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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Back to Reality

Well we are back from the first of three vacations and had a great time but now its time to get back in tune with getting the last of the flab off.

Vacation I didnt find that I really wanted much of the bad stuff or if I had something bad I ate small portions. I found that I think I did better on vacation then I did at home because there wasnt snacks and such just laying around like there is at home which are tempting.

My reward for all my hard work...on sunday we went out to the outlet malls for some shopping and I fit into a SIZE 10...I have been kind of in between a 10 to 12. I couldnt fit into a size 10 yet but sure enough I fit into them and I could still wear them in was quite amazing!!! Now did I buy the jeans...nope...I was so burnt and said oh Ill come back..and of course I didnt..oh well not a biggie. Also, instead of fiting into large shirts...I fit into mediums..woo hoo! Of course I did buy those since those were on major sale.

Ill be back to posting my normal menu on Monday but am kind of just tracking my stuff elsewhere (like my head..haha!) for the rest of this week.

Tonight me and hubby went on an hour walk and Ive been slacking in the workout area because I really had not done anything since last Wednesday so pretty much a week...bad me. But Im back to workouts and its wonderful, wonderful weather so cant beat that either!

For Friday weigh-in...Im kind of saying Ill be up because I did eat a bit more and this whole having junk and getting off a vacation is not going well but I know if I want to get down to my goal weight that junk has got to get out of my vocabulary and I know I can do it!!

Hope you girls had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Off to the beach with a BIG LOSS!

Well this morning I went to weigh in and honestly really been trying pretty hard to work out, eat really well this week to see as much of a loss as I could.

Well last night was our 4th anniversary we went out and I tried to eat as good and still really enjoy it as well. I got tilapia and ate only a little bloomin onion with sweet tea.

After eating any bloomin onion last night I was thinking this morning I would see about a 1 lb loss, maybe 1.5 lbs if I was lucky....what was my WL this week

2.3 lb LOSS.....I couldnt believe my eyes...I was shocked and very at that. Im now down to 173.0 and 34.5 lbs lost a major accomplishment for sure! This is just what I needed right before a vacation to the beach so I dont go overboard this weekend...will I enjoy myself and eat a few things I normally..heck yeah...but just need to remember..portion, portion, portion control...I can do this....

So we are off to the beach and have a little less weight to take with me...woo hoo!!

Hope you girls have a fabulous Memorial day!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ready for the Beach!

Well I really have not died or disappeared just been extremely busy with everything (yeah how many times have I said that..haha!)

We are going to the beach Friday morning and I cant wait. So to prepare myself for the beach Ive been doing major workout sessions which Im just loving and really watching my food extremely close. Ive been working out anywhere from 1 hr to 1.5 hrs a day.

Well this morning I weighed myself to see how my weight was going and really have been noticing a major difference and look more toned and anyway Ive lost 1.3 lbs since Friday so obviously its really working well. So Im down to 174.0 and plan on doing the rest of this week the same way. Im loving working out so much and it really takes any stress off your plate too so its a two-fold.

Hopefully if I get time Ill post my menus, if not Ill definitely come back Friday to report a weigh in and hopefully a really good one at that..yeah...cant wait for Friday...the beach and for weigh in..woo hoo!

Friday, May 18, 2007


I managed to stay the same today. Im not too disappointed as I had a pretty big loss last week and usually when that happens Ill usually gain a small amount so Im happy with a maintain:) At least I didnt gain:)

I will post the recipe this weekend:)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Almost the weekend!

Well yesterday ended up as a crazy day with no food tracking other than in my mind..haha! Today I went to Popeyes with some others thinking Ill get their naked chicken strips (or you can call them grilled if you prefer) and I go and guess what they got rid of?? Anything remotely healthy I was so disappointed because while I havent been in a while why would they take away all healthy options?? They used to have even things like green beans and some others...well none of that its all gone and I hate that because I really hate that. So being with others I finally gave in got the small red beans and rice (about the only thing not fried) and a biscuit. well when I came back looked up the nutrition info and about wanted to get it all out of my system it was so loaded with fat it was ridiculous but I did pick about the lowest fat thing there which is pretty sad. Maybe one day this restaurant will get some healthy things again. so thats my rant and rave of the day. I wish all restaurants had healthy options so those of us who go places with others can still go somewhere and dont feel like we are losing the battle.

