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Friday, February 29, 2008

Weigh in LOWEST!!!

I weighed in this morning and was DOWN 1.7 Im shocked!

This is the absolute lowest I have weighed in years and by years I mean like I think my freshman oh two weeks of college in 1999 so almost 8 years ago. The lowest I had weighed before was 164.2 and that was before Christmas and with the holidays I gained a few and now am down to my all time lowest Im so excited and have finally found what really works for me with food/workout and everything I think with two weeks of doing it Ive lost 3.4 lbs and am feeling great

Ok have I said I was excited and motivated, maybe I need to say it again Im down to 163.2 now so the 150's are right around the corner

That brings my grand total to 44.3 lbs lost and 18.2 lbs to go

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Wednesday, Feb. 27 Food

Today was a much better day and I even resisted the cookies at school, go me! I never can seem to resist those things but they had a line around them and well i just wasnt in much of a cookie/sweet mode which is very unusual but hey I wont complain..haha!

It has been so cold out lately so I wont call that my excuse but more my problem. We have been debating on whether to join a gym or not. We have joined a few gone for a few weeks then well we stopped going but still had to pay so we are just trying to analyze if its worth it or not. Any opinions/help??

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is it only Tuesday?!

Food for today, Feb. 26

Today was ok, Im trying to stick around in the 30-32 WW pts and under 1500 calories and under 60 g of fat so I managed to do that today. I did that last week and that seemed to work fairly well so well see what it will do for another week.

Those darn cookies at lunch though are the devil without those I would have a lot less fat but even with them I stayed in my range I wanted to so not horrible. I just need to work on those veggies and fruit. I did well last week but this week Im sucking it up.

Today was much colder and the wind was absolutely miserably cold. Without it, it wouldnt be so bad but with it, it made it really bad.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Food

Thanks for all the comments and support it always helps to know people are following along:)

Today wasnt a horrible day but nothing fantastic either, somewhere I guess in the middle.
Food for today..Monday, Feb. 25

I did though get in a good walk/run and we had another beautiful day at 72 degrees and sunny but it will drop down in the 50's tomorrow, how could you possibly get sick with a 20 degree drop..haha! I got in a good solid hour which has been tough to accomplish through the week.

Also, just a article to leave you with today thought it was interesting
25 Little tips for Big weight loss

Friday, February 22, 2008


I have some great, great news and it all related to WI

I weighed in this morning expecting a small loss, nothing too big because I know I wasnt 100% on my game. Well this morning I weighed in and had lost 1.7!!

This brings me to 42.6 lbs lost
19.9 lbs to go!!

Wow Im shocked and this just gives me some super motivation to do well this week!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Food

Food for today
Thursday Feb. 21

Well today I had it all planned out for lunch Ill go to the cafeteria, get a salad and be a "good girl". So what happens?? They have one of my favorite things that they havent had in months probably not at all this year. I could have been good and stuck with my salad but I chose the sweet & sour chicken instead. I beat myself up over it all afternoon but I kept saying in my head "its not one meal that breaks you, its how your rebound to what it really says about you" so tonight I ate much better.

I think with that, egg roll and all that jazz my sodium count was really high today at 4303..yikes thats one of the highest days this week. I need to do better about controlling that. That will be a major retainer for sure.

Today its been an absolutely nasty day outside, our lights have flicked on and off and I kept thinking they were going to go out but they never did so no exercise for today.

Well see what tomorrow holds for the scale. Ive tried to be good and stay off but it is so addicting especially when you see it down

Also, I put it into Sparkpeople that pretty much I want to lose 1 lb per week and lose about 21-22 lbs which would put me at July 25 to be down to my goal weight and these are the numbers it gave me back on how to obtain it:
Calories: 1200-1550
Fat: 32-56
Carbs: 163-236
Protein: 60-127

My stats for today with this 1510(cal)-47(fat)-229(carbs)-47(protein) so Im pretty close to that range except for the protein.

