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Sunday, September 30, 2007


First off I just want to say a big thanks to everyone who has stopped by and really have stayed with me even after bad times. Hopefully sometime by the end of this week Ill get to stop by to see how everyone is doing but Ive been working on finishing up a 9 weeks test for 5 classes Im teaching so its been taking some time. Im hoping I get them finished up tomorrow night!

Well so far, so good this weekend.

The weekend is usually the time when I throw up my hands and say you know what Im free to eat what I want I can splurge and be ok as long as I get back on track by Monday...anyone else ever done this??

Well this weekend was a bit different and Im proud to say so. Normally after I see a gain I can say that weekend splurge is much easier then a week of a gain.

So this weekend we cooked in on Saturday night when normally we go out to eat 500 trillion too many calories and it was a much lower calorie meal in meatballs which I found a rachel ray recipe and found ways to make it lower fat and went easy on my portion of spaghetti. Then instead of my usual sweet tea mania drinking on the weekend it was water...all water Im proud to say. As much exercise as Ive done Ive drank a TON of water. The only problem in drinking so much water is I feel like the toilet needs to permanately be attached..haha!

For lunch on Sundays we normally go out to eat after church we did but I started out with a salad with healthy stuff instead of all the junk (bacon, know all the calories that make a salad not really healthy?!) and then ate some fruit, grilled chicken and splurged with a tiny portion of mashed potatoes on the buffet. Normally the buffet line is where you get wayy to many calories and Im proud to say I think I did the best I have ever done.

Then on top of that it was my grandfathers birthday and they had cake, ice cream and sherbert. Well I got a tiny piece of cake and by tiny I mean a few bites. Then I could have splurged with ice cream but instead I got fat free sherbert, 3 scoops of it. So Im pretty proud.

So not like that is exercise this weekend has been great and between Saturday and today Ive spent a total of 2.5 hrs exercising as its been so nice outside and we (me and hubby) have spent a ton of time walking/running this weekend.

So to say this is just what I needed after a gain is an understatement. I normally dont brag because Im just not like that at all but this weekend I feel pretty proud of myself for having such a down week with being sick/af being in town. So this is the perfect start to a good week and Im hoping I see the 160's by Friday as well. Im going to work my butt off to get there!


Henriettæ said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! I normalyy do like you do too - but this weekend I did well as well. So we ARE allowed to be proud of ourselves!!
Go Amber!!

CaRoLyN said...

Great Job Amber!!!!
You Should be proud of yourself. That is amaing. You've had some pretty big NSVs this weekend.
This was also my frist weekend not throwing in the towel and eating my face off! I stuck within my flex points and did have a few splurges but I counted the points for all of them!
Go us!

Cory said...

Good job this weekend. That's definitely worth bragging about!!!

Tigerlilly said...

Weekends are always hard for me too.. especially with hubby being home! You did fantastic... keep it up and I'm positive you will see 169 by friday!

(Oh.. and I had to switch my weigh in day to kinda forced me to really watch what I ate over the weekend! Lost 2.5 lbs this weekend!!)

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