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Sunday, September 30, 2007


First off I just want to say a big thanks to everyone who has stopped by and really have stayed with me even after bad times. Hopefully sometime by the end of this week Ill get to stop by to see how everyone is doing but Ive been working on finishing up a 9 weeks test for 5 classes Im teaching so its been taking some time. Im hoping I get them finished up tomorrow night!

Well so far, so good this weekend.

The weekend is usually the time when I throw up my hands and say you know what Im free to eat what I want I can splurge and be ok as long as I get back on track by Monday...anyone else ever done this??

Well this weekend was a bit different and Im proud to say so. Normally after I see a gain I can say that weekend splurge is much easier then a week of a gain.

So this weekend we cooked in on Saturday night when normally we go out to eat 500 trillion too many calories and it was a much lower calorie meal in meatballs which I found a rachel ray recipe and found ways to make it lower fat and went easy on my portion of spaghetti. Then instead of my usual sweet tea mania drinking on the weekend it was water...all water Im proud to say. As much exercise as Ive done Ive drank a TON of water. The only problem in drinking so much water is I feel like the toilet needs to permanately be attached..haha!

For lunch on Sundays we normally go out to eat after church we did but I started out with a salad with healthy stuff instead of all the junk (bacon, know all the calories that make a salad not really healthy?!) and then ate some fruit, grilled chicken and splurged with a tiny portion of mashed potatoes on the buffet. Normally the buffet line is where you get wayy to many calories and Im proud to say I think I did the best I have ever done.

Then on top of that it was my grandfathers birthday and they had cake, ice cream and sherbert. Well I got a tiny piece of cake and by tiny I mean a few bites. Then I could have splurged with ice cream but instead I got fat free sherbert, 3 scoops of it. So Im pretty proud.

So not like that is exercise this weekend has been great and between Saturday and today Ive spent a total of 2.5 hrs exercising as its been so nice outside and we (me and hubby) have spent a ton of time walking/running this weekend.

So to say this is just what I needed after a gain is an understatement. I normally dont brag because Im just not like that at all but this weekend I feel pretty proud of myself for having such a down week with being sick/af being in town. So this is the perfect start to a good week and Im hoping I see the 160's by Friday as well. Im going to work my butt off to get there!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Weight Gain....

Well after having a heckuva a week in the sickness department I then got AF, what a wonderful combination right? So when I say I had a gain I was well almost expecting it. I gained less than a pound so Ill count my additions and move on for next week. I gained .8 lbs so Im at 170.9 now.

For the good part I am feeling much better today I guess all the medicine and teas and good stuff have made me feel better so thats the good news just in time for the weekend! Im not 100% better but a lot better and feel more human now then I did Monday.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The world of sickness

Well I havent been around because Ive been dealing with the junk. Im not sure exactly what I have (Im thinking sinus, cold, etc) and have felt like crawling up in a bed and doing nothing. Who really wants to do anything while sick?? So Ive been taking medicines, drinking hot tea and trying to make myself feel better but Ill be pretty honest I still feel pretty rough.

My food well its been food to make me feel like a normal person I dont think its been too bad but my exercise has been well almost nada this week. I think Sunday or Monday I got in 30 minutes but other than that its been all of it.

Ill be back to normal soon I hope but just thought I would let you know I havent fallen off the wagon just have the ole junk that makes you feel horrible.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Well I weighed in this morning and had a loss of .3 least its a loss right? Well Im now .2 lbs away from the 160's at 170.1, could this be taking any longer to get there?? I thought I did pretty well this week and still couldnt get there. I even really upped the exercise and still couldnt accomplish it.

So now that Im in the Christmas challenge my goals are:
* Lose 10.2 lbs (get my into the 150's at 159.9 lbs.)
*Drink more water (at least 50 oz.)
*Exercise at least 4X a week (at least 30 minutes each day)

These are my goals and Im putting them all here so that I can stay accountable!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Is it the weekend yet?

Well Im so ready for tomorrow to be over with and it wont be over with until a bit later. Tomorrow at our school I get to work the homecoming dance as well as the football game as well so it will be a long day but at least we get off at 11 am..yeah!

Food for today...
Breakfast: oats and chocolate, simply lemonade
Lunch: sweet and sour chicken, egg roll, fried rice with soy sauce, water
Dinner: burger (90/10 meat) with pepperjack cheese, bun, BBQ sauce, baked cheddar and sour cream chips (10-14 chips), water
Snack: nada
Water: 67.6 oz.
Exercise: 1 hr. 15 min walk/2-3 minute run

For my first weeks of running Ill probably start out with 2 or 3 nights and work myself into a routine of it as I know its tough and Ive got to start out with baby steps and I know I can do it.

For weigh in tomorrow, Im not feeling too good about it because I weighed myself and was up 2 lbs Wednesday..whats up with that?? Im not sure whats going on but IM not liking it one bit but maybe Ill be in for a shock...