Im hoping tomorrow I can almost maintain but weighed myself this morning (first time all week..go me...its a habit I must admit to weigh daily but Im getting better...) and was up .3 lbs so maybe I can drop that and maybe have at least a maintaince but well see I guess. This week hasnt been my best but far from the worst. Tempting items around are not helping and why do people want to torture you ike that???!!!

Me and the hubster got in a wonderful walk tonight about 60 minutes and it was absolutely wonderful weather with the daytime high around 75ish and night in the 60 it was perfect.

Oh and if anyone wants the wonderful parmesan vegetable rice let me know and Ill post it. Its fabulous and has lots of veggies and is a wonderful side! Its 2-3 pts (depending on the amt of cheese you put in it) for 1 cup so its not bad at all!

Goals for May and how I did today...
*sweet tea: none
*drank 10 oz of water under my goal
*track food: done
Breakfast: Fiber One oats & chocolate, water
Lunch: Popeyes biscuit, small red beans & rice, water
Dinner: 1.5 pieces of tilapia (butter, spicy seasoning), 2 pieces of ciabatta bread (FF butter), pineapple, parmesan vegetable rice
Snack: banana, Hostess 100 calorie Chocolate Cake with Creamy Filling
Exercise: 25 crunches with 10 lb weights, 50 regular crunches , 60 min walk (with lots of hills!!)
Water: 40 oz.
Total Calories burned: 390
Total Calories: 1514

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Well today was one of those your disappointed in yourself but have some good things as well but not perfect. Wont beat myself up too bad over it.

For lunch today we went to a local meat place which has amazing burgers and usually I get cheese (didnt get that this time) and then a whole potato with sweet tea. Well I had my mind made up Ill eat half the burger, half the potato and get water. Well I get there order and guess what I do...first I order sweet tea, then I eat my whole burger and the thing was huge not because I was starving because I kept eating without even thinking about it and why did I get sweet tea...hmm not sure but I know it could have been worst.

Then my mom fixes a nice and fatty meal. Well I look for other options to eat but she fixed two different things I choose the least fattening one. It was alfredo (loaded with fat) or chicken wings which I found out I could eat 4 small wings for the same calories and fat as I could for the alfredo so I choose alfredo, moved on and accepted the consequences.

For the good part of the day...I made this wonderful cake for my grandfather and that cake is still sitting there and I never ate ONE bite..not even a taste of it. My mom even kept egging it this cake is so good you should try some of it. I kept and I kept with it she finally gave up so Ill award myself at least for that temptation. Now that cake is still sitting there but I think it was most tempting since it was nice and hot and the chocolate was just gooey on it. I must say it did look mighty good but I dont need it.

For my other cheese on a salad. My mom seriously looked at me like I had two heads when I told her Ill pass on the cheese. This is one of those things I used to pile on the cheese and not think twice but Ive been passing on it and its getting easier and easier but I cant say Im not tempted at all but its getting less and less.

Goals for May and how I did today...
*sweet tea: drank 16 oz....bad...
*drank 6.9 oz of water over my goal
*track food: done
Breakfast: Fiber One oats & chocolate
Lunch: Little Willie's Hamburger (ketchup, pickles), 1/2 baked potato (butter, salt, pepper), sweet tea
Dinner: 1 cup garlic chicken alfredo, 2 pieces of garlic bread (FF butter, garlic), caesar salad (lite caesar dressing, lettuce, wheat croutons)
Snack: none
Exercise: 25 crunches with 10 lb weights, 75 regular crunches
Water: 56.9 oz.
Total Calories: 1619

Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday, Monday

Well one week back on track and still kicking it! This weekend went pretty well I think I watched my portions my food wasnt 100% grand but portion wise it was much, much better. Then on top of that I tried to limit my consumption of sweet tea and drink water instead.

