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Friday, September 21, 2007


Well I weighed in this morning and had a loss of .3 least its a loss right? Well Im now .2 lbs away from the 160's at 170.1, could this be taking any longer to get there?? I thought I did pretty well this week and still couldnt get there. I even really upped the exercise and still couldnt accomplish it.

So now that Im in the Christmas challenge my goals are:
* Lose 10.2 lbs (get my into the 150's at 159.9 lbs.)
*Drink more water (at least 50 oz.)
*Exercise at least 4X a week (at least 30 minutes each day)

These are my goals and Im putting them all here so that I can stay accountable!


Cory said...

Don't be disappointed, it's still a loss. I think that's a great Christmas goal as well. Doable in the time frame, which I have a tendency to hope outside of!

2L said...

Don't give up! .2lbs eventually adds up. Plus, I think you'll see the loss next week. . .sometimes it takes its time.

CaRoLyN said...

A loss is a loss!!
Thanks for joining in the Christmas challenge! I think it will kick our butts into gear! Those 160s are JUST around the corner. You'll get there!

Randi said...

Yes I agree, it's a loss. It's better than having a big loss followed by a big gain followed by a small loss and a big gain etc (trust me ;) )
Welcome to the challenge and I love your goals!

Tigerlilly said...

A loss is a loss!! Your doing great. Keep it up!

Adora said...

I'm right there with you bordering on the 170 mark. It feels like I've been here forever. Come onnnnnnn 160s! We can do it!

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