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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Back to Reality

Well we are back from the first of three vacations and had a great time but now its time to get back in tune with getting the last of the flab off.

Vacation I didnt find that I really wanted much of the bad stuff or if I had something bad I ate small portions. I found that I think I did better on vacation then I did at home because there wasnt snacks and such just laying around like there is at home which are tempting.

My reward for all my hard work...on sunday we went out to the outlet malls for some shopping and I fit into a SIZE 10...I have been kind of in between a 10 to 12. I couldnt fit into a size 10 yet but sure enough I fit into them and I could still wear them in was quite amazing!!! Now did I buy the jeans...nope...I was so burnt and said oh Ill come back..and of course I didnt..oh well not a biggie. Also, instead of fiting into large shirts...I fit into mediums..woo hoo! Of course I did buy those since those were on major sale.

Ill be back to posting my normal menu on Monday but am kind of just tracking my stuff elsewhere (like my head..haha!) for the rest of this week.

Tonight me and hubby went on an hour walk and Ive been slacking in the workout area because I really had not done anything since last Wednesday so pretty much a week...bad me. But Im back to workouts and its wonderful, wonderful weather so cant beat that either!

For Friday weigh-in...Im kind of saying Ill be up because I did eat a bit more and this whole having junk and getting off a vacation is not going well but I know if I want to get down to my goal weight that junk has got to get out of my vocabulary and I know I can do it!!

Hope you girls had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


CaRoLyN said...

A size 10!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!! That is so great!! You have come such a long way...I think you need to post some before and after pictures again!
Good luck at weigh in! Cant wait to see, i'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised!

2L said...

Welcome back!! Glad you had a nice vacation. . .esp with your NSV!! Size 10 & medium shirts!!!. . .WAY 2 GO!!

Debbie in Ca said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...
Congrats on the size 10's! I can't wait to wear that size again... and medium shirts.
Glad you had fun on vacation, and got to do a little shopping!

Kate said...

Hi Amber,

In order to get the table to post online from my weight watchers online plan tracker, I click the print button in the upper RH corner, and it opens a new window, just highlight and cut and paste into your blog. Hope it works!

and congrats on the NSV...way to go!

Living to Feel Good said...

WoooOHoOOoooo for size 10!! And Medium shirts!! Helll ya! :D

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