mint grasshopper cookies, lemonade, water

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter is over..and so is the candy...

Thank you girls for all the support and for coming by to cheer me on! I have added a new picture as well from my new haircut, it was taken yesterday for Easter with my family.

I just had to post this article..if your a sugar should definitely read it
How Sugar Harms You

Well this weekend as most know it was Easter, one of my favorite holidays, its between Christmas and Easter but I just love Easter, everything around it.

Well I did pretty well on the portions during Easter lunch with my family but the desserts, candy, etc just killed me. I left last night and kept kicking myself why did I eat all of that candy. To say the least I think it has cured my sugar tooth for a while I feel so sick from eating too much sugar.

So last night when going to find something for dinner knowing all this candy was STILL around I went for a nice healthy salad and brocolli with shells so lots of veggies which made my stomach feel a bit better for sure.

So maybe thats just what I needed to cure my super sweet tooth Ive been having, eat too much dessert to make me not want it..haha! Today is my last day of Spring Break and tomorrow its back to work. I cant believe that school will be out May 22, wow where has this year gone?!

Also after yesterday instead of being lazy and saying Im not working out its Easter excuse which I was pretty close I went out and ran, yes ran a pretty good ways and walked because Im not up to running that far yet. I was so mad at myself for eating the amount of sweets I did I ran the usual part I run, then walked, then on my way back I ran the second part of it. I couldnt believe I really did it but I felt so much better afterwards for doing it.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and a great Monday! Ill leave you with a few quotes that I thought were inspiring I found from the greatest magazine Womens Health....My favorite one which Im going to stick to everything... "Success never comes to those who quit."

"I never regret it when I do it, but I always regret it when I don't."
-- Devin McDonald Vinson, 37, Portland, OR

"Don't judge it, just do it."
-- Kathleen Johnston, 48, Nashville, TN

"Kill…Kill…Kill. The. Hill." (You say the words to match your feet hitting the ground, and it creates a rhythm for you to fall into. A little violent, but hey, it works.)
-- Rita Buscher, 21, Boston, MA

"KMF: Keep Moving Forward"
-- Laura Staub, 34, San Francisco, CA

"This run (or hill or these bicep curls) is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!"
-- Sarah McDougal, 31, Denver, CO (to the tune of "Hollaback Girl," by Gwen Stefani)

"If you don't focus on your ass, no one else will."
-- Cristina Goyanes, 27, Women's Health associate editor, New York City

"High school reunion"

"Success never comes to those who quit."
-Anna Doughman, 20

"If you can do one you can do two. If you can do two you can do three and so on and on" I started using this when i was training for triathlons. Now I use it when I ad extremely high reps to my sets. I usually ad 25 at a time - referring to abs. I start with 25, 50, 75 and so on. It's excruciating. The results are amazing.

Persistance is the mother of all success.


"A strong outside strengthens the inside."
-- Selene Yeager, 38, Emmaus, PA

"Push the stress out!"
-- Samantha Denny, 37, Jackson Hole, WY

"What's for dinner: something warm and cheesy?"
-- Sue Piccone, 38, Salt Lake City, UT

"Beat, beat, beat, beat, fast little feet feet."
-- Marit Fischer, 36, Salt Lake City, UT

"Grab it! It's yours!" -
- Nona Jordon, 37, Rome, Italy

"This is not the hardest thing I've ever done."
-- Amanda Ryan, 32, Portland, OR

"Thin, strong, lean, long…thin, strong, lean, long…"
-- Kristen Lowery, 35, Colorado Springs, CO (used in yoga class)

"Can I get some fries with that shake-shake booty? If looks could kill you would be an Uzi."
-- Leslie Goldman, 31, Chicago, IL (lyrics from "Shoop," by Salt-N-Pepa, which she sings to herself)

"I am strong beyond belief. I am powerful beyond measure."
-- Abby Ruby, 28, Boston, MA

Friday, March 21, 2008

Big Loss!!

