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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Conference Lingo....

Well after today I should be all back to normal but Ive been at a convention (for teaching and our state) and everyone knows convention food and late nights =not good for the food mobile I think Ive done OK, but just OK on my food but Im happy to say Ive been making an effort of getting in exercise every night no matter what and Ive even been doing ab crunches as well but I just need to refocus and write everything down. Tomorrow it will be back to regular schedule.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Well this morning's weigh in went well about what I had expected I guess.

I lost .7 lbs so Im down to 165.5. I seem to be losing slowly but hey Ill take it anyday over a gain! That puts me right at 42 lbs lost and 20.5 lbs to go!!

I went to figure up my BMI and I have always been in the obese category because for my height (5'7") because I was over 189 lbs. Well I went to figure up BMI today and Im now officially in the overweight and not obese and not only that Im only 9 lbs away from being in the normal category...9 lbs??? Wow I didnt realize I was that close to normal. Thats just that much more motivation to lose those 9 lbs to get in the normal rate instead of being in overweight but at least Im not in the obese category anymore.

So for my height the normal weight is 119 lbs to 156 lbs so I think my goal of 145 is a good weight for me but wow 9 lbs thats just amazing to me!!
If anyone is curious about your BMI here is a calculator
BMI calculator

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Great plan derail

Ever had this great plan before you went out, then you get there and it doesnt look so appetizing before you order? Yeah thats what happened to me tonight. I had it all planned out I was going to eat off the WW menu, get the cajun tilapia or a salad and yeah I got there and said oh screw it I dont feel like that. I felt like I let myself down and after I ate it I was like man why didnt I choose the healthy choice?! Im over and done with it but still I had a plan and yeah my plan didnt sound very appetizing. I didnt do as badly as I probably would have done before losing the weight but it still wasnt good.

That to say, I went over my pts but not nearly as bad as I expected I had. I had eaten a healthy breakfast & lunch so that helped. I almost feel like my body needed a little more calories as it seems like the past two weeks I havent been eating enough and it could be partial reason why Im not losing which is what happened before. I seem to do the best when I change it my WW pts + a few flex pts, then next week eat around 30-32 pts per day and even it out instead of one big smack down of flex pts so well see what tomorrow holds for me Im hoping for a loss either way

Food Journals (since I forgot to post yesterday)

Wed. Jan. 23
Thurs. Jan. 24

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Food

Well today I had it all settled I was going to bring my lunch, eat good or better than the cafeteria was for me and that all changed. I had put my lunch in the refrigerator in another room and when I went to go get it I found out the person who was in charge of the room had left and guess where my lunch was?? Yep in that room so that puts me back to square one at the cafeteria. I hate trying to guesswork meals so I could be eating 500 more calories or less and have no clue I like exactly what Im eating and to know it.

AF has arrived in full force so hopefully that water retention will be gone by friday Im hoping. Im also thinking it may have had something to do with Fridays weigh in too (for the worst part, not the good part) since it all started back on saturday.
So anyway here is my food for today
Tuesday, Jan. 22
WW Pts: 31.8

Im not going to beat myself up over the overage in pts but move on and learn from them and realize I have flex for a reason. Of course AF isnt helping with the hunger issue this week..haha!

Friday, January 18, 2008


Well I weighed in this morning with a GREAT shocker...great in the fact that I went in thinking Ill either have a small gain or maintain but surely I wont lose. Well to my shock I came out with something I wasnt expecting...

A LOSS of .4 lbs. It maybe a small amt but a loss is a loss and Ill take it!

That puts me at 166.2 (out of all of those 6's..haha!)

Totals now are:
41.3 lbs lost
21.2 lbs to go

That leaves me with about 19 weeks until our trip to Hawaii so losing about 1.1 lbs per week.

Also has anyone checked out iGoogle yet? Im loving it. You can customize the tabs as you prefer and I did tabs such as cooking, health for WL areas. They have some neat things such as a WW calculator, health news that are very beneficial, great recipes and just a wealth of information. If you havent tried it out and dont have a ton of time you may want to wait, its a bit addicting I must add, dont blame!

Food (Friday, Jan. 18)

Todays food was much, much better with only 27.7 pts on a Friday is one of my better days. Tomorrow will be rough with pretty much eating whats around and eating fast food but Ill do the best I can with the options I have.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Well this week has not been nearly as good of a week and Ill own up to it and say it and accept full responsibility of course.

Ill be glad when Saturday will be over with and Sunday arrives as me and some others are doing the Beauty & Beau at our school and it will all be over Saturday (thank goodness!). I have not had a chance to be on much at all so tracking has been slim to none which probably hasnt helped either.

So anyway Im almost saying Ill have a gain tomorrow (I know bad, bad) but well see.

Food for today (Thurs-Jan. 17)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Weigh In

Well I weighed in this morning and lost .6 lbs so Im now at 166.6 (all the 6's..haha! )

I am a bit bumbed though because I thought for sure I would see a bigger loss than that at least 1 lb but not even that. I tracked every single thing I ate, worked out and still only .6 lb loss???

Oh well a loss is a loss just kind of was expecting more as well as I did. I guess though maybe my body just doesnt want to lose large chunks and I know if I do loose it slowly it will stay off easier than if I loose it in large chunks.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sanity, sanity..where are you?!

