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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Almost the weekend!

Well yesterday ended up as a crazy day with no food tracking other than in my mind..haha! Today I went to Popeyes with some others thinking Ill get their naked chicken strips (or you can call them grilled if you prefer) and I go and guess what they got rid of?? Anything remotely healthy I was so disappointed because while I havent been in a while why would they take away all healthy options?? They used to have even things like green beans and some others...well none of that its all gone and I hate that because I really hate that. So being with others I finally gave in got the small red beans and rice (about the only thing not fried) and a biscuit. well when I came back looked up the nutrition info and about wanted to get it all out of my system it was so loaded with fat it was ridiculous but I did pick about the lowest fat thing there which is pretty sad. Maybe one day this restaurant will get some healthy things again. so thats my rant and rave of the day. I wish all restaurants had healthy options so those of us who go places with others can still go somewhere and dont feel like we are losing the battle.

Im hoping tomorrow I can almost maintain but weighed myself this morning (first time all week..go me...its a habit I must admit to weigh daily but Im getting better...) and was up .3 lbs so maybe I can drop that and maybe have at least a maintaince but well see I guess. This week hasnt been my best but far from the worst. Tempting items around are not helping and why do people want to torture you ike that???!!!

Me and the hubster got in a wonderful walk tonight about 60 minutes and it was absolutely wonderful weather with the daytime high around 75ish and night in the 60 it was perfect.

Oh and if anyone wants the wonderful parmesan vegetable rice let me know and Ill post it. Its fabulous and has lots of veggies and is a wonderful side! Its 2-3 pts (depending on the amt of cheese you put in it) for 1 cup so its not bad at all!

Goals for May and how I did today...
*sweet tea: none
*drank 10 oz of water under my goal
*track food: done
Breakfast: Fiber One oats & chocolate, water
Lunch: Popeyes biscuit, small red beans & rice, water
Dinner: 1.5 pieces of tilapia (butter, spicy seasoning), 2 pieces of ciabatta bread (FF butter), pineapple, parmesan vegetable rice
Snack: banana, Hostess 100 calorie Chocolate Cake with Creamy Filling
Exercise: 25 crunches with 10 lb weights, 50 regular crunches , 60 min walk (with lots of hills!!)
Water: 40 oz.
Total Calories burned: 390
Total Calories: 1514


Cory said...

I hate places that don't have healthy options as well. I also have a problem with places whose "healthy option" isn't much better than their normal stuff. But hopefully places will start doing better...

KatieL said...

I went through your same dilemma at the store last night. I've been purchasing the Lean Cuisine chicken alfredo skillet dinner when I need something quick (but still relatively healthy) to eat and I'm home for supper by myself. I take the leftovers for lunch the following day. Couldn't find it anywhere. But they had it in the more fattening Stouffer's version. Arrrgh! Yes, I got it anyway...

I'm curious about the parmesan vegetable rice thing.

Hopefully the temptations will be taken away from you soon!

noelle said...

You are doing the best you can. And at least you chose a healthier choice and didn't just eat a ton of fried stuff because there were no other options.

I feel like most days I would just rather eat at home where I can eat all my healthy fruits and veggies instead of being tempted by foods that are just no good for me!

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