Great news!! I weighed myself this morning and LOST, yes LOST 2.5 lbs Im so excited Im back on the losing trail again and down to 164.4 lbs, now I just need to stick with it and I think it will be easier with summer practically here in the South at 70 degrees and we have had some days at 78-80 already..its going to be a summer

So WL totals are 43.1 lbs lost and 19.4 lbs to get to my goal

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Short Hair and Running....

This week has been going really well with eating/exercising and Im hoping to see a loss tomorrow. I also got a subscription to Runners World yesterday so hopefully it will come in before too long. Dont ask me why I have such a desire to run but its a great one. Maybe its because I always gave up and said I cant do it because its too difficult the same thing I did with WL for a long time. Its just one of those things thats like I want to do this.

I saw an article on Runners World that I thought was interesting that said you should never increase your mileage for running by more than 10% in one week. Supposedly its how you can get injured easily if you overkill yourself. So Im taking it slow and I know I can work my way up. Me and hubby both ran today and while we still cant run long distances I didnt get as winded as I did the other day when I did it so its getting better and hopefully I can up my mileage and such soon.

Oh and the other thing was I chopped my hair off, maybe about 4-5 inches today I love it! Short hair was always one of those things I did in the summer but hated it because I looked so much fatter because of it. Well this is the first year Im loving it and dont feel like such a fat butt over a short hair cut. I will have to upload the picture I took of it.

The other thing was I went to get my new Drivers license and it was one of the first pictures that I have taken since driving that I told my real weight and actually loved my picture and I know it all has to do with the weight Ive lost.

So food for today...
Breakfast: Fiber One peach yogurt with 1/2 c Apple Cinnamon cherrios mixed in, water
Lunch: Crawfish etoufee with brown rice, water
Dinner: peanut butter & jelly, half of crab cake, water
Snack: Strawberry banana smoothie bar, 17 honey wheat crackers, 2 X 16.9 oz. water
Exercise: walk/run

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Paddys Day Food Menu

Well Im going to go ahead post my menu for yesterday...

Breakfast: 3 beignets with powdered sugar, small chocolate milk
Lunch: 1/2 fried shrimp po-boy, cup red beans & rice, root bear, 3 crawpuppies
Dinner: 1 crawfish pie, water

I ended my mindless snacking but my food wasnt the greatest ever. Me, my mom, brother and grandad took a road trip to New Orleans and the food was fantastic. I tried to keep my portions smaller and not eat as much so I dont think I did horrible but those crawpuppies were mighty good!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Break has begun...

Well today was the kick off to my Spring Break (yes I really do get paid to be on Spring Break..the joys of being a teacher!)

This morning I weighed in and was the exact same at 166.9 so honestly Im just glad it wasnt another gain yesterday I did ok but the rest of the week I sucked it up big time and was pretty bad. Also I do take measurements and did from the beginning and have lost quite a few inches but havent taken any in a while.

This week with Spring break I can focus on me, getting in new exercises and really hopefully to help rededicate me to eating better and doing what I should instead of what I shouldnt do. I go back March 25 so its a much deserved time for sure!

Bottom line..I need to get back to the basics and remember what it was like to do well and feel awesome from eating and working out again. I can do it, just need a little kick and shove sometimes.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Well I must confess to myself and everyone else just how BAD my WL has been going...HELP!

So Friday I weighed in and GAIN 3.7 lbs??!! How I managed to do that Im still trying to figure out. I ate barely anything and exercised...can someone explain this one to me?? Im really struggling with it. I mean 1 lb I can even handle but 3.7

So when I saw the scale and how high it reached I went ape this week Ill be real honest and said screw it I eat good or barely anything, exercise and have a gain like that Ill show it.

Well tonight I hit a breaking point and said what am I thinking with this attitude this isnt me Im better than this. So tomorrow I must track, exercise and everything else Ive let myself go way too much but am glad I realized it before I gained anymore weight.

