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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July...

Hope everyone is enjoying the 4th of July!

Just thought I would post a quick update...

Things are going ok, nothing too bad just ready to be out, moved and all that stuff for sure. We will be gone this Friday until the following Saturday so it will be quite a hectic week but I know I can do it, just dont over indulge myself!

Tomorrow night we are going out with some friends we havent seen in a while at a really, really good Italian place...ahh can we sense danger or what?! I love this place and havent been in a while either so hopefully I can eat a little salad so I wont be very hungry for the main course...haha!

Ill be back for sure on Friday to see how much of a gain or loss I have this week (Im hoping for even a tiny loss!!)


2L said...

Hope you had enjoyed yourself at the Italian Restaurant. I've got my fingers crossed for you for Friday.

Colette said...

Good Luck Amber, I know the past month has been SUPER stressful for you and your hubby but I have to say you have done an awesome job!! The old saying " And this too shall pass" is so true. You will be in your own place before you know it. Enjoy your dinner and have fun.

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