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Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday weigh in

Well I thought I did pretty good this week...did some weights, did a ton of walking around the neighborhood which has lots of hills and have tried to watch what I ate...

My result..a GAIN of 1.1 lbs and weighing in at 178.0. Im a little bummed but not sure if its really a true weight gain and by that I mean is it sodium, muscle gain, etc. so I think I may go back to tracking my food starting Monday and hopefully things will shape up in the direction I want them to go! It is tough living with my parents temporarily until our house sells because they buy junk galore and I pretty much weeded all of it out of our house and while its tempting I really havent given in so Im proud of myself on that front.

My find for the week..Minute Maid Fruit Falls...5 calories and OMG they are delicious! Its actually a water beverage but it doesnt really taste like water so just thought I would post!

Hope all of you are having fabulous weeks, sorry I havent came by in forever but hopefully life will get back to a little more normalcy soon!


Christina said...

don't worry about the gain, it is normal if you upped your exercise, don't let it discourage you, you are doing so amazing as is, keep it up! I would start tracking things down just to keep track so that next week you will lose for sure :)

WeightWatchnWoman said...

Don't worry about the gain. It might have been the muscle that caused the weight gain. You will have better results next weigh.

noelle said...

You are juggling so much. I know that when you are settled in your own place again, you will just be shrinking away.

Keep it up.

Colette said...

Girl don't let this get you down. I have gained even when I did everything right. Glad to know your ok and dont worry about the junk food. Your doing WONDERFUL...Just track, track,

CaRoLyN said...

Don't get down about the gain. We all go through it, we've all been there!
Tracking is key for me. If I don't track, I get sloppy and forget a point or two here and there.
Your life seems so hectic right now so you are doing good for being so out of routine! Keep it up and good job resisting the JUNK!

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