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Thursday, June 28, 2007

A week hiatus....

Well its been almost a week and thought I would do a quick update...

We were in Atlanta for a few days and well I cant say it was the worst but it was far from the best. I could have done much better but that 2 lb gain kept playing over and over in my mind the "oh who cares I already gained 2 lbs what difference does it make" majorly wrong attitude and I know that.

Well then we have been living with family for the past 2 mths and the end cant come soon enough thats for sure. It seems as though its the choice of eating out or eating crap and its been a majorly difficult road. I buy good stuff it gets eaten so its a lose, lose situation. We are going back to our house (its finally sold!!) the week of July 9-13, packing up all and we will move into our new place on July 14 I cant wait to be back to my normal routine instead of dealing with someone else's routine thats for sure.

So that being said Im trying to take it one day at a time, eat as healthy as possible and try to at least maintain maybe, its tough, tough but I need to stick with it. I can see the road ahead and its getting shorter and shorter!!

Hope everyone is doing well, things are kind of tough for here but hopefully after July 14 they will start looking up again!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Disappointing Weigh-In

Well I guess it was about time for me to have a bad weigh-in. This week has been 1000% tough to balance everything out I must admit and by the end of the week tracking just wasnt an option because I was trying to fit in the things that I had to do and well tracking wasnt one of those priorities. The last few days Ive earned my gain for the week and Im fully aware of that. I didnt track (even though I said I would) and well they had so many good things at VBS and well those things brought me down for sure how can you resist so many ooey gooey good stuff knowing it wont be around for long?! Could I have resisted it....umm maybe some of it but things like FREE chick-fil-a breakfast, all the cakes, muffins, dips you could imagine. Now some things I did pass on but Ill be quite honest I didnt too hot by the end of the week. Stress got to me and took full advantage of me. I know I can do better, ive beat myself up all day today over it but know its a few days and I can get right back on track.

So thats my pity party for the day. I know Sunday-Tuesday we will be out of town and probably have no internet connection, we will be eating out for every meal so hopefully I can do well and not go overboard.

We will be moving mid-July (July 14 to be exact) and finally getting into OUR normal routine instead of doing things with my parents and eating at their 9 pm schedule which is killing me. So hopefully that will help out as well, its so tough being on someone else's schedule.

So the real result of this week's weigh in...a GAIN of 2 lbs.....I didnt think I had ate that much but who knows I didnt track, I did bad and full admit that....

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Alive and Kicking

Just wanted to drop a quick note Im still alive but this week and next week will be tough weeks for sure. This week Im teaching VBS (vacation bible school) and its been quite a hectic week with all the planning, getting organized and keeping my sanity with a bunch of 4th graders but Im still alive for now.

For WL-Im tracking things still in or on paper so Im not giving that up just dont have a ton of time to post each day.

Next week by the end of the week will hopefully be better. This weekend through Tuesday I will be out of town with my new job so hopefully all will go well with that trip (its a lot of training and meetings).

So to say the least hopefully after Tuesday Ill be back to posting but time is very scarce for now:) Ill try to check in with everyone when I get a free moment though (which isnt much for now). If you have anything Ive missed out on feel free to post it here:)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Weigh In...MAJOR success!!

Well I weighed in this morning thinking oh it will be 1-2 lbs and 2 was really hoping because I had such a big loss last week. Well what did I have 2.5 lb LOSS I couldnt believe it I thought the scale was lieing to me so I get on again and it tells me the same thing so maybe my eyes and the scale arent deceiving me. I couldnt believe that means Im now down to 170.8 and less than 1 lb away from the 160's. The 160's that I didnt think I would ever see in a million years again and here I am less than 1 lb away....WOW...WOW

So Ive now lost 36.7 lbs and I have 25.8 lbs to go to reach my 62.5 lb goal of 145 lbs. Im well over half way there and cant wait to see my goal come!!!

Thank you girls for all your support you dont know how much it means to me!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Food

Well today was one of those I havent been eating enough so let me get some fried food to make sure I get it and did just that. Normally I would never eat it but today since I have yet to meet my WW pts all week I said mine as well go with someone so I know I can meet those pts and did just that. I know I went over a little but almost felt that since I ate 10 pts under yesterday and under for the week my body was trying to tell me "eat some food baby..haha" After eating it though I must admit it made me feel like total crap and say to myself "why did I eat this again" you can eat much more healthy options than this crap so it was more like a beat yourself over the head saying "I cant believe you really ate that...shame on you"

My limit on fried food is one time during the week and maybe one time during the weekend it gives me my "I dont feel like Im on a diet and can still eat good food" and thats what today was.

