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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shopping + Healthy foods

Thank you girls for all the congrats It truly has made a huge difference for sure in my weekend with the loss instead of gain or maintain. Today me, my mom, and grandmother all went to this little fruit/veggie stand and I got a ton of fruits and veggies all for only $11 I was so proud of myself. Now I have lots of good and healthy snacks instead of junk. I got lettuce, cucumbers, onion, pears, bananas, apples, plums and it seems like there was something else but to say the least there was lots of good stuff so Im headed for a great week for sure

My goals for this week..have to take it week by week and I think it really helps to focus on the small picture even though I have a big picture in my mind as well:
1) eat lots of fruits and veggies (should be pretty easy)
2) track my food each day
3) drink at least 50 oz. of water
4) exercise on my elliptical that has been collecting dust at least 3-4 times before Friday
5) cut down on useless sweets (ice cream, sweet tea, etc.). Ive probably been eating a good too much sweets. I love the 100 calorie packs for sure but honestly they probably make my hungrier than fuller.

So these are my goals for this week and Im sticking with it

Im hoping to see a loss and with that loss the LOWEST I have to see. If I see a .1 lb loss it will be the lowest and anything more than .1 will be my all time lowest I cant wait to see a lower number

Also to make my day for sure I went clothes shopping because Im running out my pants that fit me and thats a good thing because they are too big. Well when I went I could comfortably fit into a size 10. I have been kind of squeezing my way in but I can comfortably fit into it. Oh and then for a shirt I fit into a small. IM more of a medium shirt but I fit into a small it was wonderful. The clearance items were so much more fun because it was small and mediums in shirts and I could fit into them. Then last but not least is shoes. I actually went down a 1/2 size in shoes and could actually wear some cuter shoes because Im not having to fit into the wide size anymore and they actually looked cute. Now wonder shopping is so addictive when you can fit into cute stuff..haha! I always hated to go shopping because I hated to see the larger number. Now I just want to be in a size 8, no more double digits I cant wait! Shopping=so much fun when you are smaller.


Caroline said...

Oh it's so true that shopping when you're smaller is much more fun! When I gained a ton of weight and hit my highest, my Mom came to visit and was horrified by my clothes. They were hideous, but I refused to go buy new stuff. So she dragged me out. And of course I felt better, but I think I was buying all size 20s which was just a terrible feeling. Now I'm back to a solid 18, even almost to a 16. An 8-10 is my goal. Congrats on being so close! You're doing great!!!

Christina said...

Shopping is always the best part when you are on the journey of losing weight...have fun :)

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