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Friday, November 30, 2007

Day 5...great success!!

Well today has marked my 5th day, yes I really did say 5th day in a row I have tracked and I have great news for my weigh in that resulted in it....

I weighed in this morning and LOST 3 lbs..woo hoo! That still leaves .4 lbs to lose so I get back to my before Thanksgiving self but thats a great loss for one week Ill take it! I know I can get that .4 lbs off + more this week just need to work hard at it! That puts me at 167.0 lbs and need to get back on down.

So food for today...
Breakfast: fiber one, lemonade
Lunch: angel hair pasta (1 oz.), spaghetti sauce with meat (1 cup), water
Dinner: chicken corn dog, rice a roni fried rice, water
Exercise: 50 minute walk

Calories: 1206
Fat: 30
Carb: 182
Sodium: 2886
Fiber: 19
WW Pts: 25.8

So I was pretty much right on track with pts since Im supposed to have 25 pts per day so Im pretty happy with myself. Also, tonight I really had one of those lets just go get something fast and fattening (even after my weigh-in) but after talking with hubby (who has been a great help and support!) finally helped to stay in and eat something much healthier. I could have easily gone and eaten you know something bad but I did it, stuck it out and ate in and ate healthy as well. I love the chicken corn dogs they are wonderful. If you havent tried them I got the Foster Farms brand and I think they are a tad better then the regular ones in my opinion.

So anyway, tomorrow night we are going out and I know Ill use some flex pts but Ive been saving them up for just that but plan on keeping portions small. Ill take the next twodays off from tracking and be back on Monday. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day 4

Breakfast: Fiber one oats & chocolate bar, simply lemonade (8 oz.)
Lunch: vegetable soup (1 cup), peas (1 oz.), water
Dinner: grilled chicken with A1 marinade (~1.5 oz.), rice a roni fried rice (2.5 oz.), water
Snack: Jello fruit passion cup (peaches, pineapple, & mango in peach gelatin)
Exercise: 45 minute walk

Calories: 962
Fat: 11
Carbs: 152
Fiber: 22
Sodium: 3353
WW Pts: 19.4

Well first off I must give myself a pat on the back and I havent felt that way in a longggg time. Today was the first day in I dont even remember that I felt like Im getting this again its really getting back into the grove and eating healthy and tracking like I once did but forgot how important eating healthy and tracking really was. I know that sounds so dumb but its so very true. If you get out of a habit its so easy but to get back into it is much tougher but I think Im starting to get it back.

For my pts, I think I figured it up with the calculator Im supposed to have 25 pts per day. I put that Im moderately active during the day because sitting down while teaching is just not even an option. I need to bring a tracker one day to see how much I walk I have a large classroom and constantly am asked this or that or will you look at this so Im constantly walking around sone of these days Im really going to bring one

For other things, I got my calories way down (maybe even a little too low but feel great so why eat if Im not hungry?!), have I gotten those down from being in the 50's to in the teens or below actually, sodium down, carb down...yeah the only thing that I think needs a little more work is sodium but other than that its the first day Ive been pretty happy with everything I put into my mouth so go me.

Yeah ok today was just a great, great day and I just have to brag (a little or a lot )it hasnt happened in a while so I must make sure to make a note so that I can feel this way more often.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and its one of those weigh-ins I know I will have a loss. Im just hoping to lose at least most of my 3.4 lbs I gained back so anything from 166.6 to 170.0 would be good, preferably the lower range. Anything over 3.4 lbs will be a big hit and would put me even less.

Alright I think Ive rambled on long enough...hope everyone else has had a great day as well!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Day 3

Well today was one of those not totally horrible but not grand either. I was doing alright to that one thing really kind of made it really bad...I happened to mention to hubby that I got an ad that had the Sonic cheesecake bites with caramel dip. Well he took it as I wanted them which ok I wanted them but didnt want the calories and fat. He brought them home and how could I say no he tried to be sweet by bringing them to me and boy they were good but oh so dangerous for sure.

So to say the whole day was a disaster wasnt quite accurate just the last oh hour or so:lol:

Breakfast: Fiber one oats & chocolate bar, simply lemonade (8 oz.)
Lunch: sweet & sour chicken, vegetable egg roll, fried rice, water, sweet and sour sauce
Dinner: spaghetti sauce (1 cup), angel hair pasta (1.5 oz.), 1 breadstick, water
Snack: Sonic cheesecake bites with caramel sauce (all 6 of those dangerous things...dont try them they are dangerous)
Exercise: ?
Water: 50.7 oz.

Calories: 1908
Fat: 53
Carbs: 289
Fiber: 28
Sodium: 3957
WW Pts: 41.8

I must say though two good things out of the fat g were down from yesterday and my fiber was almost doubled so thats a good sign.