We went out to the Olive Garden for lunch for Mothers day since that was where my mom wanted to go and normally I eat a good oh 6-9 breadsticks easily without even thinking twice + add all the extra cheese and gorge myself. Well my new strategy was dont add any extra cheese, I ate 2 breadsticks (one before my meal, one with my meal..major change) and felt wonderful about it.

Today was an ok day. Hubby wanted to go to Krystal which kind of kicked up the pts majorly but still not too bad. I passed on the fries which normally I always get + passed on the sweet tea so go me..woo hoo!
Menu for today:
Breakfast: Fiber One oats & chocolate
Lunch: Krystal 2 chili cheese pup, 1 Chik (no mayo), water
Dinner: Apple Cinnamon Cheerios with 1% milk
Snack: Hostess 100 calorie Chocolate Cake with Creamy Filling, 10 Town House Original crackers, The Laughing Cow Light Garlic & Herb Cheese Wedge
Exercise: none
Water: 40.9 oz.
Total Calories: 1468

Friday, May 11, 2007

Weigh In...MAJOR Success!!

Well this morning I went to weigh in, jumped on the scale pretty excited that I had really stuck with it this week with cutting out the fast food, junk, and sweet tea with only drinking one glass of sweet tea the entire week and couldnt believe the number I saw on the scale...

175.3 thats a 2.7 loss this week with AF starting Wednesday. Im still really shocked but hey it just goes to show you stick with it you will get the weight off!! All that junk thats still sitting in the cabinet is looking better and better each day letting someone else eat it instead of me:)

For yesterday, I ate a bit less I think because I ate 3 of these little cajun pistol they are called when we went to the flea market and I really guessed it could be well over what I guestimated or under but for now Im saying they are around 300 calories each. I had a few other things which were pretty healthy which brings my grand total for the day to around 1100 calories.

Also, for the wheat thins..they are by far my FAVORITE healthy snack yet. The parmesan basil ones are AMAZING! Im not a huge fan of the other but those are wonderful so go out get you a box and you will be set for a healthy, very good snack!!

Also, we are going to the beach (Destin, FL) for memorial Day and I want to look the best I can so heres to a strict me and sticking with it:)I know I wont look super good but hey I can lose as much as possible until then;)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Getting back to the grind...

Today has been kind of crazy and I never got a chance to post until now so Ill just post my menu for today and calories from yesterday...

So today me and hubby went to a pizza buffet (hear..danger...) well I feel like I did pretty well probably the best Ive ever done at a pizza buffet. I got a salad (NO CHEESE!!) and then I had 1.5 pizzas of pizza with almost one glass of sweet tea. NOrmally I would have had oh 3-4 pieces of pizza at least + maybe a salad but loaded it with lots of cheese and dressing but I just drizzled the dressing and didnt use much at all so go me! I would have choose a low cal dressing but they only had one type which I didnt care for.

Yesterday was really crazy as my brother had a baseball game we went to watch him and it didnt get over until after 8 and by the time we got home and all it was almost 9, I was exhausted and said screw dinner Im not eating this late. So grand total for calories yesterday was only 643 since I ate a light lunch and breakfast trying to do good.

My water today was well not so hot but yesterday I got in my 50 oz, so still a work in progress!
Breakfast: Fiber One oats & chocolate
Lunch: 1.5 pizzas of pizza, lettuce, carrots, bacon bits, ranch dressing, sweet tea
Dinner: Ground Sirloin, Bertolli Olive Oil & Garlic Spaghetti Sauce, linguine, 1 roll
Snacks: 7 Wheat Thins Parmesan Basil, Cantaloupe, 2 of the 3 Hostess 100 calorie Chocolate Cake with Creamy Filling
Water: 40 oz.
Exercise: none
Total Calories: 1576

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

First Day back...