Any tips, pointers to help get back on track after a defeating gain???

Friday, February 29, 2008

Weigh in LOWEST!!!

I weighed in this morning and was DOWN 1.7 Im shocked!

This is the absolute lowest I have weighed in years and by years I mean like I think my freshman oh two weeks of college in 1999 so almost 8 years ago. The lowest I had weighed before was 164.2 and that was before Christmas and with the holidays I gained a few and now am down to my all time lowest Im so excited and have finally found what really works for me with food/workout and everything I think with two weeks of doing it Ive lost 3.4 lbs and am feeling great

Ok have I said I was excited and motivated, maybe I need to say it again Im down to 163.2 now so the 150's are right around the corner

That brings my grand total to 44.3 lbs lost and 18.2 lbs to go

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Wednesday, Feb. 27 Food

Today was a much better day and I even resisted the cookies at school, go me! I never can seem to resist those things but they had a line around them and well i just wasnt in much of a cookie/sweet mode which is very unusual but hey I wont complain..haha!

It has been so cold out lately so I wont call that my excuse but more my problem. We have been debating on whether to join a gym or not. We have joined a few gone for a few weeks then well we stopped going but still had to pay so we are just trying to analyze if its worth it or not. Any opinions/help??

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is it only Tuesday?!

Food for today, Feb. 26

Today was ok, Im trying to stick around in the 30-32 WW pts and under 1500 calories and under 60 g of fat so I managed to do that today. I did that last week and that seemed to work fairly well so well see what it will do for another week.

Those darn cookies at lunch though are the devil without those I would have a lot less fat but even with them I stayed in my range I wanted to so not horrible. I just need to work on those veggies and fruit. I did well last week but this week Im sucking it up.

Today was much colder and the wind was absolutely miserably cold. Without it, it wouldnt be so bad but with it, it made it really bad.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Food

Thanks for all the comments and support it always helps to know people are following along:)

Today wasnt a horrible day but nothing fantastic either, somewhere I guess in the middle.
Food for today..Monday, Feb. 25

I did though get in a good walk/run and we had another beautiful day at 72 degrees and sunny but it will drop down in the 50's tomorrow, how could you possibly get sick with a 20 degree drop..haha! I got in a good solid hour which has been tough to accomplish through the week.

Also, just a article to leave you with today thought it was interesting
25 Little tips for Big weight loss

Friday, February 22, 2008


I have some great, great news and it all related to WI

I weighed in this morning expecting a small loss, nothing too big because I know I wasnt 100% on my game. Well this morning I weighed in and had lost 1.7!!

This brings me to 42.6 lbs lost
19.9 lbs to go!!

Wow Im shocked and this just gives me some super motivation to do well this week!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Food

Food for today
Thursday Feb. 21

Well today I had it all planned out for lunch Ill go to the cafeteria, get a salad and be a "good girl". So what happens?? They have one of my favorite things that they havent had in months probably not at all this year. I could have been good and stuck with my salad but I chose the sweet & sour chicken instead. I beat myself up over it all afternoon but I kept saying in my head "its not one meal that breaks you, its how your rebound to what it really says about you" so tonight I ate much better.

I think with that, egg roll and all that jazz my sodium count was really high today at 4303..yikes thats one of the highest days this week. I need to do better about controlling that. That will be a major retainer for sure.

Today its been an absolutely nasty day outside, our lights have flicked on and off and I kept thinking they were going to go out but they never did so no exercise for today.

Well see what tomorrow holds for the scale. Ive tried to be good and stay off but it is so addicting especially when you see it down

Also, I put it into Sparkpeople that pretty much I want to lose 1 lb per week and lose about 21-22 lbs which would put me at July 25 to be down to my goal weight and these are the numbers it gave me back on how to obtain it:
Calories: 1200-1550
Fat: 32-56
Carbs: 163-236
Protein: 60-127

My stats for today with this 1510(cal)-47(fat)-229(carbs)-47(protein) so Im pretty close to that range except for the protein.