Also those Healthy Choice bars that Ive been raving about they are only .9 pts so go grab you a few boxes but the warning out is they are addicting because they are so good. There is nothing that tastes diet or low fat they are really rich which shocked me the most and less than 1 pt how can you beat that?!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday, Wednesday

Food for today
Wed. Feb. 20

Today was ehh ok. I dont know what my deal is lately but I seem to have a super sweet tooth. Im trying to figure it out really I am and I cant seem to put my finger on it to save my life. Everything sweet seems to look so good Im glad I dont have anything super harmful thank goodness or I would really be in trouble big time.

The good thing is I have been getting in veggies & fruit which is something Ive been working on big time. The last few weeks Ive gotten either none or 1 at the most and today I got 2 veggie servings and one fruit

Also it was a beautiful day today at 70 and sunny so me and hubby went for a walk around our neighborhood I wish more days were like today. So I got in some exercise as well. Its not that I hate working out because I used to love it where there wouldnt be a day that went by I didnt work out but now yeah Ive been slacking I think the weather just changes your mood for some reason. In the summer Im working out as much as possible but whats up with the winter?!

The bad/kind of bad...I was over WW pts pretty bad but I still dont think its horrible. I had 36.4 pts -4 EX Pts so a grand total of 32.4 pts. I seem to do best when I stick around 27-30 pts. Its 1610 calories and 60 fat g, but a total of 28 g of fiber which maybe my highest day yet so thats a plus.

Food Recommendations
1) Hostess 100 calorie blueberry muffins-very good would highly recommend they are perfect for a quick up and go breakfast.

2) Feta Cheese with basil & sundried tomato-I love feta cheese (something I have discovered over the weight loss journey) and this stuff is even better. My favorite thing to put it on is salads..yum! Ive gotten to where I really dont eat much cheese at all if its not feta or pepperjack and this one is a big winner for sure

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Food Journal

My food for today and yesterday
Monday, Feb. 18
Tuesday, Feb. 19

Today was much better than yesterday but still a work in progress. My WW pts was under 30 so thats a big start since well Ive had the munchies and well anything else in between that fit in my mouth I dont know what my deal has been. I dont ever snack like that.

Exercise ehh its a work in progress I just havent been really motivated to work out Im not sure why, it seems to come and go. I need to just do it and stop coming up with excuses.

Water was much better today with 50.7 oz

Now I just need to get the motivation for workout and Ill be all set..any tips to get remotivated???!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Food Recommendations

Alright so I havent made any food recommendations in a really long time its something I enjoyed to do but got out of the habit so I thought I would write about these that I thought were pretty good

1) Wheat Thins Parmesan Basil..wonderful, have whole grains and well you just really cant beat them!

2) Triscuit Fire Roasted Tomato & Olive brother has gotten me hooked on these and I love them. I have also gotten a few (6 in a serving but they are pretty big) and gotten a wedge of the Laughing Cow Cheese Garlic & Herb and its a great fill me up snack. For the entire wedge of cheese is only 35 calories

3) Laughing Cow Light Garlic & Herb Cheese..the can put it on several crackers and it really is great

4) Borden 100 calorie pepperjack cheese...I am a huge fan of pepperjack cheese and I got some of this stuff and its wonderful. Its a little higher on the fat then I would prefer. It has 2.7 pts per entire stick. You could easily break it in half. I enjoyed it on salads and it had a nice little kick.

5) Healthy Choice Fudge I have hated just about anything Healthy Choice has ever put out it tastes more like rubber than food so I stay clear of anything to do with this company. Well my dad found these and brought me a box I would have never bought them on my own and now Im hooked they are delicious. They only have 80 calories per bar and they are divine!

6) Fiber One oats & Caramel bar..ok so this one I just had to try...I love caramel and love fiber one can anyone guess how wonderful these are?? Oh they are good very good especially if you like caramel.

7) Quaker Oats & peanut butter...anyone tried those wonderful cinnamon streussel baby cakes as I call them? Well this is now my favorite of them the oats and peanut butter..its divine!

