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Friday, February 23, 2007

Weigh In

I weighed in this morning and lost 2.9 lbs its about damn time So I lost all the weight Ive gained over the past 2 wks + .4 additional so Im down to 185.6

Notes to myself on why I lost (or so I think )
*So I eased up on the elliptical (only did it one night)
*focused more so on veggies/fruits and not just the WW pts
*ate a little more calorie wise*did NOT eat out ONCE during the week
*no sweet tea during the week
*did different exercises instead of just elliptical

Other Notes...
*Im really starting to see major differences in my body I know just looking you couldnt tell but *more muscle in my arms, not nearly as flabby
*abs are starting to look more toned*my legs are starting to get hard and not flabby

So after two weeks of gaining weight this has really motivated me that much more to keep it up. I was really starting to get down a little but kept telling myself you are in this for the long road not the short road so Im proud of myself for overcoming the "slump" I was in

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