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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday Food

After having such a terrible day yesterday I realized that is not where I want to be and I must do better so today has motivated me to get back on it like I have and give it my all and today was so much better. I got in a good amount of water, lots of exercise and I feel wonderful. Even with my horrible day I gained no weight so cant complain. Yep Im a daily weigher if you havent noticed but dont weigh in officially until Friday and I cant wait!
Breakfast: Quaker Blueberry muffin bar (2), water (0)
Lunch: Hawaiian Teriyaki Grilled Chicken (5), mashed potatoes (4), water (0)
Dinner: Banana Nut Crunch Cereal (7), 1% milk (2), sugar (1)
Snacks: 100 calorie keebler mini fudge covered shortbread cookies (2), carrots (0), ranch dressing (1)
Water: 67.6 oz.
Exercise: 35 minute walk/run, 20 minute elliptical, 100 crunches (4-5 minutes)
WW pts: 24 - 4 EX Pts = 20
Weight: 184.0
Cals: 1272
Fat: 34
S. Fat: 9
Cholesterol: 82.1
Sodium: 2364.2
Potassium: 2073
Carbs: 193.3
Fiber: 16.9
Sugar: 78.4
Protein: 52.1

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday Food

Bad, bad day today for food but you know what tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start. I know I cant beat myself up too hard for today and tomorrow is how to rebound. I had way too much fried foods for both lunch and dinner I never do that I dont know why I did but again new day tomorrow and I really havent had a bad day in a long time so Im over it....
Breakfast: Quaker blueberry muffin bar (2)
Lunch: Cracker Barrel fried chicken (9), biscuit (4), fried apples (2), water
Dinner: Fried Shrimp (16), tartar sauce (2), pasta roni (4), 3 hawaiian rolls (5)
Snacks: none
Water: 50.7 oz.
Exercise: 45 minute walk, 100 crunchs (4-5 minutes)
WW pts: 44 - 4 EX = 40
Weight: 184.0
Cals: 2075
Fat: 81.5
S. Fat: 29.95
Cholesterol: 346.5
Sodium: 6255
Potassium: 410
Carbs: 263.2
Fiber: 22.1
Sugar: 64.8
Protein: 76.2

Monday Food

Breakfast: Quaker Baked Blueberry Muffin Bars (2), water (0)
Lunch: LC BBQ Chicken Pizza (7)
Dinner: 2 pieces of white bread with FF butter spray (2), 1 American cheese slice (2), caesar dressing (2), lettuce (0), bacon bits (1)
Snacks: 100 calorie wafer bars (2), 10 All bran garlic herb crackers (1), 5 strawberries (0), 1.5 tbsp sugar (1)
Water: 58.7 oz.
Exercise: 45 minute walk, 100 crunches (4-5 min), 10-15 min. football
WW pts: 20 - 4 EX = 16
Weight: 184.2
Cals: 1046
Fat: 35.2
S. Fat: 13
Cholesterol: 50
Sodium: 2658.9
Potassium: 518.8
Carbs: 143.9
Fiber: 11.4
Sugar: 41.6
Protein: 36.6

Friday, February 23, 2007

Weigh In

I weighed in this morning and lost 2.9 lbs its about damn time So I lost all the weight Ive gained over the past 2 wks + .4 additional so Im down to 185.6

Notes to myself on why I lost (or so I think )
*So I eased up on the elliptical (only did it one night)
*focused more so on veggies/fruits and not just the WW pts
*ate a little more calorie wise*did NOT eat out ONCE during the week
*no sweet tea during the week
*did different exercises instead of just elliptical

Other Notes...
*Im really starting to see major differences in my body I know just looking you couldnt tell but *more muscle in my arms, not nearly as flabby
*abs are starting to look more toned*my legs are starting to get hard and not flabby

So after two weeks of gaining weight this has really motivated me that much more to keep it up. I was really starting to get down a little but kept telling myself you are in this for the long road not the short road so Im proud of myself for overcoming the "slump" I was in

