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Friday, July 27, 2007

Another Loss...WOO HOO!

Well I didnt post my menu from yesterday but it was much, much better. I was very proud of sticking to things and lowering my pts and my calories so its a work in progress but Ill get there:)

For my weigh-in this morning I lost .6 lbs. Not a huge loss but at this point any loss is wonderful! That brings me to 172.0 so Im getting closer to that 160 range..WOO HOO!

Food Recommendations: This week I tried out some 90/10 meat which at first I was thinking oh this is going to taste horrible but maybe it wont be too bad. Well I was very surprised that it actually tasted just like the regular ole meat with a lot less fat. We have had several things with it and now I dont feel near as guilty. I know my mom had bought some ground turkey and this meat was actually less fattening then the ground turkey. So if your another meat fan try the 90/10 and you wont be disappointed!

For the questions from the other day...
*we are getting pretty settled in we still have some boxes but they are getting less and less thank goodness
*the kitchen stuff is all put up I made sure that it was done first thats for sure.
*sweet tea is pretty much regular tea put with a bunch of sugar its one of those very southern things that I love but its not the best. Ive tried to switch over to splenda a little or water so its getting there.


Katie said...

I can't honestly taste a difference between lean ground meat and regular. If anything, I like the lean better. It does cost more per pound, but look at it this way: you're draining out less fat, so you get more meat per packaged pound (if that makes sense). Glad to see you like it pretty well. I use 93/7 ground turkey sometimes if it's going to be smothered in other ingredients (such as spaghetti). Can't tell the diff there, either.

You should challenge DH to a sweet-tea drinking contest. I'd be curious to see who would win. He makes about two pitchers of the stuff per week.

CaRoLyN said...

Congrats on the loss. You'll see the 160s in no time the way you are going! Good for you!
I really don't eata ton of ground beef but that stuff sounds great. How many pts is it? I bet it would be great for Tacos! :)

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