Oh and I tried those WW Giant Cookies and cream bar and well I must admit at first I was like oh this is going to taste horrible dont even buy them how good can it be for 2 pts seriously? Well I must admit those things are really good + they actually have fiber in it so for 2 pts you cant beat them!

Im ready for WI tomorrow or for some I guess its in a few hrs today time so Im hoping for a 1-2 lb loss hopefully well see how nice the scales are to me...haha!
Breakfast: Fiber One oats & chocolate, water
Lunch: Zaxby's big zak snak (3 fried chicken fingers, 1/2 fry order, toast, and 1 thing of sauce), sweet tea
Dinner: tortilla chips, ground turkey, FF sour cream, salsa, water
Snack: Weight Watchers Giant Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Bar
Water: 79.7 oz.
Exercise: 60 minute walk
Total Calories: 1458
WW Pts: 33.4 pts - 4 EX Pts = 29.4 pts

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday Food

Day 3 this week and I have yet to meet my WW pts which I found out beforehand it was 26 pts when I started and Ive now dropped down to 24 pts according to the new plan so Ill stick with that for now even though if I went with the original it would be 22 pts so as long as I stay in that range Ill be fine.

I really need to start eating breakfast that would probably help up my count but I eat good food, havent really snacked much and well its a done deal. I dont feel hungry so Im kind of to the point now do I need to force food down my face to make sure I get it in or what? I may change up week to week and some weeks eat my pts, other weeks not so well see how it goes and give it a test run. I know I shouldnt be weighing daily but weighed today and saw this 171.7 number...I sure havent seent that in a LONGGG time I seriously cant even remember. The great thing about it is Im almost in the 160's I cant believe it I never thought I would ever see that number such a major milestone to even get close and then to let that 160 # be a past afterthought I cant wait!!

Another new thing was to get Hamburger Helper cheeseburger macaroni add ground turkey instead of ground meat (Im sure some do this anyway) but to add peas and to put the rotel tomatoes and peppers in it and it added a good little kick to it and wasnt so boring and you got your veggies too!
Breakfast: nada (didnt wake up in time)
Lunch: Taco Bell spicy chicken soft taco, cinnamon twists, water
Dinner: cheeseburger helper with peas and rotel tomatoes, 1 piece of white bread with FF butter spray, water
Snack: Cheerios Oat Cluster Crunch with 1% milk
Water: 64.9 oz.
Exercise: 60 minute walk
Total Calories: 867
WW Pts: 18.9 pts - 4 EX Pts = 14.9 pts

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Clothes, and challenges

Yeah what a title for the day, right? well it pretty much sums up my day perfectly.

Clothes: who doesnt use clothes for motivation? well my clothes of the day is fitness clothes. Im not sure what it is about fitness clothes but it motivates me beyond belief to put them on its almost like a spark of "I can do this...dont give up" motivation...anyone else like this or am I the only one?? Now that Im losing weight I love them even more because it shows my body instead of all my fat (thats getting less and less by the day!!). I used to absolutely hate them I think because it shows every little mark, fat, etc in your body but its just more fuel so that they look even better on me oh and the postive thing is they are so comfy (that is if you find the right type they have some that arent as comfortable as others)

Challenges: My first challenge was I told myself I was drinking 8 glasses (64 oz) of water and so help me I was doing it and no one was stopping me whether I had to stay up until 11:59 pm I was doing it. well do you know what?? I met that record + more and wound up with 82.7 oz of water for the I couldnt believe it when I tallied it all up...met challenge 1...
Next mom fixed a huge thing of macaroni and before this was one of my favorites I ate it all the time and ate quite a bit at that....I never even thought twice of having one bite. All that kept running through my mind was do you really want that fat and it really going to do anything for to say the least I really cant believe I tricked my mind its like it doesnt even want the fat food and dont ask me how I did it because I still havent quite figured that one out yet but its a great feeling.

So to say the least I had a pretty good day...just not eating enough or something I guess I need to work on getting my food up. I input it about twice a day and think I ate more then when I put it in and am like I only ate that much I need to eat some more....

