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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Well its the first official day of back tracking and Im determined to lose this last 24.6 lbs and to also keep track of everything I eat and keep attainable with it. Im going to use up until Friday (when I weigh-in) to try to get back on track with my eating and from there I want to get back to working out regularly but Im trying to take baby steps to get back in the rhythm so it will be easier to do!

Food for today and not a good start. It has shown me though just how much I have eaten over the past month and why Ive gained the weight I have. This was a lower calorie day...yikes...must do better for sure! We still had items left over from NOLA so Im glad to say they are officially gone now thank goodness that stuff is good but not good for you.

Breakfast: Quaker Oatmeal squares cereal (1 cup), FF milk (2 oz.), banana (small)
Lunch: Crawfish etoufee (8oz.) bread pudding (1/2 cup), water, french bread (4 oz.)
Dinner: chicken corn dog with BBQ sauce, salad (lettuce, Borden 100 calorie pepperjack cheese, wheat crouton, bacon bits-2 tbsp, Ken's steakhouse ranch dressing) simply lemonade (8 oz.)
Snack: 100 calorie fudge stripe cookie, Lipton orange spice tea with splenda
Exercise: none (unless you count cleaning for 2 hrs)
WW Pts: 39.9 (I looked it up and I should be at 25 pts)

So for the first day back tracking I could have done much better but also much worst so I just need to work a little harder. Lunch absolutely killed me big time but its a start.


CaRoLyN said...

It's a start!
Make sur eyou plan out your meals before hand, I find that always keeps me from going over in points!

I jumped on the scale yesterday and I was horrified so let's get this done!

Kate said...

As Carolyn said, make sure you plan your meals before hand, it will make the world of difference keeping your points in check!

Coop said...

Best of luck with those last 20 or so pounds.

Keep at it, and your body will respond positively.


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