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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rough Week

Well Friday I did weigh in and I was almost 110% sure I would have a gain. We had been packing, been on vacation and well it just wasnt my week thats for sure for eating wise. That to say, I got in 9 hrs of working out for the week so I had more then enough workouts or I think my gain would have been bigger thats for sure. The result:
172.9-last week
175.3-this week
Gain of 2.4 lbs

Then to top off an already tiring week, we get down to move in and we are having problem after problem and it will be probably Tuesday before we move in. So we drove 6+ hours to get here with a house full of furniture and we couldnt move in. Oh yes they will be paying for the moving truck thats for sure since we had to have it back Monday. Im ready to be in our place and settled but looks like that wlll be a few more days.

We did have a good vacation and ate too much but I know one of these days Ill get back to my good self but its been really, really tough thats for sure.


CaRoLyN said...

Moving can be soooo hard on the diet!! Everythng is a mess and you don't have access to your kitchen. I know what you are going me. We move into our new house in 4 days and our apartment is a sea of boxes. Eating out is just so much more convenient. Just take it one day at a time.
Sounds like you are having a rough go of the moving. Hope things clear up soon and you can get settled & back into routine!
Don't worry about the gain, it'll come off in no time! Hope you enjoyed your vacation!

noelle said...

what a bummer about not being able to get into your place!

that little gain will come off no problem once you get settled and can cook for yourself in your own kitchen again.

hope it all comes together for you this week!

Cory said...

Sorry to hear about the moving problems. That seriously sucks.
You'll get rid of the gain in no time once life is a little closer to normal. And at least it was expected. Those don't hurt quite as much. :)

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