My favorite items (which Im starting to find quite a bit lately that I thought I would never touch) were chicken corn dogs...has anyone tried these they are wonderful and in my opinion a little better or maybe that was putting them in the oven but they were delicious! Even hubby commented how good they were. Then the other thing is raspberries...I always said no thanks to these thinking they would be gross but Ive come to the conclusion these are delicious!!

So onto the menu for the day....
Breakfast: nada (didnt wake up in time)
Lunch: Chicken corn dog, 1 tbsp. Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, 10 Ore-Ida crinkle cut fries, water
Dinner: chicken corn dog, 1.5 tbsp. Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, 11 Ore-Ida waffle fries, water
Snack: Cheerios Oat Cluster Crunch with 1% milk, 1/2 c raspberries, Hostess 100 calorie Chocolate Cake with Creamy Filling
Water: 82.7 oz.
Exercise: 30 minute walk
Total Calories: 1074
WW Pts: 23.8 pts - 3 EX Pts = 20.8 pts

Progress Picture

Well I took a few progress pictures this morning and thought I would share. I hit my all time low of 172.5..wooo hoo!!

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Monday, June 11, 2007

1,000 and counting

Well the first hit mark has been hit...1,021 visitors in less than 2!! I never dreamed I could get that many looks so I guess I must have something interesting everyone is checking in on me so thanks;)

Today was another pretty good day, a little low in calories but not too horrible. Also, I never really thought about things like this but the other day I went to check my blood pressure (high blood pressure runs on my dad and mom's side) and it had gone down. I asked my mom about it and she stated it was too low so anyone know?? It was 108/72 she said I may need to take some iron to help up it a little so well see any takers would be greatly appreciated it. Oh and my normal BP was around 120-125 before so I guess losing weight does lower that as well...interesting....

My mom made some burgers with ground turkey which I had never had since I had been I guess what you called the "oh its not going to taste good syndrome" but she added some rub & A-1 and they were devine. Hubby even commented how good they were then I told him they were turkey and he was shocked so see add some good seasonings and you can fool anyone...haha! Also, I havent been a huge, huge fan of wheat buns but have found that sara lee makes some fabulous ones so try them out if you are trying to get into the wheat crave....

Oh and for any of those that dont know what sweet tea...its a VERY southern thing that you will only find served in the south that Im aware of. Pretty much its regular brewed tea with sugar added and usually lots of it...delicious..but oh so not calorie free....haha!
Breakfast: Cheerios Oat Cluster Crunch with 1% milk
Lunch: turkey burger (chicken & rib rub combined with A-1 bold and spicy), wheat bun, 2% pepperjack cheese, 1 tbsp. Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, baked lays cheddar & sour cream, water
Dinner: fruit (apples, mandarin oranges, strawberries, grapes), water
Snack: Chex 100 calorie chocolate caramel mix, vanilla ice cream sandwich
Water: 67.6 oz.
Exercise: 60 minute walk
Total Calories: 1030
WW Pts: 21.7 pts - 4 EX Pts = 17.7 pts

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Weekend Report

Well we are back from our little weekend trip, it was short and sweet and our MSU Bulldogs WON and are headed to Omaha!!! We were the first team into the World Series so GO DAWGS!!! What a great weekend it was, I took a few pictures and if any of them came out decent Ill post them...Im a wee bit burnt since yesterday we didnt get anything and well today I guess we were in the right spot or something. I sure sweated off my calories for sure though!

So I said I was going to keep up with my menu and I did just that. Is it all great...well not the greatest but not the worst have to have some good food sometime, right?? So here it is, kind of scattered.

5 chick-fil-a ckn minis
Unsweet tea

Water: 16.9 oz.

3 pieces of catfish fillets to equal one full fillet
Potato with cheese, ranch dressing
1 hushpuppy
Salad (lettuce, cheese, bacon bits, 4 crackers, onion, ranch dressing)
Sweet tea

1 Chocolate doughnut
Fresh strawberry lemonade (32 oz.)

Exercise: sweating for 3 hrs from 90+ heat, walking to/from/around baseball game (1 hr)

1 Chocolate doughnut
7 oz. sweet tea

Small BBQ sandwich
2.5 oz. baked beans
1 oz. potato salad
7-8 onion slivers with ranch dressing
16 oz. Sweet tea

Water: 50.7 oz.

