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Friday, May 30, 2008


I weighed in this morning and lost .4 lbs which brings me back to 165.5 so Im pretty happy I had a loss because I had gained a bit this weekend while in Nashville so I lost all of that weight + a little more. Ive been exercising a ton so I think thats helped a bit too I got in a total of 5.5 hrs of exercise in 7 days.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Its Been a while...

Its been a while since I have updated in any fashion but hopefully Ill have more time to update and hopefully get back on a schedule for the summer since Ill be out for school. I must say its really weird saying well I wont be going back to work until hubby would say you have an extra long Memorial Day weekend..haha!

Friday I weighed in before we went to Nashville and I was up .5 lb so not a huge gain but still a gain. My body was so funky this week with not knowing whether to get AF or not then got it and it was on the rough day when I weighed in so that maybe it as well.

This weekend we went to Nashville and had a great time but we ate way too many good restaurants for sure...TGIFridays, Demos', Pancake Pantry, Old Spaghetti Factory, & Monells but I weighed in yesterday (before Memorial Day cookout) and was up 1.5 lbs which Im shocked I wasnt up more than that with all the food we had so I just need get that plus the .5 I gained this past week and Ill be doing good this week!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Bad Food=Gain

I weighed in this morning with a gain of 1 lb even at 165.4 so I guess I gained back what I lost. I need to really do well this week and get it off for sure. I think my body is still whacked up though because it still hasnt found AF yet after 7 days so well see if she shows up soon.

Today was our last full day for the year next week will be all half days then Thursday Im done I cant wait. In other news I got a huge raise and was so shocked it was a pleasant surprise, it ended up being 17% so Im obviously doing something right.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Good Day

Well I havent been the most regular person to this blog but starting next week Ill be back and ready to get it going a lot better. Tomorrow is our last full day of school and then Thursday is our last day of school for this school year. Next week is exams and we get out at 11:30 each day so that will be nice for sure.

Today has been a pretty good day for food I just feel kind of light headed. I really havent eaten much it seems as though nothing really sounds good and too many things make me want to so Im taking it nice, easy and light for today.

I have found a great new snack...jello sugar free gelatin they are not the best thing in the world dont get me wrong but they are a good hit the spot type of snack and its only 10 calories and 0 g of fat

They have a girl at school who Im pretty good friends with who has started to lose weight. She knows I have lost a good bit and has been asking me all kinds of questions. Its quite an honor even to be asked IMO.

Food Journal for today

Friday, May 9, 2008

Food + Exercise = Weight Loss

The story of my week. My lunch hasnt been fantastic Ill be the first to admit but our dinner has been pretty healthy stuff with a salad and Ive gotten to where Ill add extra veggies to bulk it up and its amazing the mindset it gives you. My favorite salad is lettuce, onion, cucumbers, bacon bits and light ranch. Very low in fat and really good.

So the culprit of the week. I lost 1.3 lbs bringing me to 164.4

I have exercised every day except for yesterday due to going to softball game and other things but other than that Ive done pretty well. Just goes to show you obviously it does make a difference for sure

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ehh week

This week has been ehhh, not too grand we have had so many good meals from parents its crazy and well I havent been oh so good but not the worst ever. Ive tried to keep my portions small and try a bit of everything b/c well it just looked too good to pass it all up. Well today was probably the best day of food and they had the most amazing dessert and it was just one of those things you could look at and see all the calories floating away on it. It was a chocolate cake topped with condensed milk, whipped cream, and butterfinger. So how could anyone really resist this?? Im trying to keep it ok and not overdue it during lunch and then eat healthy lunch and dinner and exercise as well.

I cant wait till the end of the semester...May 22 cant come soon enough and then our 5th anniversary is May 24 and we are heading to Nashville..woo hoo!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Bad start to the week

Yep Im owning up to it, its been a bad start to the week and its only Monday..its got to get better!

For breakfast it started off with a bagelful (which are delicious) and not horrible stats but a tad on the high side.

So this week is Teacher Appreciation Week and they have all kinds of moms that are bringing their homemade good stuff for all the teachers. Well today it was shrimp and grits (yes very southern for anyone who doesnt live here), sausage balls, egg and sausage breakfast casserole and they did have fruit so I grabbed a bunch of it with some water.

Then for dinner we had a big dinner and it couldnt get much worst for the food, well for nutrition wise not for taste wise. Fried catfish, fried french fries, fried hushpuppies...yikes! I ate it all but tried to keep small portions.

I dont even want to see the stats on how bad I did today. Then I had no time to exercise either Ive been running around like a chicken with my head cut off today. It was from the dinner that lasted 2 hrs to a basketball game and we just got home and I just wanted to post how I did and it was far from good thats for sure...hopefully tomorrow will be better than today!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Disappointed in the week...

Well I weighed in yesterday with a pretty big GAIN. I was pretty shocked a little since I had done really well at eating lots of veggies and fruits but of course I didnt exercise so Im kind of holding that as a reason as well maybe.

My gain this week was 2.4 lbs which I had tracked all week and honestly am not sure how I gained that much. I did have more sodium than normal which I saw in tracking my food but other than that I just dont see it other than does exercise make that big of a difference.

Well off to another week, Im just ready to get over this plateau I seem to be stuck in the 163-166 range and cant get over the plateau..just frustrating to say the least.

School is getting easier now that the Seniors are gone and my classes I will only have 2 now instead of 7 so life gets so much easier from here until May 22 the last day!

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