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Friday, July 27, 2007

Another Loss...WOO HOO!

Well I didnt post my menu from yesterday but it was much, much better. I was very proud of sticking to things and lowering my pts and my calories so its a work in progress but Ill get there:)

For my weigh-in this morning I lost .6 lbs. Not a huge loss but at this point any loss is wonderful! That brings me to 172.0 so Im getting closer to that 160 range..WOO HOO!

Food Recommendations: This week I tried out some 90/10 meat which at first I was thinking oh this is going to taste horrible but maybe it wont be too bad. Well I was very surprised that it actually tasted just like the regular ole meat with a lot less fat. We have had several things with it and now I dont feel near as guilty. I know my mom had bought some ground turkey and this meat was actually less fattening then the ground turkey. So if your another meat fan try the 90/10 and you wont be disappointed!

For the questions from the other day...
*we are getting pretty settled in we still have some boxes but they are getting less and less thank goodness
*the kitchen stuff is all put up I made sure that it was done first thats for sure.
*sweet tea is pretty much regular tea put with a bunch of sugar its one of those very southern things that I love but its not the best. Ive tried to switch over to splenda a little or water so its getting there.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Real Menu...

Wow I was looking back to see how long its really been since I posted a full days menu. Well it was June 14...thats almost 1.5 mths ago. Yikes I need to get better about it. So with drum rolls here is the menu for the day. Not the best but Im getting there slowly but surely. Im way over pts today but Im getting there in time. I need to be at around 24 pts and well Im at 35 and Im a little over in calorie range as well so not horrible for a real true day back but could have done better.

Breakfast: Fiber One oats & chocolate, Simply Lemonade (4 oz.)
Lunch: Golden Corral 1/2 piece of meatloaf with gravy, mashed potatoes with gravy (one spoonful), bourbon chicken with rice, carrots, 1 piece of pepperoni pizza, kiwi, chiptole quesdilla (.25), kiwi, sweet tea (one glass)
Dinner: tilapia (FF butter, season salt), salad (lettuce, bacon bits, wheat croutons, ranch dressing), water
Snack: 100 calorie fudge stripe cookies, banana
Water: 32 oz.
Exercise: 30 minute walk, 30 minute water volleyball, 15 minute swimming laps
Total Calories: 1760
WW Pts: 39.4 pts - 4 EX Pts = 35.4 pts

Not sure how many get the hungry girl emails but if you did you saw a few weeks ago they had some products and had a free full version trial offer (you do have to pay for shipping which is $5.95 but still not bad) so I just put in my order for one and if you would like to order as well here is a link. I ordered the FRS Orange chews and Ill let you know how they are when I get them:


Well yesterday I ended up being out all day and well sitting down at the computer was the last thing from my mind I really wanted to do. Relaxing sounded so much better.

I kept a mental track of what I ate and Ill be honest that I ate way too much sugar for sure. Sweet tea was on the menu for lunch and dinner and well buffet ended up in there as well but I kept my touch of saying one plate thats all and getting one veggie in there as well. I could have done worst, I could have done better.

I did end up going for a walk yesterday and it was absolutely wonderful outside which I cant say that too much for Mississippi heat its excrutating for sure.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Back to the Grind

Well first day back and it felt pretty good. I did pretty well and the only bad thing I really had was sweet tea from McD's but ate pretty healthy at McDonalds so I wont penalize myself too hard. Ill try to get back to putting everything in by tomorrow and post it daily again but today has been a busy day just tried to focus on getting things together today.

This weekend and today we have been at the pool everyday playing water volleyball for anywhere from 1-2 hrs a night its so fun and really works more than you think it does. Ive been working muscles I never knew existed because Ive been pretty S-O-R-E..haha!

Oh and I made my first homecooked meal in a longgggg time (maybe 2 or 3 MONTHS!) Sunday night and boy it was wonderful Im not sure if it was just one of those I havent eaten in in so long or what but it was great.

Looking forward to getting back on track and thanks girls for the support!

Friday, July 20, 2007


Wow is quite an understatement for this week's weigh in. We have been going through a ton moving, getting settled and all and well I was quite shocked by the result this morning. I thought maybe I maintained and possibly had a small loss but nothing over .5 lb. Well to say I was shocked was an understatement.

I weighed in this morning at 172.6 with a 2.7 lb loss....WOO HOO!!

I did eat a bit better this week, not 100% better but better then the past few weeks. We are finally moved into our new place but the boxes are still here (why cant I just push a magic button and they could all be in their place...haha!) but hopefully by Monday or such Ill be back to normal and the fitness center and pool are great, cant wait to give them a try and get back into my groove. I dont think you really know how much you miss eating at home and a home cooked meal until you dont have one for a while.

So here is to next week another loss and hopefully get back down to where I started before all this move. The lowest I got down to was 170.8.

Thanks for all of your continued support and your motivation through it all it really means a lot.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rough Week

Well Friday I did weigh in and I was almost 110% sure I would have a gain. We had been packing, been on vacation and well it just wasnt my week thats for sure for eating wise. That to say, I got in 9 hrs of working out for the week so I had more then enough workouts or I think my gain would have been bigger thats for sure. The result:
172.9-last week
175.3-this week
Gain of 2.4 lbs

Then to top off an already tiring week, we get down to move in and we are having problem after problem and it will be probably Tuesday before we move in. So we drove 6+ hours to get here with a house full of furniture and we couldnt move in. Oh yes they will be paying for the moving truck thats for sure since we had to have it back Monday. Im ready to be in our place and settled but looks like that wlll be a few more days.

We did have a good vacation and ate too much but I know one of these days Ill get back to my good self but its been really, really tough thats for sure.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Is the scale really right?

The question of the day is...did the scale lie to me or is it really telling me the truth?

I weighed in this morning and LOST...yes you did see that correct...LOST .2 lbs. As small of a loss as that is Ill take it and run with it! I didnt get as much exercise in this week but I do feel like I did better with food so guess its paid off!

Ill be gone all next week moving so I probably wont be checking in if at all unless we get internet access.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July...

Hope everyone is enjoying the 4th of July!

Just thought I would post a quick update...

Things are going ok, nothing too bad just ready to be out, moved and all that stuff for sure. We will be gone this Friday until the following Saturday so it will be quite a hectic week but I know I can do it, just dont over indulge myself!

Tomorrow night we are going out with some friends we havent seen in a while at a really, really good Italian place...ahh can we sense danger or what?! I love this place and havent been in a while either so hopefully I can eat a little salad so I wont be very hungry for the main course...haha!

Ill be back for sure on Friday to see how much of a gain or loss I have this week (Im hoping for even a tiny loss!!)

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Well I weighed in on Friday and had a .3 gain. I know I can get it off but its still a bit frustrating. I cant wait to get back into a normal routine, food I will eat and all that good jazz. We will actually be out on Friday but the next week we will be packing from our old home so we pretty much have a week of getting things packed up and all and we are going to Chicago in that mix as well, should be an interesting week with too much to do..haha!

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