Ive started getting the Women's Health newsletter by email and it has some wonderful things in it, one I would like to share that I thought had some really interesting things...
50 tricks to stay fuller longer,6176,s1-11-67-1882-1,00.html?cm_mmc=Newsletter-_-2007_Sept_19-_-Fitness-_-150.Tricks.To.Stay.Full.Longer

If I dont get back tomorrow for weigh in it doesnt necessarily mean bad I just have a zillion and one things going on tomorrow with homecoming for school so its going to be a crazy, crazy day but maybe I can swing a few minutes....

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Wow its just been one of those weeks Im ready to see go. It has been homecoming week at our school and I think the kids have had an extra 10 doses of sugar which has made it insanely crazy for me but Im surviving. We get off at 11 am on Friday so the week is coming to an end!

Todays Food
Breakfast: oats and chocolate bar, water
Lunch: chicken fingers (baked), peas, mac n cheese (bad, bad), water
Dinner: 2 pieces of spinach and asiago cheese chicken sausage, salad (lettuce, wheat croutons, 5 wheat thins crunched up, purple onion, bacon bits, lite honey mustard), lemonade
Water: 33.8 oz.
Exercise: nada

My mom had cooked the spinach and asiago cheese chicken sausage and I had to go out and buy some it was divine! The only place I found it is Sams. Its very low in fat and calories and is delicious!

Thanks for the comment on the new picture. This is a more recent picture that was taken at school in front of my classroom. Hope you girls are having a good day!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday, Monday

So if anyone scrolls to the bottom of the page you will see this quote for the day which is sooo true and just thought I would post it up here as a reminder to anyone and to me as well....

When things go wrong, dont go with them
-Elvis Presley

Food for today
Breakfast: oats & chocolate bar, lemonade
Lunch: hamburger steak, mashed potatoes w/gravy, corn, oatmeal raisin cookie, water
Dinner: 1 1/2 slices of pepperoni pizza, salad (lettuce, wheat croutons, bacon bits, purple onion, lite caesar dressing)
Snack: 100 calorie carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
Exercise: walk/run 2 miles (5 minutes run)

Me and hubby have started taking up running which is taking some time of course but we will get there. Im not sure exactly how far we ran Im just kind of guessing. Last night was our first night of running and we have this track and they have little trees and its a little further. So each night we add one more tree to our list until we get up one full run around the track which is .4 miles around it one time which we arent quite to half way point but we are working our way up there. Its so inspirational to me to be able to run. Last night when we ran I dont think either one of us thought we were going to make it as far as we did and all the sudden we looked back and ran a good bit and we kept cheering each other come on dont stop you can do it. We have been walking quite a bit but running is so different.

My cousin who was in the military and is a big time runner/athlete has given me several tips and if anyone wants them please let me know and Ill be happy to post them here or email them to you, your choice but several very good tips she has given us. The biggest one I dont think I even did was run on my toes, she stated you have to hit your heels first, not your toes or even mid foot.

So here is our journey to working up to running. Its something I have always wanted to do and Im doing it this time there is no turning back now so stay tuned to see how long it will take me to get to one mile!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weigh in

Well I weighed in Friday morning and had a loss...a very small loss but hey a loss is a loss, right? I lost .2 lbs which officially takes me to my lowest all time in years and years at 170.4 lbs so only .5 lbs away from that 160 marker I can do it this week I just need to stay committed.

I also changed my ticker and I am officially over the 37 lb mark of losing weight at 37.1 lbs and 25.4 lbs until my goal of I dont think I really realized until I just looked up that Im way over half way I can do this!

I need to exercise way more, drink more water and really look at what Im eating more than anything.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Wow three days in a row Ive made it back here I cant believe it. I know I havent been perfect but its a work in progress and Im getting there slowly.

I never made it back to update my food so Ill go ahead and say we ended up going to Logans and I got a grilled chicken sandwich with BBQ sauce and a cup of chili and I only ate 1 roll and avoided sweet tea so not too bad, could have done much worst to say the least. Oh and ended up with a 45 minute walk for last night as well.

Breakfast: oats & chocolate bar, water
Lunch: chili dog, onion rings (4 or 5), oatmeal raisin cookie, lemonade
Dinner: California Pizza Kitchen BBQ chicken (2 slices), water
Water: 50.7 oz
Exercise: 45 minute walk

For my tips for the day...I ended up signing up for the Women's Health newsletter which I love the magazine it truly is wonderful if you havent picked it up it truly is worth the investment. They have some great stories and very inspirational stuff. My favorite magazine by far. Anyway I got these 40 tips and thought I would share...very interesting...

For my breakthrough of the day Ive been working to try to guzzle down at least 40 oz. a day (hey its a start back) and I got over 40 oz. so Ill work my weigh back up but its a start!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well today I kind of felt like I had a setback almost, not 100% bad but just one of those days where you arent totally 100% on your game, so in due order my food for the day...

Breakfast: fiber one oats & chocolate, water
Lunch: sloppy joe, corn, baked fries, BBQ sauce, lemonade, oatmeal raisin cookie
Dinner: still up for debates..will fill this one in after dinner...
Water: 16.9 oz.

