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Monday, September 3, 2007

Weight Gain....

Sorry I havent made it back any sooner but I weighed in on Friday and was up .6 lbs to 172.4. I dont think I was quite great or as good as I had said I was going to be so Ill blame it on that + AF started Thursday night of all times which I always seem to gain during that time especially if its the night before.

We did have a great time on the beach this weekend I got a little burnt but not too awfully bad. I did feel much better in a bathing suit but I really need to tighten down and get serious because I really havent done that quite yet. I did splurge a little but it wasnt near as bad as Ive done some trips thats for sure. I think with being out in the sun + walking on the beach and such helped as well. Ive been playing yo-yo here and there and have kind of stayed around the same, gained a little but nothing I cant get off in a week if I work really hard. So my goal is to start back losing 1 lb per week like I once had said and really write down everything I eat and watch it.

I think Ill not weigh in officially but weigh in for my own curiosity tomorrow morning to see how bad/good it is and go from there.


CaRoLyN said...

Good luck on your WI!!
Hopefully it goes well! I know what you mean about yo-yoing around on WW. I have recommitted myself yesterday morning and I feel totally in control!!! I love this feeling!

Cory said...

I hope your curiousity weigh in went well for you.

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