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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Much better day!!

Thank you girls for all your support it really does mean a lot to know that someone is stopping by. Hubby and I have started back planning meals which we got out of the habit of doing with moving and trips but we have meals planned out until the end of next week and I agree it really does help a ton!

Well today has been a much, much better day. I will post my info from Sparkpeople if anyone is curious what I ate today, its really a great way to post all the food you only have to do it once instead of a few times
Food for Jan. 3

I was at 26.8 pts for today so not too bad, only 1.8 pts over what Im supposed to be at, much better than my almost 15 pts yesterday

I also got in a total of 75.6 oz. of water also I think my body was kind of water depressed

I will weigh in tomorrow and see how I have done from Tuesday-today so well see how it goes. Im not expecting a huge loss but even .1 lbs is good to me a loss is a loss I just want the scales to be down. Saturday I will start working out as well so that will help for next week.

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CaRoLyN said...

Good luck at WI!!

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