Im not sure whats up with me but Ive been in this lemonade mood which is actually a half good thing. I have had a few kidney stones (3 to be exact) and have been told to drink lots of lemonade and water. Not sure if anyone else has heard this or not but if you do have kidney stones supposedly the acid in a lemon helps your body not to produce kidney stones which I thought was very interesting. It actually helps to clean your system out from the acid is what I was told by a urologist. Ive been trying to stay away from the sweet tea and not eating out as much either.

My other love Im sure many remember way back but I love the oats and chocolate bars from Fiber one and I found a large 20 ct pack of them at Sams for a great deal so I stocked up on them because they are my quick breakfast when I dont have time to really do one and it still gives me fiber. Probably not the 100% healthies thing but its much better then nothing.

My other struggle is water and getting back into the groove of working out again. Water I used to be sooo good at but since I kind of went downhill on that one its been one of those things that Im working on. Working out has been a toughie but I think me and hubby are going to go walk on the track at our new place tonight.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday, Monday...

Well Im back and Im ready to attack this fat thing and get rid of it forever so here I am blogging away my food for the day which is actually pretty good I must add....

Breakfast: Fiber One oats and chocolate, water
Lunch: grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, peas, roll, lemonade
Dinner: salad (lettuce, 6 slices of turkey, wheat croutons, lite honey mustard, bacon bits), water
Snack: cinnamon sugar multigrain cakes (9), 100 calorie chocolate hostess, crispy green freeze dried pineapple fruit, water

So for not doing so hot I think I did pretty well today. My new loves and recommendations:
1) Quaker Cinnamon Sugar mini Multigrain cakes: Amazing...for 9 cakes its only are you ready for this?? 60 calories and 1 g of cant beat that anywhere....delicious!

2) Ken's Steakhouse Lite Honey Mustard: I love honey mustard but honestly am not a fan at all of light and FF dressings, but the Ken's steakhouse line has made me into a lover of it. For 2 tbsp its 90 calories and 5g of fat which is much, much better then the normal honey mustard for sure. I have never seen it before the other day but if you are a fan of honey mustard its amazing!

3) Crispy Green freeze dried fruits: I found these at a supermarket in another state and tried them and have been hooked since. They are only in very select places but well worth the drive to get them if you can find them. My favorite flavor is pineapple with apple being second. For the entire pouch its only 36 calories and 0g of fat.

I didnt input in today to see how many calories and such but I think Im well in my range for WW today which is a major improvement.

Friday, September 7, 2007


Well Tuesday I did weigh in and was up .8 lbs which after a vacation, eating too much I consider that not too bad at all. I normally seem to gain around oh 3-5 lbs which is bad but hey vacation is vacation and you always want to splurge a little, right??

Well I have had the week from hell with school and by that I mean there has been so much going on that I havent gotten to do much else other then my job. I was so smart to give 5 different tests for 5 classes which wouldnt be so bad if it was just this is the right answer but being a computer teacher Ive had to go into every file and grade every single little thing. I think I learned my lesson the hard way on that for sure. Next time Ill give half on one week, the other on the other week so maybe I can stay sane for sure. Oh and then on top of all that we got the new software Ive been waiting for since the beginning of school (Adobe Design Premium for any curious..) and its taking forever and ever to install so yeah my week has been pretty busy. On top of all that my poor little pup got really sick and has thrown up everywhere and Ive had to take care of her and I think she is back to good now thank goodness! But I have to state the really good news of the week.....

I weighed in this morning and LOST...yes LOST...1.8 lbs bringing me back to my all time lowest Ive been at which is 170.6 Im so happy about that, now I can start working on getting it really off and thats just the motivation I needed it really made my day after having a heck of a week. I have been doing better on foods, trying to get back into working out (which hasnt been a ton this week).

Next week will be much better (no tests that will be given until the following week) and the software is all installed so Ill have a bit more free time for sure.

So to say the least I was very happy and so glad Im back into the low 170's almost in the 160's Ive got to prove to myself that I can get there by next week no excuses! Its only .7 lbs and I know I can do it!!

Oh and I changed my has a little weight as my icon, so cute and at the end is the little treasure as I lose the weight Im getting closer to my treasure.

For the other news, me and hubby have decided that for our 5 year anniversary (May 24, 2008) which is 8 mths away we are going to be going to Hawaii..woo hoo! so Ive got to work really hard to make sure Im down to my goal weight by then I cant wait so ive got something to work at as well!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Weight Gain....

Sorry I havent made it back any sooner but I weighed in on Friday and was up .6 lbs to 172.4. I dont think I was quite great or as good as I had said I was going to be so Ill blame it on that + AF started Thursday night of all times which I always seem to gain during that time especially if its the night before.

We did have a great time on the beach this weekend I got a little burnt but not too awfully bad. I did feel much better in a bathing suit but I really need to tighten down and get serious because I really havent done that quite yet. I did splurge a little but it wasnt near as bad as Ive done some trips thats for sure. I think with being out in the sun + walking on the beach and such helped as well. Ive been playing yo-yo here and there and have kind of stayed around the same, gained a little but nothing I cant get off in a week if I work really hard. So my goal is to start back losing 1 lb per week like I once had said and really write down everything I eat and watch it.

I think Ill not weigh in officially but weigh in for my own curiosity tomorrow morning to see how bad/good it is and go from there.

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