Thank you girls for the wonderful comments I had no idea so many people were reading this as well so thanks for the comments! I guess Im just not one to brag so much on myself so its a change

This week has been so insane I have had barely any free time to even breathe so far. I found out that I had no planning period which is pretty much mandatory by state law (I think just for teachers sanity and to have moments to grade students papers) so its been quite crazy trying to figure all that out.
Food hasnt been bad but I have used up a few of my flex pts but thats what they are for, right I havent done anything for exercise the last 2 days because I seriously just needed a mental break from EVERYTHING so thats been my only time to take it. I have used up 16 of my 16.5 flex pts I had remaining so tomorrow I just need to be super good and it will be my last day and Ill start fresh on Friday with weigh-in hopefully with a loss

Food for Tues. Jan. 8
Food for Wed. Jan. 9

I think getting back in the rhythm with everything is getting better but its just taking a few more days and Ill get it back to where it was. Getting back up at 6 am instead of whenever I want is taking some getting used to again too after being off for 17 days

Monday, January 7, 2008


Thank you girls for all the wonderful comments it really does help more than you realize! Well to get me off on an even better start I really have done wonderful so far since WI, the best I have done in I dont know...maybe EVER....

Friday, Jan. 4 Food
Saturday, Jan. 5 Food
Sunday, Jan. 6 Food
Monday, Jan. 7 Food

For Exercise I have gotten in:
Friday-45 min.
Sat-2 hrs
Sun-75 min
Mon-30 min.

Flex pts Used (I will restart these on Friday)
Fri-14.1 pts used
Sat-2.9 pts
Sun-1.5 pts
Mon-none (went under by 1.8 pts with Exercise pts)

So I have used 18.5 pts and have 16.5 pts to use if I need them Tue, Wed, or Thurs which Im going to try to not use them but well see. I think I can do it or use 1 or 2.

Wow I guess I am an amazement of how well this year has started off for me. I have really committed myself to this. Not to brag or anything....haha!

Friday, January 4, 2008


Wow ok so I was hoping for maybe .5 lb just something small to get me started. I know its only been 3 days so I wasnt hoping for much but imagine my shock when I went to go weigh in and found this on the scale....

167.2....a 2.4 lb LOSS

WOW...Shock was not even the word! Just goes to show how bad I was eating and what getting back on track does for! That has really kick started me for sure back into rhythm. The lowest I ever weighed was 164.2 so another 3 lbs would put me back at my pre-holiday weight which will be very doable.

So that leaves me at 40.3 lbs LOST and 22.2 lb to go...WOW!

Im still in a state of shock over a 2.4 lb LOSS in just a few days..woo hoo!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Much better day!!

Thank you girls for all your support it really does mean a lot to know that someone is stopping by. Hubby and I have started back planning meals which we got out of the habit of doing with moving and trips but we have meals planned out until the end of next week and I agree it really does help a ton!

Well today has been a much, much better day. I will post my info from Sparkpeople if anyone is curious what I ate today, its really a great way to post all the food you only have to do it once instead of a few times
Food for Jan. 3

I was at 26.8 pts for today so not too bad, only 1.8 pts over what Im supposed to be at, much better than my almost 15 pts yesterday

I also got in a total of 75.6 oz. of water also I think my body was kind of water depressed

I will weigh in tomorrow and see how I have done from Tuesday-today so well see how it goes. Im not expecting a huge loss but even .1 lbs is good to me a loss is a loss I just want the scales to be down. Saturday I will start working out as well so that will help for next week.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Well its the first official day of back tracking and Im determined to lose this last 24.6 lbs and to also keep track of everything I eat and keep attainable with it. Im going to use up until Friday (when I weigh-in) to try to get back on track with my eating and from there I want to get back to working out regularly but Im trying to take baby steps to get back in the rhythm so it will be easier to do!

Food for today and not a good start. It has shown me though just how much I have eaten over the past month and why Ive gained the weight I have. This was a lower calorie day...yikes...must do better for sure! We still had items left over from NOLA so Im glad to say they are officially gone now thank goodness that stuff is good but not good for you.

Breakfast: Quaker Oatmeal squares cereal (1 cup), FF milk (2 oz.), banana (small)
Lunch: Crawfish etoufee (8oz.) bread pudding (1/2 cup), water, french bread (4 oz.)
Dinner: chicken corn dog with BBQ sauce, salad (lettuce, Borden 100 calorie pepperjack cheese, wheat crouton, bacon bits-2 tbsp, Ken's steakhouse ranch dressing) simply lemonade (8 oz.)
Snack: 100 calorie fudge stripe cookie, Lipton orange spice tea with splenda
Exercise: none (unless you count cleaning for 2 hrs)
WW Pts: 39.9 (I looked it up and I should be at 25 pts)

So for the first day back tracking I could have done much better but also much worst so I just need to work a little harder. Lunch absolutely killed me big time but its a start.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a fabulous start to the new Year! I weighed in this morning (first of the New Year) and although I normally will weigh in on Fridays I wanted to see exactly what I was at for the start to the New Year...

So the damage I did over the holidays was a few pounds. I weighed in at 169.6 this morning which means my official year end count for 2007 was at 37.9 lb and 24.6 lbs to lose this year so very doable. My goal is 145 and I want to be there by June 2008 for Hawaii so here is to a great year to everyone and I know I can get off those lost 24.6 lbs as well! I have also updated my ticker with todays weigh in so its up to date. Ill weigh in on Friday and although it might not be the best it will be a loss!!

We went to the grocery store and got lots of healthy stuff and I got a few of the 100 calorie snacks as well. I ate plenty of veggies today and some fruit as well. I just need to stay motivated and realize how much better I feel when I work hard and lose the weight I can do this!!

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