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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Day 3

Well today was one of those not totally horrible but not grand either. I was doing alright to that one thing really kind of made it really bad...I happened to mention to hubby that I got an ad that had the Sonic cheesecake bites with caramel dip. Well he took it as I wanted them which ok I wanted them but didnt want the calories and fat. He brought them home and how could I say no he tried to be sweet by bringing them to me and boy they were good but oh so dangerous for sure.

So to say the whole day was a disaster wasnt quite accurate just the last oh hour or so:lol:

Breakfast: Fiber one oats & chocolate bar, simply lemonade (8 oz.)
Lunch: sweet & sour chicken, vegetable egg roll, fried rice, water, sweet and sour sauce
Dinner: spaghetti sauce (1 cup), angel hair pasta (1.5 oz.), 1 breadstick, water
Snack: Sonic cheesecake bites with caramel sauce (all 6 of those dangerous things...dont try them they are dangerous)
Exercise: ?
Water: 50.7 oz.

Calories: 1908
Fat: 53
Carbs: 289
Fiber: 28
Sodium: 3957
WW Pts: 41.8

I must say though two good things out of the fat g were down from yesterday and my fiber was almost doubled so thats a good sign.

Bad ones are my calories were way up, carbs are extremely high, and sodium well thats the highest by far I need to get that one way down.

I know what I need to do to improve and Im getting back into, baby steps and tracking are definitely helping.

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