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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sanity, sanity..where are you?!

Thank you girls for the wonderful comments I had no idea so many people were reading this as well so thanks for the comments! I guess Im just not one to brag so much on myself so its a change

This week has been so insane I have had barely any free time to even breathe so far. I found out that I had no planning period which is pretty much mandatory by state law (I think just for teachers sanity and to have moments to grade students papers) so its been quite crazy trying to figure all that out.
Food hasnt been bad but I have used up a few of my flex pts but thats what they are for, right I havent done anything for exercise the last 2 days because I seriously just needed a mental break from EVERYTHING so thats been my only time to take it. I have used up 16 of my 16.5 flex pts I had remaining so tomorrow I just need to be super good and it will be my last day and Ill start fresh on Friday with weigh-in hopefully with a loss

Food for Tues. Jan. 8
Food for Wed. Jan. 9

I think getting back in the rhythm with everything is getting better but its just taking a few more days and Ill get it back to where it was. Getting back up at 6 am instead of whenever I want is taking some getting used to again too after being off for 17 days


Kate said...

It's so hard to be On Plan when your busy like that. Good Job for staying OP, even if you did use some flex, that's what they are there for!

Caroline said...

Trying to find a new rhythm after a change in schedules is one of the HARDEST times for me. I feel like I get everything figured out and then my schedule changes and I have to start over. Ugh! Hope things slow down a bit!

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