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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well today I kind of felt like I had a setback almost, not 100% bad but just one of those days where you arent totally 100% on your game, so in due order my food for the day...

Breakfast: fiber one oats & chocolate, water
Lunch: sloppy joe, corn, baked fries, BBQ sauce, lemonade, oatmeal raisin cookie
Dinner: still up for debates..will fill this one in after dinner...
Water: 16.9 oz.

Im not sure whats up with me but Ive been in this lemonade mood which is actually a half good thing. I have had a few kidney stones (3 to be exact) and have been told to drink lots of lemonade and water. Not sure if anyone else has heard this or not but if you do have kidney stones supposedly the acid in a lemon helps your body not to produce kidney stones which I thought was very interesting. It actually helps to clean your system out from the acid is what I was told by a urologist. Ive been trying to stay away from the sweet tea and not eating out as much either.

My other love Im sure many remember way back but I love the oats and chocolate bars from Fiber one and I found a large 20 ct pack of them at Sams for a great deal so I stocked up on them because they are my quick breakfast when I dont have time to really do one and it still gives me fiber. Probably not the 100% healthies thing but its much better then nothing.

My other struggle is water and getting back into the groove of working out again. Water I used to be sooo good at but since I kind of went downhill on that one its been one of those things that Im working on. Working out has been a toughie but I think me and hubby are going to go walk on the track at our new place tonight.


CaRoLyN said...

I know what you mean about those days. You aren't TOTALLY blowing your plan but you aren't really sticking to it 100%. I hate those days!

You'll get back into it, don't stress too much. Summers over so now it's time to get back on the wagon :)

Have a good walk tonight with hubby!

Cory said...

I totally understand those days. I have had many!
You'll get back into the swing of things. Just take it a step at a time.

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