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Friday, September 28, 2007

Weight Gain....

Well after having a heckuva a week in the sickness department I then got AF, what a wonderful combination right? So when I say I had a gain I was well almost expecting it. I gained less than a pound so Ill count my additions and move on for next week. I gained .8 lbs so Im at 170.9 now.

For the good part I am feeling much better today I guess all the medicine and teas and good stuff have made me feel better so thats the good news just in time for the weekend! Im not 100% better but a lot better and feel more human now then I did Monday.


Cory said...

Definitely not the best week. I'm sure you'll do better next week.

Fatinah said...

kinda off topic - but I really like that new picture you have up on your blog. You look awesome!

Melissa said...

Awe...weight gains when you are double whammied with sickness and AF just don't count in my book. lol Next week will be better...that gain is probably water anyways.

Hope you feel better.


Adora said...

Hi Amber,
I'm doing the christmas challenge too, and just thought I give a shout out to ya. It looks like we are around the same numbers right now. It's so nice to see that I'm not alone in being somewhat stuck at the 170 point. I'm dying to see the 160's on that scale too!! I think next week will be the week for us both. Good luck!!

2L said...

I'm glad you're feeling better.

Sorry about the .8 gain. . .I had a gain this week too. Must be that kinda week. It can only go down right? ;)

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