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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday Food

Bad, bad day today for food but you know what tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start. I know I cant beat myself up too hard for today and tomorrow is how to rebound. I had way too much fried foods for both lunch and dinner I never do that I dont know why I did but again new day tomorrow and I really havent had a bad day in a long time so Im over it....
Breakfast: Quaker blueberry muffin bar (2)
Lunch: Cracker Barrel fried chicken (9), biscuit (4), fried apples (2), water
Dinner: Fried Shrimp (16), tartar sauce (2), pasta roni (4), 3 hawaiian rolls (5)
Snacks: none
Water: 50.7 oz.
Exercise: 45 minute walk, 100 crunchs (4-5 minutes)
WW pts: 44 - 4 EX = 40
Weight: 184.0
Cals: 2075
Fat: 81.5
S. Fat: 29.95
Cholesterol: 346.5
Sodium: 6255
Potassium: 410
Carbs: 263.2
Fiber: 22.1
Sugar: 64.8
Protein: 76.2

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Carolyn24WW said...

Hey there!
Great job on staying accountable!!! I am also on WW and have been since Jan/06. These last 20 lbs have really been a struggle but the internet has been a great resource and reading other people's daily struggles helps so much.
I even started my own blog to help myself stay accountable for my daily point target.

Roni's website has been such a huge help to me over the past year! Her recipes are great!
I think it's great that you are also counting your cals/fat ect. Great job and keep up the good work!!!


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