Also those Healthy Choice bars that Ive been raving about they are only .9 pts so go grab you a few boxes but the warning out is they are addicting because they are so good. There is nothing that tastes diet or low fat they are really rich which shocked me the most and less than 1 pt how can you beat that?!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday, Wednesday

Food for today
Wed. Feb. 20

Today was ehh ok. I dont know what my deal is lately but I seem to have a super sweet tooth. Im trying to figure it out really I am and I cant seem to put my finger on it to save my life. Everything sweet seems to look so good Im glad I dont have anything super harmful thank goodness or I would really be in trouble big time.

The good thing is I have been getting in veggies & fruit which is something Ive been working on big time. The last few weeks Ive gotten either none or 1 at the most and today I got 2 veggie servings and one fruit

Also it was a beautiful day today at 70 and sunny so me and hubby went for a walk around our neighborhood I wish more days were like today. So I got in some exercise as well. Its not that I hate working out because I used to love it where there wouldnt be a day that went by I didnt work out but now yeah Ive been slacking I think the weather just changes your mood for some reason. In the summer Im working out as much as possible but whats up with the winter?!

The bad/kind of bad...I was over WW pts pretty bad but I still dont think its horrible. I had 36.4 pts -4 EX Pts so a grand total of 32.4 pts. I seem to do best when I stick around 27-30 pts. Its 1610 calories and 60 fat g, but a total of 28 g of fiber which maybe my highest day yet so thats a plus.

Food Recommendations
1) Hostess 100 calorie blueberry muffins-very good would highly recommend they are perfect for a quick up and go breakfast.

2) Feta Cheese with basil & sundried tomato-I love feta cheese (something I have discovered over the weight loss journey) and this stuff is even better. My favorite thing to put it on is salads..yum! Ive gotten to where I really dont eat much cheese at all if its not feta or pepperjack and this one is a big winner for sure

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Food Journal

My food for today and yesterday
Monday, Feb. 18
Tuesday, Feb. 19

Today was much better than yesterday but still a work in progress. My WW pts was under 30 so thats a big start since well Ive had the munchies and well anything else in between that fit in my mouth I dont know what my deal has been. I dont ever snack like that.

Exercise ehh its a work in progress I just havent been really motivated to work out Im not sure why, it seems to come and go. I need to just do it and stop coming up with excuses.

Water was much better today with 50.7 oz

Now I just need to get the motivation for workout and Ill be all set..any tips to get remotivated???!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Food Recommendations

Alright so I havent made any food recommendations in a really long time its something I enjoyed to do but got out of the habit so I thought I would write about these that I thought were pretty good

1) Wheat Thins Parmesan Basil..wonderful, have whole grains and well you just really cant beat them!

2) Triscuit Fire Roasted Tomato & Olive brother has gotten me hooked on these and I love them. I have also gotten a few (6 in a serving but they are pretty big) and gotten a wedge of the Laughing Cow Cheese Garlic & Herb and its a great fill me up snack. For the entire wedge of cheese is only 35 calories

3) Laughing Cow Light Garlic & Herb Cheese..the can put it on several crackers and it really is great

4) Borden 100 calorie pepperjack cheese...I am a huge fan of pepperjack cheese and I got some of this stuff and its wonderful. Its a little higher on the fat then I would prefer. It has 2.7 pts per entire stick. You could easily break it in half. I enjoyed it on salads and it had a nice little kick.

5) Healthy Choice Fudge I have hated just about anything Healthy Choice has ever put out it tastes more like rubber than food so I stay clear of anything to do with this company. Well my dad found these and brought me a box I would have never bought them on my own and now Im hooked they are delicious. They only have 80 calories per bar and they are divine!