Friday Food

Breakfast: Strawberry Whips Yogurt (3), water (0)
Lunch: McDonalds grilled snack wrap (lettuce, grilled ckn, Honey mustard, tortilla) (6), apple dippers with lo-fat caramel dip (2), water (0)
Dinner: Cooking Light Chicken Parmesan (7), angel hair pasta (4), bread with butter spray (1)Snacks: Keebler fudge covered shortbread cookies (2)
Water: 67.6 oz.
Exercise: 65 minute walk
WW pts: 25 - 4 EX Pts = 21
Get fit points earned: 4
Weight: 185.6
Exercise is not counted in calories
Cals: 1255
Fat: 31.3
S. Fat: 10
Cholesterol: 112.5
Sodium: 2632.5
Potassium: 853.8
Carbs: 171.7
Fiber: 10
Sugar: 62.7
Protein: 57
So I just have to brag on myself today (Im entitled to that when the time is due, right )
*So today me and a co-worker went over to see another co-worker who got put into the hospital and we stopped by McD's for lunch and I tried the snack wrap and got the apple dippers so 8 pts for both and got water major victory for sure....nothing bad at all and oh the best part it was cheap too I think $2.50 with tax so go me.

Then another small victory I was able to get in more exercise (went for a walk at lunch to see co-worker + evening walk).

Then the final victory...our department had a baby shower for someone in our department and they had tons of good stuff...what did I eat or about that one I didnt give in and eat all the bad stuff that I could have I was super proud of myself for overcoming.

So anyway small victories but its all about the mindset. Today and my great loss has just reassured me that its a long road but a road worthy of taking for sure

Recommendations for the week

Aquafina Alive Peach Mango

WaterWW Pts: 0
Ive tried the Peach Mango and the Berry one and the Peach mango is by far the best In My Opinion. Not crazy about the Berry one but if I was really thirsty I may get it. They do have one other flavor that is Lime which I have not seen around here so Ill be trying that one when i see it.

All bran garlic herb crackers (10 crackers)

WW Pts: 1
Ive been wanting to try these and finally did and so glad I did Ill be making sure these are a regular. These have a good bit of fiber in them + taste. For only 1 point for 10 crackers how can you really beat it?!

Quaker peanut butter granola bites
WW Pts: 2
Great flavor and doesn’t have near the amount of sugar and also has some fiber

welch’s fruit snack-Mixed Fruit
WW Pts: 2
These are a great little fruity snack but beware they are a lot higher on the sugar side.

Breyers Light Blueberries N Cream

WW Pts: 2 + Granola (1)
Great breakfast with granola bites

Girl Scout little brownies
WW Pts: 3

For 4 cookies its 3 pts and these are sugar free. Have a great flavor and Im still shocked these are sugar free. I think this is possibly the most cookies you can get out of girl scout cookies for this amount so if you are wanting a girl scout cookie (who doesn’t) then go for these.

Kellogg’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Meal Bar
WW Pts: 4
How can you beat the Great flavor of chocolate and peanut butter? It has a ton of protein in it to help you from feeling hungry as well. This is definitely a meal bar and not just a snack.

Thursday Food

Breakfast: Yo Crunch Strawberry Yogurt (4)
Lunch: LC Roasted Garlic Chicken Pizza (6)
Dinner: Cooking Light Chicken Parmesan (7), angel hair pasta (4), bread with butter spray (1)Snacks: carrots (0), ranch dressing (1), 2 mini orange chocolates (1), quaker PB Granola bites (2), 10 All Bran garlic herb crackers (1)
Water: 67.6 oz.
Exercise: 35 minute walk, 100 crunches (4-5 minutes), 15-20 minutes football with hubby
WW pts: 27 - 4 EX Pts= 23
Weight: 186.1
Exercise is not counted in calories
Cals: 1433
Fat: 39.1
S. Fat: 10.1
Cholesterol: 81.6
Sodium: 2764.1
Potassium: 1133.8
Carbs: 199.5
Fiber: 18
Sugar: 63.9
Protein: 63.9 (no this isnt a typo it really did end up the same)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wednesday Food

Ive now decided to finally keep up and post my food on here, hopefully I can keep up with it

