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Friday, November 9, 2007

40.2 lbs GONE!!!

Well I haved now officially hit the 40 lb mark and I am so excited about it! This morning I weighed in and lost .5 lbs so that officially makes me 167.3.

So that means I have lost 40.2 lbs and have 22.3 lbs to go to get to my goal of 145...its well within reach now I still cant believe I really have lost over 40 lbs now. At one point and time I never imagined I would see the 190's again, much less the 160's. Its just amazing to me my accomplishments, Ive had my struggles with it but Ive finally found what works for me and I cant wait to hit my 145 lb mark.

So I will definitely be taking progress pictures this weekend at the MSU vs. Alabama game..go State (MSU)!!

Also in other good news we will be moving (AGAIN) we got a house..woo hoo! We get the keys on December 20 just in time for Christmas..I cant wait! They also have a park right behind our new house that has a great walking/jogging and also a ton of walking around our new neighborhood as well so I cant wait to get back into a house (we have been in an apartment the last 5 mths) and its much nicer than our last house as well so I cant wait! Most of our stuff is actually still boxed up because we moved into a smaller place and didnt have room so we will still have to unpack but it wont be nearly as bad since about 60% of it is already boxed up.

So to say the least Ive had a pretty good week/day with getting a house + getting to my 40 lb mark!

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Katie said...

Lots of good things happening to you! Congrats on hitting the 40-pound loss mark and on the new house. I bet you'll be thrilled to finally be settled somewhere.

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