Exercise: sweating for 5 hrs from 95+ heat, walking to/from/around baseball game (1 hr)

Friday, June 8, 2007

Weigh In

Just a quick post before we head out but I weighed myself this morning and lost 2.5 lbs..woo hoo! That puts me at 173.3 so I lost almost all I gained from vacation just need to lose .3 lbs to be back where I started before vacation!

Have a great weekend girls!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thursday Food

Well today was a pretty good day, another healthy day even ate breakfast, veggies and all:)

Today was just one of those Im eating but just didnt eat a ton. Oh and my new love of the evening is lime & chili almonds (yes its one almond) and OMG they are delicious! I know almonds and such are good to have just not overdo it but wow if you want to try a new kind try these they are amazing with the flavor!!

My new recipe love of the week is brocolli with shells...
you cook a bag of brocolli until tender,
cook shells (or any other type of pasta will work),
after both are done stir them together add a little bit of olive oil so it doesnt stick...
add parmesan cheese (lighter option of cheese)
add a dash of salt or some type of seasoning because trust me it wont taste very well if not

wah la you have a good healthy meal that has your veggies, pasta, good fat. Its not very difficult at all and you will have leftovers for a few days..haha!

This weekend will be tough I know I wont even try to think for a moment it wont be but we are going to the baseball game (any college baseball fans out there??) the team me and hubby graduated from is in the super regional (MSU-Mississippi State) so we will be out there rooting for our bulldogs in the 90+ humidity weather with friends and all so should be fun. We will also be seeing family and all with lots of good eating but that also being said Ill be sweating my butt off as well as getting in tons and tons of walking so hope that kind of balances out but my plan is to eat stuff but keep portions small, its worked so far just need to remember that. Im planning on taking something to write my stuff down since Ill have no computer so I can keep an eye on what I eat.

Hope you girls have a fabulous weekend and Ill be back tomorrow for sure to post my weigh in:)
Breakfast: fiber one oats & chocolate bar, water
Lunch: Subway sweet onion chicken teriyaki with pepperjack cheese, lettuce, baked sour cream & onion chips, water
Dinner: shells with brocolli, olive oil and 2 tbsp parmesan cheese
Snack: 7 smokehouse almonds, 7 lime & chili almonds, 2 chocolate chip meringue cookies
Water: 45 oz.
Exercise: none
Total Calories: 1163

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wednesday Food

Well things have gotten pretty busy around here but I made a committment Im tracking everyday and I cant let anything come between no matter how late I stay up so here is my menu and let me go ahead and answer a few questions since there was so many Ill go ahead and answer them in this post:
1)I found the 2% pepperjack cheese at Wal-Mart of all places
2)Hoagie roll is kind of like a sub sandwich, its very good. Here is a picture of it if your curious what it looks like..Hoagie picture
3)Why dont I eat Breakfast? I havent been waking up until lunch time or way past breakfast time and felt it was better to just go ahead and eat an early lunch. Of course beforehand I had a major issue with eating breakfast as it never happened at all so its growing on me either way, I never have been a big breakfast person at all.
4)Lack of Fruits/veggies? Growing thing that Im working on my goal for now is 1 /day which before starting to lose weight if I ate one a week I was doing good so it’s a work in progress for sure. I know I need to eat more:)
5) What do I put on Sandwiches? I love using sub bread either a roll, bun..something different then your regular loaf bread, some good meat (I love Cajun meat..turkey, chicken, roast beef, etc.) and melt with some 2% pepperjack cheese…yum! You can add some dressings, dips, sauces but if I melt the cheese I find it gives it a good flavor. Also the big key is put it and toast it in the oven it makes it soooo much better for sure. Its almost like getting a good restaurant style sandwich at home!!

Exercise has been going pretty well its been so hot and Ive really worked up a sweat just from stepping outside it seems like but it makes you feel like a million bucks for sure. Water Ive been really well and going over what I wanted to so Im proud of myself in that aspect for sure.

I know for the day I was a little low on calories and such I tried to make time to eat some but yeah it was busy. Its better than throwing things out and eating too much thats for sure:)

This weekend we are heading out of town Friday morning so hopefully I can stay on track then as well. There will be tons of good food, lots of baseball, friends, family and so many temptations just need to limit myself for sure!