Breakfast: Breyers Strawberry Whips(3), granola oats (1), water (0)
Lunch: 5 coconut shrimp (7), biscuit (3)
Dinner: boneless chicken (3), bacon bits (1), lite caesar dressing (2), lettuce (0)
Snacks: carrots (0), ranch dressing (1), Girl Scout Little Brownies (3), 100 calorie wafer bars (2), orange spice tea with splenda (0), banana (1)
Water: 66.7 oz.
Exercise: 45 minute walk, 100 crunches (4-5 minutes), 15-20 minutes football with hubby
WW pts: 27 – 4 EX pts = 23
Weight: 187.6
Exercise is not counted in calories
Cals: 1323
Fat: 53.9
S. Fat: 27.4
Cholesterol: 243
Sodium: 3610.4
Potassium: 1339.6
Carbs: 143.7
Fiber: 10.3
Sugar: 66.5
Protein: 73.9

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


0 point
Arby’s fruit Cup
Has 0 points and has a good little mix of fruit.

Orange Spice Tea
Ive really gotten to where I love this tea so good and if you add splenda instead of regular sugar it has no calories. Great warm me up tea

Parkay butter spray
Great for butter toast and you don’t feel guilty about having butter

WishBone Italian salad spritzer
you can spray a ton and still not get any pts I think it takes around 30-40 sprays to equal 1 pt which is a lot

on the Go packs for water (raspberry ice, lipton iced tea to go lemon and peach, strawberry)
great addition for water and it helps to get that water down!

1 point
Nature Valley Cinnamon Apple Fruit crisps
Great for a quick little snack and only has 1 pt for the bag. Its nothing to fill you up but if you want a light, quick snack great choice

Chick-Fil-A fruit Cup
Has 1 point and has a mix of quite a few fruits

Tropicana fruit squeeze summer lemon
Amazing drink and for the entire bottle its only 1 point. Its kind of like a sweet lemonade, great flavor

Hershey's caramel sticks
For one stick its only 1 point, how else can you get chocolate for that little
2 point
100 calorie pretzel bars
Great for only 2 pts but my heart is still with the wafer bars I think they are a tad better

100 calorie Chips Ahoy
Great Snack and taste a lot like chips ahoy except its a lot less fat and calories for a larger amount!

100 calorie ritz chips

these are wonderful and go great with a sandwich or just as a snack

100 calorie Keebler fudge covered shortbread cookies
I cant recommend these enough, its almost like those little Girl Scout samoas (sp?) cookies but so much lower in fat, one of my all time new favorites

100 calorie wafer bars
These are one of my favorite chocolate satisfaction items that I keep on hand at all times

Quaker Mini Delights Cinnamon Streusel cakes
Ive gotten to where I will actually have these for breakfast with a cup of hot chocolate, not a filler for breakfast but great for a snack. Very sweet with the frosting on them and for 2 pts you cant beat them

Wendy’s light ranch dressing
For the entire package its only 2 pts and it still has flavor so cant beat it

Ken’s lite Caesar dressing (for 2 tbsp.)
This great dressing is wonderful and its very strong so you honestly don’t need any more than 2 tbsp for a small salad. I can still have my Caesar dressing just not pay for it in pts

3 point
Starbucks Caramel Macchiato with nonfat milk
Im so glad I got it with nonfat milk because I didn’t mind it at all and its half the points. The one with the fat milk is 6 pts with nonfat milk its only 3

cheddar cheese pretzel combos
I love these, I know they are a little higher in pts wise but oh so worth it. They are 3 pts for 1/3 cup. These are a great little snack with a sandwich or just a Im hungry and snacky.

Yoplait whips (strawberry mist or peaches n cream)
I love these, they are a great breakfast

4 point
Panera Bread Turkey Chickpea Chili
Great lunch or lighter dinner and only has 4 pts

5 point
Panera Bread French Onion Soup
one of my all time favorite soups, its 5 pts with the cheese and croutons

6 point
Lean Cuisine sweet and sour chicken
Love the flavor of this, very good and Ill definitely be getting it again

Lean Cuisine Roasted Garlic Chicken Pizza
The flavor is wonderful and Im a huge fan of the brick oven pizzas. Just remember to cook it a little less because the flavor is much better!
7 point
Lean cuisine BBQ Ckn. Pizza
Great lunch and my advice is to cook it a little shorter then the time frame and it turns out really yum. Its 7 pts

Subway sweet onion chicken teriyaki
Highly recommend, great sandwich, great flavor and very low in fat

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