6) Fiber One oats & Caramel bar..ok so this one I just had to try...I love caramel and love fiber one can anyone guess how wonderful these are?? Oh they are good very good especially if you like caramel.

7) Quaker Oats & peanut butter...anyone tried those wonderful cinnamon streussel baby cakes as I call them? Well this is now my favorite of them the oats and peanut butter..its divine!

8) 100 calorie Chips Ahoy candy bites...these were pretty good but probably my least favorite of everything Ive tried but thats probably because Im not a huge, huge chips ahoy fan to begin with. I bought the oreo ones this weekend and Im sure those will be better since Im a much bigger oreo fan.

Well I think that about wraps up the recommendation list for now I forgot how many things I had tried and how long its been as well. The one product I bought this weekend Im looking most foward to is the Hostess 100 calorie pack blueberry streusell muffins Ill give those a try in the morning for breakfast Ive been looking for these but could never find them. Ill let you know how those are tomorrow!

Oh and yes it was my birthday week (birthday was last Monday and I turned the big 27..haha Im getting so old!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Just a quick drive by but this week I lost 1.4 lbs bringing me back to the all 6's at 166.6

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The good, bad, and ugly

Ahh yes today ok it just wasnt grand or great, Ill admit it and thats what I think counts more than anything and I just need to fix the problem for sure but sometimes writing it out sure helps.

Im not going to post any calories, fat, etc because honestly what I ate for lunch was at the school cafeteria and I have no clue whatsoever. This week Im working on getting back into tracking and writing down everything.

Breakfast: 1 cup oat cluster cheerios (no milk), water
Lunch: red beans & rice with sausage(1.25 cup), 3 chicken fingers (baked) with BBQ sauce, biscuit, water
Dinner: 3 oz. bourbon chicken (baked), mac & cheese (bad, bad...but I had a small serving), 100 calorie fudge cookies, water
Snack: Starbucks caramel macchiato with nonfat milk
Exercise: none (I was going to go walking/running and the temp dropped 25 degrees today..brr!)
Water: 50.7

Also, for Lent I gave up sweet tea so I have had no sweet tea and this week/weekend has been so difficult I caught myself several times almost getting it. Its tougher than I thought but I think its for the best anyway.

Oh and I think I figured out why I had a gain Friday that was so unexplainable I started AF almost a week weird so well see how Friday goes.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Birthday Week/Weekend

So for the food the past few days for the birthday meals (birthday was yesterday..Im getting so old turning 27..haha!) has been ok, nothing special, not the normal stuff I would eat by any means but not horrible. I think my stomach has shrunk and I get full a lot quicker so once Im full I put it down, no more thats it so Im proud of that accomplishment for sure because before I would stuff myself until I was about to it really is amazing the difference.

Last night we went to Red Lobster and it was delicious but I would not have even wanted to see the calories and fat on that meal but I must say a few birthdays ago I would have eaten every bite but this time I only had half and then saved the rest so I could take it tonight So its now all gone and I only have one piece of birthday cake left which was delicious it was cake with strawberry custard ice good!

Tomorrow Ill start tracking everything that goes in my mouth so I can have at least a small loss. Also Ive started to get into running (only small amts but its a start) and really enjoy it but of course it is tough for sure.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Well Im so disappointed I must say. I weighed in this morning and was UP 2.1 lbs to 168.0. I just want to cry I cant believe I gained weight. I have really been watching what I eat. I did eat bad on Monday (brothers birthday) but they had pizza and I only had 2 pieces I thought that wasnt too bad at all but uggh Im frustrated I just cant seem to lose weight right now no matter what I do. Granted this week I havent done much exercise since I have had the cruddy crud but my eating hasnt been bad at all but I guess my body just doesnt want to lose weight or something

This next week my birthday is Monday so I deserve the day off, right but other than that I plan on eating well, tracking and exercising.

