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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This is going to be a work in progress but Im going to type all this out and at least get it down and hopefully it will get a bit better:)

Breakfast: plain bagel with light strawberry cream cheese
Lunch (bad, bad): baked chicken nuggets, rice with brown gravy, roll, apple roll twisty thing, lemonade, peas
Dinner: fajitas (grilled chicken meat with seasoning), onions, bell pepper, salsa, light sour cream, fajita shell, water
Exercise: none (unless you count walking around the school from class, cafeteria, etc.)

Lunch was such a big mistake today...the cafeteria does bake not fry most everything which is a big plus but they had these cinnamon apple rolls which everyone had been talking about so dumb me decides to try one..big mistake they were soooo good and me saying Oh Ill try a bite ended up eating the whole thing...bad bad.

So here is my first day posting Im determined to keep up with this, get back on a regular routine and keep this thing updated...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Long Lost...

Well a quick update on life, weight loss and all the other things inbetween.

I weighed in on Friday and have lost 1.1 lbs bringing me down to 171.8 so Im pretty proud of myself for that one! Its been a tough few weeks I think more so with figuring out all the ropes, roles, etc but Im getting there slowly but surely.

For the other part..Ive been eating in the cafeteria at school since we cant leave which isnt so bad except a few days when they have things that I dont care for but they usually have decent things to choose from. So the question is what do you do when you have no clue on the nutrition part? They post nothing about nutrition for any items which honestly I wish I knew. They usually have a meat, side item and veggie which has been pretty decent most days but still in the back of my head Im wondering so how many calories is this really? They do have a salad bar most days and for pretty much anything you want its $2.00 and includes a drink for teachers only, students are about twice as much so you really cant beat it.

I really am going to try to get back to my daily posts because it really does help for sure and I know I really havent gained much over the past few months but I havent lost any either. The lowest I ever got down to was 170.6 and I was at 171.8 on Friday so not bad at all as much stuff as Ive been through/ate but things are getting back to a more normal tone now and I really have a ton of time in the afternoons which is wonderful! I get off at 3:10 and go in at 7:45 and I have two periods off on top of that so maybe Ill start posting either during my off periods or when I get home so early, well see. I also am trying to get back into a normal exercise routine as well which hubby is helping with as well which I think helped me last week for sure. Its also starting to cool down a bit as well, instead of being 110, its only about 95 + humidity..haha

Also, we are heading to the beach this weekend for Labor Day weekend and I cant wait with all of my family and we got a condo on the beach..ahhh relaxation here I come!! So this week Im trying to be super, duper good with all choices so I can at least tone some..even if its a little.

I hope things are going well for everyone I need to come drop by soon!

Oh and I finally get to change my ticker, its been in a standstill

Friday, August 17, 2007

One week post?!

Well it seems as though once a week has turned into a pattern and all I can seem to find time to get here, maybe once I get this teacher thing down pat Ill have more fun time to do things like this but for now Ive been doing a ton of planning, researching and all that fun jazz that comes along with teaching.

Well for my WI today I gained but only .1 lb so I find that little more like a maintain then a gain.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Weight Loss....

Well I weighed in this morning and lost 1.2 lbs from last week bringing me to 172.8. Im not really sure what I did but hey Ill take it anytime. Weird part about it was I didnt exercise once last week. Its been so unbelievably hot that sitting outside for one second is horrible in this Mississippi heat. Maybe it will cool down sometime so I can start back working out but I know I need to do it anyway even if its in the fitness center.

For any of those curious my first day as a teacher went well I had one problem class but I took care of them by having to get a little mean but they listened to me after that..haha!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Where did I disappear to?!

Yes, yes Ive gotten several emails asking me where have I been and did I disappear or something. Well no I really still am alive. The diet is well just some diet and I havent been doing 100% great, but not horrible either. Ive had very few moments to exercise at all lately and yes yes my clothes they need some exercising time.

Ive been busy with being a teacher and getting ready for school which the first day is tomorrow and hopefully once I figure out my schedule and such things will be better but its a little tough with getting things ready (schedules, classrooms, etc) but I know I will enjoy it for sure.

Thank you to all of you who have been pestering me to post (yes, yes Im bad...) and Ill try to keep more posted and maybe actually even post a menu by Monday (I really do need to get back into the habit of it.

I did go this past weekend (tax free weekend in many southern states) and get a ton of clothes which I fit into a size 10 and a medium shirt I really dont know how long its been since I could say that....maybe 11th grade? Its a foreign concept for sure but I loved every minute of it!

I hope everyone is doing well I promise I will try to check in sometime soon with those of you who have blogs!

For anyone curious last week I had a 2 lb gain which put me up to 174 so maybe tomorrow I will have a loss and get some of that 2 lbs off!

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