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Friday, February 23, 2007

Recommendations for the week

Aquafina Alive Peach Mango

WaterWW Pts: 0
Ive tried the Peach Mango and the Berry one and the Peach mango is by far the best In My Opinion. Not crazy about the Berry one but if I was really thirsty I may get it. They do have one other flavor that is Lime which I have not seen around here so Ill be trying that one when i see it.

All bran garlic herb crackers (10 crackers)

WW Pts: 1
Ive been wanting to try these and finally did and so glad I did Ill be making sure these are a regular. These have a good bit of fiber in them + taste. For only 1 point for 10 crackers how can you really beat it?!

Quaker peanut butter granola bites
WW Pts: 2
Great flavor and doesn’t have near the amount of sugar and also has some fiber

welch’s fruit snack-Mixed Fruit
WW Pts: 2
These are a great little fruity snack but beware they are a lot higher on the sugar side.

Breyers Light Blueberries N Cream

WW Pts: 2 + Granola (1)
Great breakfast with granola bites

Girl Scout little brownies
WW Pts: 3

For 4 cookies its 3 pts and these are sugar free. Have a great flavor and Im still shocked these are sugar free. I think this is possibly the most cookies you can get out of girl scout cookies for this amount so if you are wanting a girl scout cookie (who doesn’t) then go for these.

Kellogg’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Meal Bar
WW Pts: 4
How can you beat the Great flavor of chocolate and peanut butter? It has a ton of protein in it to help you from feeling hungry as well. This is definitely a meal bar and not just a snack.

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Katie said...

Thanks for the mini-brownies info! I'm not doing WW, but I don't feel too bad about splurging on them. According to the side of the package, a serving is 4 mini-brownies. Whoa! I could eat like 1 or 2 and be done. So I'm getting no more than 65 calories and no sugar, but I'm getting my chocolate fix. I agree, they're quite yummy.

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