Bad ones are my calories were way up, carbs are extremely high, and sodium well thats the highest by far I need to get that one way down.

I know what I need to do to improve and Im getting back into, baby steps and tracking are definitely helping.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day two

So Im back on track this is the longest in a while Ive tracked my food, kind of sad at two days but so true. I seem to do one day then quit or get too busy doing umm something other than this...

So I weighed myself this morning just to see how I was coming after two days and I was shocked I had already lost 2 of my 3.4 lbs I gained, now how come I cant lose that kind of weight all the time, so not fair

So food for today...
Breakfast: Fiber one oats & chocolate bar, simply lemonade (8 oz.)
Lunch: salad (lettuce, cheese (.25 cup), bacon bits (2 tbsp), honey mustard dressing (3 tbsp) ), water
Dinner: chick-fil-a chargrilled chicken sandwich with 2 packs honey roasted BBQ sauce, fruit cup, water
Snack: 1 brownie, apple cider, fun size snickers bar
Exercise: umm probably none tonight

Calories: 1373
Fat: 56
Carbs: 189
Fiber: 14
WW Pts: 31.3

Not quite as good of a day today but not horrible either. I had a student whos birthday was today that came by with a brownie that someone had made for her and said you must have one to celebrate my birthday, how can you not have one, so how can I really turn that one down. Yeah I caved in I just couldnt say no

Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Food

Food For today...back on track and must stay on track. If I have to do this at midnight I must do it or I will never stay on track Ive come to figure out....

Breakfast: fiber one oats & chocolate bar, simply lemonade (8oz.)
Lunch: 2 slices baked california pizza kitchen sicilian pizza, 100 calorie ritz pack, water
Dinner: baked tostitos scoops (15), velveeta 2% cheese (2 oz.), 90/10 ground sirloin (3 oz.), salsa (.25 cup), water
Snack: Blue Diamond Lime N Chili Almonds (10)
Exercise: probably go for a walk later on tonight

Calories: 1091
Fat: 42
Carbs: 142
Fiber: 16
WW Pts: 24.5

Not too shabby for a first day back, just need to stay on track like this everyday!

Oh and I saw this and was wondering if anyone had ever heard of it or used it, looks cool....My Food Phone

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Weigh In

Well the holidays for Thanksgiving are now over and boy am I glad. I weighed in this morning with a GAIN (big shocker) of 3.4 lbs. I cant believe I gained that much. Ive been beating myself up all day over it but know I sucked it up this week and did horrible on eating so I only have myself to blame but honestly didnt think I had gained 3.4 lbs. Reasons why I gained...
*fried foods...I ate WAYYY too much of them this week
*sweet tea and very little to no water some days...big, big reason I think
*not nearly enough portion control
*didnt count pts/calories or anything just kind of figured for some meals and others didnt even worry about it.

I know what I have to do to get back on track and must do it. I cant gain anymore. Im now officially back in the 170's at 170.0 thats HORRIBLE!

Friday, November 23, 2007


Well we finally got back a few hours ago from our weekend with family and a great football game also.

Thanksgiving First...I kind of disappointed myself but didnt do horrible either. I kept with my one plate but desserts OMG it was terribly good and well fattening to say the least. I got one plate and had one piece of lemon icebox pie and then a little bit of coconut cake that were both devine.The thing I think that killed me the most was drinking so much sweet tea. None of my in laws drink water so its terribly hard. If I didnt want to drink water out of the facet then pretty much it was tea or soft drinks which is a big no no in my book. So I stuck it out and I know I drank way too much but hey its over I could have done worst but stuck to my one plate and ate small portions of it all but there was so many different things my plate was stuffed full but I told myself one plate thats all (well minus dessert). So its over with Ill say Im thankful that I have some much food and a loving family but boy they fix some good stuff for sure..haha!

Tomorrow is my family's Thanksgiving so well see I dont think its quite as difficult there as it is at the in-laws except for the fact they fix like 10 different desserts (no lie, ok maybe 7) and thats probably the most tempting of it all.

So I didnt weigh in today since we were gone and didnt get back until late tonight so Ill weigh in tomorrow morning and see how it looks. Im fully expecting a gain and know that I just need to work hard to get it off no matter how much it maybe.

In other news...the football game we attended today (MSU vs. Ole Miss) and boy was it a game. I still cant believe MSU won..woo hoo!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I cant wait for Thanksgiving, this week has started off wonderfully and the weather is beautiful here. 75 degrees, sunny and just awesome. Tomorrow its supposed to be 80 I believe, sunny and gorgeous day so I cant wait.