Well yesterday was my first day back and after really putting in everything I think I came to the conclusion that I was probably eating a lot more than I thought and thats probably a little why I gained weight last week so on to a new start. I think Im going to try to do calories instead of WW pts for a little while, see how it works and then go from there. My calorie range will be to stay from 1400-1800 a day so I think I should be able to do that easily.

My creations of the day were to take one pack of the starkist hickory smoked tuna creations, put one slice of pepperjack cheese on it, put it in the oven for about 7-8 minutes and put it on crackers, delicious!

My other creation was to take the laughing cow Light Garlic & Herb Cheese Wedge put it on french bread, toast it and wahla you have almost zilcho calories for a good garlic cheese bread...yum!! I did finally find this cheese and its fabulous I love this stuff and only 35 calories for an entire!

For exercise Ive been doing some crunches with weights which not only works your abs but it works your arms amazingly well. Ive only done them for a few days and boy am I sore but I love the feeling!!

I also went above my goal of 50 oz of water each day yesterday and it felt so good to finally get back into my groove as well!
Breakfast: 1% milk, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios
Lunch: 15 Town House Original crackers, StarKist Hickory Smoked Tuna Creations, The Laughing Cow Light Garlic & Herb Cheese Wedge, Pepperjack Cheese
Dinner: Ground Sirloin, Bertolli Olive Oil & Garlic Spaghetti Sauce, linguine, 2 pieces Earthgrains French bread
Snacks: Banana, Hostess 100 calorie pack Carrot cake with Cream Cheese Icing
Water: 58.7 oz.
Exercise: crunches with 10 lb weights
Total Calories: 1703

Sunday, May 6, 2007


Since it is now May 6 and I have yet to do my goals for this month I thought it was time to finally write them down
*drink 50 oz of water (Ive gotten way off of this one, need to get back in the habit)
*cut sweet tea down to 2-3 times a week (one issue Ive been majorly struggling with)
*track food daily

Hopefully with some set goals and hopefully life getting back to normal Ill be able to stay on track I hope.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday weigh in

Well I thought I did pretty good this week...did some weights, did a ton of walking around the neighborhood which has lots of hills and have tried to watch what I ate...

My result..a GAIN of 1.1 lbs and weighing in at 178.0. Im a little bummed but not sure if its really a true weight gain and by that I mean is it sodium, muscle gain, etc. so I think I may go back to tracking my food starting Monday and hopefully things will shape up in the direction I want them to go! It is tough living with my parents temporarily until our house sells because they buy junk galore and I pretty much weeded all of it out of our house and while its tempting I really havent given in so Im proud of myself on that front.

My find for the week..Minute Maid Fruit Falls...5 calories and OMG they are delicious! Its actually a water beverage but it doesnt really taste like water so just thought I would post!

Hope all of you are having fabulous weeks, sorry I havent came by in forever but hopefully life will get back to a little more normalcy soon!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wednesday, Wednesday

Well we have finally gotten some of our stuff moved but still in the "moving stage"

This week Ive tried to watch what I eat and just be more aware but I really just havent had much time to track. Ive stayed away from fried foods, cheese, soft drinks and trying to limit my supply of sweet tea.

For exercise, me and my mom have been walking twice a day (once in the morning, once at night) and my brother who is major in shape has been trying to teach my tricks with weights so its a work in progress for sure but Ill get better at it. I dont want to bulk up but more tone up so hes a great help for sure!

I did weigh myself this morning and weighed almost 2 lbs more Im not sure what to attribute that too as I really feel as though Ive been watching what I eat (more salads, light dressing, etc.) and exercising but I have been drinking a good bit of water so well see what Friday says.

Hope all of you are doing well and hopefully Ill have a chance this weekend to catch up with everyone once things slow down a bit:)

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