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Friday, January 18, 2008


Well I weighed in this morning with a GREAT shocker...great in the fact that I went in thinking Ill either have a small gain or maintain but surely I wont lose. Well to my shock I came out with something I wasnt expecting...

A LOSS of .4 lbs. It maybe a small amt but a loss is a loss and Ill take it!

That puts me at 166.2 (out of all of those 6's..haha!)

Totals now are:
41.3 lbs lost
21.2 lbs to go

That leaves me with about 19 weeks until our trip to Hawaii so losing about 1.1 lbs per week.

Also has anyone checked out iGoogle yet? Im loving it. You can customize the tabs as you prefer and I did tabs such as cooking, health for WL areas. They have some neat things such as a WW calculator, health news that are very beneficial, great recipes and just a wealth of information. If you havent tried it out and dont have a ton of time you may want to wait, its a bit addicting I must add, dont blame!

Food (Friday, Jan. 18)

Todays food was much, much better with only 27.7 pts on a Friday is one of my better days. Tomorrow will be rough with pretty much eating whats around and eating fast food but Ill do the best I can with the options I have.


Rebecca said...


your doing awesome!

can't wait to be right next to you again..

keep up the great work!!!

noelle said...

That is so great!!! It shows that you really have changed the way and amount that you eat...even when you think it's a "bad" week, it's not so bad!

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