For thanksgiving Ive given my mindset and if I just keep telling myself each day then I think Thursday will be much easier. My whole mindset is one meal worth blowing it and is it really going to make me feel better?! I stick with one plate, no more for main food. For dessert one dessert and thats all (well see if I can stick with this)...this is the one thats dangerous and I could see me losing it here but hopefully I can do this or if I take more than one keep portions small.

Food for today..
Breakfast: oat cluster cheerios, 1% milk, 1 packet splenda
Lunch: spaghetti, 2 meatballs, 1 piece garlic bread, unsweet tea with splenda
Dinner: Italian fried chicken (fried in olive oil), ranch dressing, Harvest Cheddar sun chips, 100 calorie wafer bar, water
Exercise: 1 hr walk

Friday, November 16, 2007

Another pound gone!

Well I weighed in this morning and honestly thought I would have a maintain and to my shock I had a 1.0 lb can we say shocked or what?! So I am now down to 166.3.

Total WL to date: 41.2 lb
Total to go: 21.3 lb

I cant believe Im almost down to 20 lbs to go, wow do you know how close that even sounds and losing over 40 lbs??? Wow Im just in amazement of how far I have come!

This week is going to be tough with Thanksgiving and especially be on Thursday. I will weigh in on Saturday this week as I will be unable to weigh in Friday as we will be out of town/at the game. I know if I can maintain my portions and Im just hoping for a maintain this week if I can do that then it would be fabulous. We will be going to both families (mine and hubby's) so there will be tons of good food and eating I must control myself though.

I do have all of next week off so Ill be around a bit more and try to check in with everyone, its a much needed break!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Progress Picture

Can anyone tell a difference..40 lbs down! Click on the image for a large image of it

Friday, November 9, 2007

40.2 lbs GONE!!!

Well I haved now officially hit the 40 lb mark and I am so excited about it! This morning I weighed in and lost .5 lbs so that officially makes me 167.3.

So that means I have lost 40.2 lbs and have 22.3 lbs to go to get to my goal of 145...its well within reach now I still cant believe I really have lost over 40 lbs now. At one point and time I never imagined I would see the 190's again, much less the 160's. Its just amazing to me my accomplishments, Ive had my struggles with it but Ive finally found what works for me and I cant wait to hit my 145 lb mark.

So I will definitely be taking progress pictures this weekend at the MSU vs. Alabama game..go State (MSU)!!

Also in other good news we will be moving (AGAIN) we got a house..woo hoo! We get the keys on December 20 just in time for Christmas..I cant wait! They also have a park right behind our new house that has a great walking/jogging and also a ton of walking around our new neighborhood as well so I cant wait to get back into a house (we have been in an apartment the last 5 mths) and its much nicer than our last house as well so I cant wait! Most of our stuff is actually still boxed up because we moved into a smaller place and didnt have room so we will still have to unpack but it wont be nearly as bad since about 60% of it is already boxed up.

So to say the least Ive had a pretty good week/day with getting a house + getting to my 40 lb mark!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wednesday, Wednesday

Well I feel like I have done fairly well this week but have not gotten here to post it all. I cant wait to get out for the Thanksgiving holidays I get an entire week to catch up/relax and just enjoy family I cant wait. I have this week and next week and the next is a week off..woo hoo!

Todays food
Breakfast: Fiber one oats & chocolate bar, water
Lunch: sweet & sour chicken, egg roll, rice, water
Dinner: still up in the air, hopefully Ill make a decision soon..haha!
Snack: none
Exercise: none
Water: 33.8 oz.

I have found that since Ive been teaching I just dont snack but used to snack all the time I think it really has helped a ton but I just dont have the time to snack which is a plus I think.

Also, this is totally unrelated to weight loss but one of my best friends just had her baby and it was 8 weeks early. Poor little thing so please say a prayer for him he is on 25% oxygen. She was released today but of course couldnt bring him home I couldnt even imagine how tough that must be for her and her hubby and family of course.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Well I weighed in this morning with a LOSS..woo hoo! Im now officially in the 167's weighing in at 167.8 so thats a .7 lb loss for this week. I feel like I did pretty well this week considering AF was in town and did workouts and tried to keep my portions small whichi is hard sometimes during that time of the month when everything looks good..haha!

That now marks 39.7 lbs lost overall since July 2006 and 22.8 lbs to go until my ultimate goal but my small goal is to reach 159.9 by Christmas so 1.1 lbs per week which is 7.9 lbs in 7 weeks, I can do this!! I just need to get back my full motivation I had at one time.

Hopefully Ill hit the 40 lb mark by next week and I will take progress pictures, cant wait!

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