Also, I never eat after 7 usually but never after 8. Im not a big snacker at all but the occasional snack does come up but they are always the 100 calorie stuff, or some healthy crackers thats about it.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Well I weighed in yesterday and was up .4 lbs to 165.9 lbs so not a huge gain but still a gain is a gain. I know I didnt do as well as I had been doing but I was exercising so I think thats why I didnt gain more than I did.

Off to another week. The flu has been going around our school really bad and unfortunately I think Im starting to get it or something. I just feel so blah, weak, etc. but hope I can fight it off and not get it but as many students as Im around I have a feeling Ill probably get it.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Conference Lingo....

Well after today I should be all back to normal but Ive been at a convention (for teaching and our state) and everyone knows convention food and late nights =not good for the food mobile I think Ive done OK, but just OK on my food but Im happy to say Ive been making an effort of getting in exercise every night no matter what and Ive even been doing ab crunches as well but I just need to refocus and write everything down. Tomorrow it will be back to regular schedule.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Well this morning's weigh in went well about what I had expected I guess.

I lost .7 lbs so Im down to 165.5. I seem to be losing slowly but hey Ill take it anyday over a gain! That puts me right at 42 lbs lost and 20.5 lbs to go!!

I went to figure up my BMI and I have always been in the obese category because for my height (5'7") because I was over 189 lbs. Well I went to figure up BMI today and Im now officially in the overweight and not obese and not only that Im only 9 lbs away from being in the normal category...9 lbs??? Wow I didnt realize I was that close to normal. Thats just that much more motivation to lose those 9 lbs to get in the normal rate instead of being in overweight but at least Im not in the obese category anymore.

So for my height the normal weight is 119 lbs to 156 lbs so I think my goal of 145 is a good weight for me but wow 9 lbs thats just amazing to me!!
If anyone is curious about your BMI here is a calculator
BMI calculator

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Great plan derail

Ever had this great plan before you went out, then you get there and it doesnt look so appetizing before you order? Yeah thats what happened to me tonight. I had it all planned out I was going to eat off the WW menu, get the cajun tilapia or a salad and yeah I got there and said oh screw it I dont feel like that. I felt like I let myself down and after I ate it I was like man why didnt I choose the healthy choice?! Im over and done with it but still I had a plan and yeah my plan didnt sound very appetizing. I didnt do as badly as I probably would have done before losing the weight but it still wasnt good.

That to say, I went over my pts but not nearly as bad as I expected I had. I had eaten a healthy breakfast & lunch so that helped. I almost feel like my body needed a little more calories as it seems like the past two weeks I havent been eating enough and it could be partial reason why Im not losing which is what happened before. I seem to do the best when I change it my WW pts + a few flex pts, then next week eat around 30-32 pts per day and even it out instead of one big smack down of flex pts so well see what tomorrow holds for me Im hoping for a loss either way

Food Journals (since I forgot to post yesterday)

Wed. Jan. 23
Thurs. Jan. 24

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Food

Well today I had it all settled I was going to bring my lunch, eat good or better than the cafeteria was for me and that all changed. I had put my lunch in the refrigerator in another room and when I went to go get it I found out the person who was in charge of the room had left and guess where my lunch was?? Yep in that room so that puts me back to square one at the cafeteria. I hate trying to guesswork meals so I could be eating 500 more calories or less and have no clue I like exactly what Im eating and to know it.

AF has arrived in full force so hopefully that water retention will be gone by friday Im hoping. Im also thinking it may have had something to do with Fridays weigh in too (for the worst part, not the good part) since it all started back on saturday.
So anyway here is my food for today
Tuesday, Jan. 22
WW Pts: 31.8

Im not going to beat myself up over the overage in pts but move on and learn from them and realize I have flex for a reason. Of course AF isnt helping with the hunger issue this week..haha!