Oh and thanks girls for stopping by I went to look at the stats and Ive had 48 people come by in 2! So total count is at 929 visitors! It makes me feel as there is more than just one person out there reading along!
Breakfast: fiber one oats & chocolate bar, water
Lunch: Chick-Fil-A chargrilled chicken sandwich with honey roasted BBQ sauce, fruit cup, water
Dinner: shells with brocolli, olive oil and 2 tbsp parmesan cheese, baked waffle fries with BBQ sauce
snack: 7 wheat thins parmesan basil, 6 chocolate chip meringue cookies
Water: 67 oz.
Exercise: 45 minute walk
Total Calories: 1320

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Another Great Day!

Today was another good day Ive been eating sandwiches on hoagie rolls which Im slowly getting addicted to. I put them in the toaster for a few minutes, toast everything and wow you have one good sandwich..yum!!

Things are getting easier to turn down and those bad fattening things are looking worst and worst that I dont want to eat.

Hope everyone had a great day!
Breakfast: nada
Lunch: hoagie roll, kraft pepperjack cheese, cajun turkey, 6 chocolate chip meringue cookies
Dinner: hoagie roll, roast beef with aujus, Kraft Pepperjack cheese, shells with brocolli, 1 tbsp. olive oil, 2 tbsp.parmesan cheese
Snack: 6 Chocolate chip Meringue Cookie, banana, hostess 100 calorie chocolate cake with creamy filling
Total Calories: 1333
Exercise: 60 minute walk
Water: 60 oz.

Monday, June 4, 2007

What a Great Day

I must say first and foremost...thank you to so many who stopped by, emailed me and made me feel like a million bucks I really couldnt do it without you are amazing and just getting all the comments wow it has just made my day I cant thank you enough!! Second of all this is going to be a long post so sit back, grab a bag of low fat popcorn and enjoy the journey..haha!

Also, I went to see my tracker to see how many people have visited this blog and was amazed I really didnt realize that many people read this blog. In LESS than 2 mths I have had 881 visitors...WOW! Thank you girls for reading along it makes me feel pretty special to know someone is reading this thing and Im not talking to the air..haha!

Today I had lunch with my cousin, her hubby and my grandad it was such a special moment for us all as I havent seen my cousin in about 10 years probably. She is such a wonderful woman and she is actually moving closer and hopefully Ill get to see her quite a bit now Im quite excited about it! Anyway to make a long story short, she is a major, major fitness guru she is such an inspiration for sure as she is now halfway through her pregnancy and is so tiny (about 50 lbs less than me and 4 mths preg!). Before she ran she said a good 6-7 miles a day + about 500 situps a day. Now cant we all do this in one day..haha! She majored in some type of fitness (cant remember exactly) and is 3 credits shy of her masters so to say the least I will be getting lots of good information from her! She was such an inspiration to be around though because she ate so well and it made me come to the realization I can do this and it was just what I needed to get back on track!!

I had so many temptations today it was unreal it was almost like the test of are you really going to make it!

Lets see...the first temptation was the most amazing buffet....good food all around I could have really completed some damage but I got one plate (didnt even fill it totally up!!) and refused to get a second plate. I got some good stuff (kept the portion size small) and got some veggies as well and one small thing of dessert. Second temptation was it was my grandmothers birthday...well I had just eaten lunch with my cousin so I told myself I wasnt eating anything else all I needed was water..thats all and I did just that. Went sat in socialized and drank a few glasses of water. So like that wasnt enough then I get tested with how can anyone really resist a browie?? well I did it and was so proud of myself to say the least. So yes I had way too many temptations and felt like I did extremely well with them!!

A few other things since its been a while since I did any recommendations...
1) Mystic Strawberry Smoothie (bought at Sams): this stuff really is amazing and makes the most wonderful smoothies and its only 160 calories and for any of you smoothie lovers you realize this is a steal for only 160 calories as most of them have a ton of calories so stop by your nearest sams and pick you up a bottle of it.
2) Kraft 2% Pepperjack cheese: for all you cheese lovers go pick you up a package of this stuff and you will be pleasantly surprised. Its 1.4 pts (50 calories) and has amazing taste! I always loved the american one but this one beats it by a stick.
3) Crispy Fruit: Has anyone else tried this stuff? check it out at I tried these while in FL at a local place and these were amazing. The only problem they dont sell them here and so if I want another bag I will have to be shipping me some and Im really thinking about it. I at first thought these would be gross but thought I would try them out for only 35 calories and wow just think of these wonderful treats that are fruit sealed in a bag and thats what you get. They come in all flavors of fruit. They do have some locations that you can get them at grocery stores but if you dont have a store nearby you may just want to get them shipped they are really that good!!
4) Lipton Herbal Cinnamon Apple Tea: if you are a drinker of hot tea, try this out it really has an amazing taste
5) Low-fat chocolate chip meringue cookies: if you have a Kroger nearby go pick you up a bundle of these and you wont be let down. These have an amazing taste and for 12 of them they are 130 calories and 2.5 pts so not too bad.