8) 100 calorie Chips Ahoy candy bites...these were pretty good but probably my least favorite of everything Ive tried but thats probably because Im not a huge, huge chips ahoy fan to begin with. I bought the oreo ones this weekend and Im sure those will be better since Im a much bigger oreo fan.

Well I think that about wraps up the recommendation list for now I forgot how many things I had tried and how long its been as well. The one product I bought this weekend Im looking most foward to is the Hostess 100 calorie pack blueberry streusell muffins Ill give those a try in the morning for breakfast Ive been looking for these but could never find them. Ill let you know how those are tomorrow!

Oh and yes it was my birthday week (birthday was last Monday and I turned the big 27..haha Im getting so old!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Just a quick drive by but this week I lost 1.4 lbs bringing me back to the all 6's at 166.6

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The good, bad, and ugly

Ahh yes today ok it just wasnt grand or great, Ill admit it and thats what I think counts more than anything and I just need to fix the problem for sure but sometimes writing it out sure helps.

Im not going to post any calories, fat, etc because honestly what I ate for lunch was at the school cafeteria and I have no clue whatsoever. This week Im working on getting back into tracking and writing down everything.

Breakfast: 1 cup oat cluster cheerios (no milk), water
Lunch: red beans & rice with sausage(1.25 cup), 3 chicken fingers (baked) with BBQ sauce, biscuit, water
Dinner: 3 oz. bourbon chicken (baked), mac & cheese (bad, bad...but I had a small serving), 100 calorie fudge cookies, water
Snack: Starbucks caramel macchiato with nonfat milk
Exercise: none (I was going to go walking/running and the temp dropped 25 degrees today..brr!)
Water: 50.7

Also, for Lent I gave up sweet tea so I have had no sweet tea and this week/weekend has been so difficult I caught myself several times almost getting it. Its tougher than I thought but I think its for the best anyway.

Oh and I think I figured out why I had a gain Friday that was so unexplainable I started AF almost a week weird so well see how Friday goes.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Birthday Week/Weekend

So for the food the past few days for the birthday meals (birthday was yesterday..Im getting so old turning 27..haha!) has been ok, nothing special, not the normal stuff I would eat by any means but not horrible. I think my stomach has shrunk and I get full a lot quicker so once Im full I put it down, no more thats it so Im proud of that accomplishment for sure because before I would stuff myself until I was about to it really is amazing the difference.

Last night we went to Red Lobster and it was delicious but I would not have even wanted to see the calories and fat on that meal but I must say a few birthdays ago I would have eaten every bite but this time I only had half and then saved the rest so I could take it tonight So its now all gone and I only have one piece of birthday cake left which was delicious it was cake with strawberry custard ice good!

Tomorrow Ill start tracking everything that goes in my mouth so I can have at least a small loss. Also Ive started to get into running (only small amts but its a start) and really enjoy it but of course it is tough for sure.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Well Im so disappointed I must say. I weighed in this morning and was UP 2.1 lbs to 168.0. I just want to cry I cant believe I gained weight. I have really been watching what I eat. I did eat bad on Monday (brothers birthday) but they had pizza and I only had 2 pieces I thought that wasnt too bad at all but uggh Im frustrated I just cant seem to lose weight right now no matter what I do. Granted this week I havent done much exercise since I have had the cruddy crud but my eating hasnt been bad at all but I guess my body just doesnt want to lose weight or something

This next week my birthday is Monday so I deserve the day off, right but other than that I plan on eating well, tracking and exercising.

Also, I never eat after 7 usually but never after 8. Im not a big snacker at all but the occasional snack does come up but they are always the 100 calorie stuff, or some healthy crackers thats about it.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Well I weighed in yesterday and was up .4 lbs to 165.9 lbs so not a huge gain but still a gain is a gain. I know I didnt do as well as I had been doing but I was exercising so I think thats why I didnt gain more than I did.

Off to another week. The flu has been going around our school really bad and unfortunately I think Im starting to get it or something. I just feel so blah, weak, etc. but hope I can fight it off and not get it but as many students as Im around I have a feeling Ill probably get it.

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