Friday, January 18, 2008


Well I weighed in this morning with a GREAT shocker...great in the fact that I went in thinking Ill either have a small gain or maintain but surely I wont lose. Well to my shock I came out with something I wasnt expecting...

A LOSS of .4 lbs. It maybe a small amt but a loss is a loss and Ill take it!

That puts me at 166.2 (out of all of those 6's..haha!)

Totals now are:
41.3 lbs lost
21.2 lbs to go

That leaves me with about 19 weeks until our trip to Hawaii so losing about 1.1 lbs per week.

Also has anyone checked out iGoogle yet? Im loving it. You can customize the tabs as you prefer and I did tabs such as cooking, health for WL areas. They have some neat things such as a WW calculator, health news that are very beneficial, great recipes and just a wealth of information. If you havent tried it out and dont have a ton of time you may want to wait, its a bit addicting I must add, dont blame!

Food (Friday, Jan. 18)

Todays food was much, much better with only 27.7 pts on a Friday is one of my better days. Tomorrow will be rough with pretty much eating whats around and eating fast food but Ill do the best I can with the options I have.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Well this week has not been nearly as good of a week and Ill own up to it and say it and accept full responsibility of course.

Ill be glad when Saturday will be over with and Sunday arrives as me and some others are doing the Beauty & Beau at our school and it will all be over Saturday (thank goodness!). I have not had a chance to be on much at all so tracking has been slim to none which probably hasnt helped either.

So anyway Im almost saying Ill have a gain tomorrow (I know bad, bad) but well see.

Food for today (Thurs-Jan. 17)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Weigh In

Well I weighed in this morning and lost .6 lbs so Im now at 166.6 (all the 6's..haha! )

I am a bit bumbed though because I thought for sure I would see a bigger loss than that at least 1 lb but not even that. I tracked every single thing I ate, worked out and still only .6 lb loss???

Oh well a loss is a loss just kind of was expecting more as well as I did. I guess though maybe my body just doesnt want to lose large chunks and I know if I do loose it slowly it will stay off easier than if I loose it in large chunks.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sanity, sanity..where are you?!

Thank you girls for the wonderful comments I had no idea so many people were reading this as well so thanks for the comments! I guess Im just not one to brag so much on myself so its a change

This week has been so insane I have had barely any free time to even breathe so far. I found out that I had no planning period which is pretty much mandatory by state law (I think just for teachers sanity and to have moments to grade students papers) so its been quite crazy trying to figure all that out.
Food hasnt been bad but I have used up a few of my flex pts but thats what they are for, right I havent done anything for exercise the last 2 days because I seriously just needed a mental break from EVERYTHING so thats been my only time to take it. I have used up 16 of my 16.5 flex pts I had remaining so tomorrow I just need to be super good and it will be my last day and Ill start fresh on Friday with weigh-in hopefully with a loss

Food for Tues. Jan. 8
Food for Wed. Jan. 9

I think getting back in the rhythm with everything is getting better but its just taking a few more days and Ill get it back to where it was. Getting back up at 6 am instead of whenever I want is taking some getting used to again too after being off for 17 days

Monday, January 7, 2008


Thank you girls for all the wonderful comments it really does help more than you realize! Well to get me off on an even better start I really have done wonderful so far since WI, the best I have done in I dont know...maybe EVER....

Friday, Jan. 4 Food
Saturday, Jan. 5 Food
Sunday, Jan. 6 Food
Monday, Jan. 7 Food

For Exercise I have gotten in:
Friday-45 min.
Sat-2 hrs
Sun-75 min
Mon-30 min.

Flex pts Used (I will restart these on Friday)
Fri-14.1 pts used
Sat-2.9 pts
Sun-1.5 pts
Mon-none (went under by 1.8 pts with Exercise pts)

So I have used 18.5 pts and have 16.5 pts to use if I need them Tue, Wed, or Thurs which Im going to try to not use them but well see. I think I can do it or use 1 or 2.