Someone also asked my ways to how I have succeeded and Ill just do the basic and if anyone wants a more detailed look at it, let me know:
1) portion, portion, portion: the absolute most important key to any WL is portion I cant emphasize it enough. Without portion control its almost impossible or it will only make it that harder to lose weight. Instead of eating those 2 cookies, eat one you still get that same enjoyment. Also when I go out to a restaurant I cut my meal in half before I start I dont even let myself get tempted for that other portion of it. It has worked so well and who really needs that huge, gigantic portion a restaurant gives you
2) Believing in myself: Ive always wanted to lose weight but I dont think I ever put enough faith in myself to do it. I finally had major goals in mind why I wanted to (when I get PG I didnt want to be overweight and on bedrest) and not only did I believe in myself but my wonderful hubby believed in me as well.
3) getting the junk out: you know all those tempting foods that are lingering over your head in your cabinet that you are just dying to have??? Get them out so you arent tempted to eat them. Refill with healthy foods and low calorie foods. If anyone wants some staples of what I keep feel free to ask and Ill post them:)

Hope this is helpful these have been the most beneficial things that have helped me along.

So if this hasnt already been a long enough novel Ill now post my menu. I guess I just havent written much lately and had too much to talk about:)
Breakfast: nada
Lunch: handful of pasta with meatball, cabbage, green bean casserole, BBQ ckn. pizza, rocky road pizza, sweet tea.....water at grandmothers lunch
Dinner: hoagie roll, roast beef with aujus, Kraft Pepperjack cheese, baked cheddar & sour cream
Snack: 6 Chocolate chip Meringue Cookie
Total Calories: 1189
Exercise: 30 minute walk
Water: 60 oz.

Sunday, June 3, 2007


Thought I would finally update my measurements and see how much I had lost and was actually pleasantly surprised (a little motivation???!!!) I wish I would have taken all of these measurements beforehand but didnt think about a few of these. Also, I wish I would have taken them all when I first started instead of losing some weight first, oh well:)

1/3/07, 6/3/07

Chest: 42/37
Waist: 40/33
Hips: 43/36
R/L Bicep: 13/10
R/L Thigh: 24.5/21
R/L Calf: n/a/15
R/L Forearm: n/a/5.5
Weight: 194.5/175.8

Total inches lost (since Jan 3, 2007): 25.5
Weight Lost(since Jan 3, 2007): : 18.7 lbs

Saturday, June 2, 2007


Here is an article I found and it really hit home and just had to post it here so I have it for reference;)

Cut Calories without Dieting

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend Ill be back to posting regularly Monday!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Weigh In

Well last week I obviously kicked butt with exercise and everything but this week Im not sure what the deal was I just couldnt get focused and crap sounded better or well I dont want to say better but more so what was there and I was too lazy to go out and get something better.

My reward for such a bad eating schedule...2.8 GAIN....I cant believe I gained that much. I dont know when the last time I gained that much in a week..yikes. part of me just feels like falling off the bandwagon and saying screw it but I know I cant have that mentality Im better than that I can do this but I must say part of me feels like giving up after having a gain that in the world did I gain that much?? I dont think I ate that bad but who knows I have been slacking and well I guess thats my reward. Ive got to get back to eating right and tracking or its going to be another gain next week..With the 2.8 gain that puts me at 175.8..not good...

So anyone else stuck in a rut?? Im in a major rut and this article came in today and it came just in time so thought I would share for anyone else stuck in a rut, hope it helps you out as well
14 Tips to Starting and Sticking with It

I will definitely be back to tracking on Monday so if I dont come post, someone come yell at me, deal??

My goals for June:
1)track food everyday (Ive only done it Monday-Friday)
2) drink more water..Im setting my goal at 50 oz. per day

These are two issues I know will help me more than I realize it. I can do this and just need to remember Im better than giving into junk...

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