Wow I guess I am an amazement of how well this year has started off for me. I have really committed myself to this. Not to brag or anything....haha!

Friday, January 4, 2008


Wow ok so I was hoping for maybe .5 lb just something small to get me started. I know its only been 3 days so I wasnt hoping for much but imagine my shock when I went to go weigh in and found this on the scale....

167.2....a 2.4 lb LOSS

WOW...Shock was not even the word! Just goes to show how bad I was eating and what getting back on track does for! That has really kick started me for sure back into rhythm. The lowest I ever weighed was 164.2 so another 3 lbs would put me back at my pre-holiday weight which will be very doable.

So that leaves me at 40.3 lbs LOST and 22.2 lb to go...WOW!

Im still in a state of shock over a 2.4 lb LOSS in just a few days..woo hoo!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Much better day!!

Thank you girls for all your support it really does mean a lot to know that someone is stopping by. Hubby and I have started back planning meals which we got out of the habit of doing with moving and trips but we have meals planned out until the end of next week and I agree it really does help a ton!

Well today has been a much, much better day. I will post my info from Sparkpeople if anyone is curious what I ate today, its really a great way to post all the food you only have to do it once instead of a few times
Food for Jan. 3

I was at 26.8 pts for today so not too bad, only 1.8 pts over what Im supposed to be at, much better than my almost 15 pts yesterday

I also got in a total of 75.6 oz. of water also I think my body was kind of water depressed

I will weigh in tomorrow and see how I have done from Tuesday-today so well see how it goes. Im not expecting a huge loss but even .1 lbs is good to me a loss is a loss I just want the scales to be down. Saturday I will start working out as well so that will help for next week.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Well its the first official day of back tracking and Im determined to lose this last 24.6 lbs and to also keep track of everything I eat and keep attainable with it. Im going to use up until Friday (when I weigh-in) to try to get back on track with my eating and from there I want to get back to working out regularly but Im trying to take baby steps to get back in the rhythm so it will be easier to do!

Food for today and not a good start. It has shown me though just how much I have eaten over the past month and why Ive gained the weight I have. This was a lower calorie day...yikes...must do better for sure! We still had items left over from NOLA so Im glad to say they are officially gone now thank goodness that stuff is good but not good for you.

Breakfast: Quaker Oatmeal squares cereal (1 cup), FF milk (2 oz.), banana (small)
Lunch: Crawfish etoufee (8oz.) bread pudding (1/2 cup), water, french bread (4 oz.)
Dinner: chicken corn dog with BBQ sauce, salad (lettuce, Borden 100 calorie pepperjack cheese, wheat crouton, bacon bits-2 tbsp, Ken's steakhouse ranch dressing) simply lemonade (8 oz.)
Snack: 100 calorie fudge stripe cookie, Lipton orange spice tea with splenda
Exercise: none (unless you count cleaning for 2 hrs)
WW Pts: 39.9 (I looked it up and I should be at 25 pts)

So for the first day back tracking I could have done much better but also much worst so I just need to work a little harder. Lunch absolutely killed me big time but its a start.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a fabulous start to the new Year! I weighed in this morning (first of the New Year) and although I normally will weigh in on Fridays I wanted to see exactly what I was at for the start to the New Year...

So the damage I did over the holidays was a few pounds. I weighed in at 169.6 this morning which means my official year end count for 2007 was at 37.9 lb and 24.6 lbs to lose this year so very doable. My goal is 145 and I want to be there by June 2008 for Hawaii so here is to a great year to everyone and I know I can get off those lost 24.6 lbs as well! I have also updated my ticker with todays weigh in so its up to date. Ill weigh in on Friday and although it might not be the best it will be a loss!!

We went to the grocery store and got lots of healthy stuff and I got a few of the 100 calorie snacks as well. I ate plenty of veggies today and some fruit as well. I just need to stay motivated and realize how much better I feel when I work hard and lose the weight I can do this!!

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