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Monday, June 4, 2007

What a Great Day

I must say first and foremost...thank you to so many who stopped by, emailed me and made me feel like a million bucks I really couldnt do it without you are amazing and just getting all the comments wow it has just made my day I cant thank you enough!! Second of all this is going to be a long post so sit back, grab a bag of low fat popcorn and enjoy the journey..haha!

Also, I went to see my tracker to see how many people have visited this blog and was amazed I really didnt realize that many people read this blog. In LESS than 2 mths I have had 881 visitors...WOW! Thank you girls for reading along it makes me feel pretty special to know someone is reading this thing and Im not talking to the air..haha!

Today I had lunch with my cousin, her hubby and my grandad it was such a special moment for us all as I havent seen my cousin in about 10 years probably. She is such a wonderful woman and she is actually moving closer and hopefully Ill get to see her quite a bit now Im quite excited about it! Anyway to make a long story short, she is a major, major fitness guru she is such an inspiration for sure as she is now halfway through her pregnancy and is so tiny (about 50 lbs less than me and 4 mths preg!). Before she ran she said a good 6-7 miles a day + about 500 situps a day. Now cant we all do this in one day..haha! She majored in some type of fitness (cant remember exactly) and is 3 credits shy of her masters so to say the least I will be getting lots of good information from her! She was such an inspiration to be around though because she ate so well and it made me come to the realization I can do this and it was just what I needed to get back on track!!

I had so many temptations today it was unreal it was almost like the test of are you really going to make it!

Lets see...the first temptation was the most amazing buffet....good food all around I could have really completed some damage but I got one plate (didnt even fill it totally up!!) and refused to get a second plate. I got some good stuff (kept the portion size small) and got some veggies as well and one small thing of dessert. Second temptation was it was my grandmothers birthday...well I had just eaten lunch with my cousin so I told myself I wasnt eating anything else all I needed was water..thats all and I did just that. Went sat in socialized and drank a few glasses of water. So like that wasnt enough then I get tested with how can anyone really resist a browie?? well I did it and was so proud of myself to say the least. So yes I had way too many temptations and felt like I did extremely well with them!!

A few other things since its been a while since I did any recommendations...
1) Mystic Strawberry Smoothie (bought at Sams): this stuff really is amazing and makes the most wonderful smoothies and its only 160 calories and for any of you smoothie lovers you realize this is a steal for only 160 calories as most of them have a ton of calories so stop by your nearest sams and pick you up a bottle of it.
2) Kraft 2% Pepperjack cheese: for all you cheese lovers go pick you up a package of this stuff and you will be pleasantly surprised. Its 1.4 pts (50 calories) and has amazing taste! I always loved the american one but this one beats it by a stick.
3) Crispy Fruit: Has anyone else tried this stuff? check it out at I tried these while in FL at a local place and these were amazing. The only problem they dont sell them here and so if I want another bag I will have to be shipping me some and Im really thinking about it. I at first thought these would be gross but thought I would try them out for only 35 calories and wow just think of these wonderful treats that are fruit sealed in a bag and thats what you get. They come in all flavors of fruit. They do have some locations that you can get them at grocery stores but if you dont have a store nearby you may just want to get them shipped they are really that good!!
4) Lipton Herbal Cinnamon Apple Tea: if you are a drinker of hot tea, try this out it really has an amazing taste
5) Low-fat chocolate chip meringue cookies: if you have a Kroger nearby go pick you up a bundle of these and you wont be let down. These have an amazing taste and for 12 of them they are 130 calories and 2.5 pts so not too bad.

Someone also asked my ways to how I have succeeded and Ill just do the basic and if anyone wants a more detailed look at it, let me know:
1) portion, portion, portion: the absolute most important key to any WL is portion I cant emphasize it enough. Without portion control its almost impossible or it will only make it that harder to lose weight. Instead of eating those 2 cookies, eat one you still get that same enjoyment. Also when I go out to a restaurant I cut my meal in half before I start I dont even let myself get tempted for that other portion of it. It has worked so well and who really needs that huge, gigantic portion a restaurant gives you
2) Believing in myself: Ive always wanted to lose weight but I dont think I ever put enough faith in myself to do it. I finally had major goals in mind why I wanted to (when I get PG I didnt want to be overweight and on bedrest) and not only did I believe in myself but my wonderful hubby believed in me as well.
3) getting the junk out: you know all those tempting foods that are lingering over your head in your cabinet that you are just dying to have??? Get them out so you arent tempted to eat them. Refill with healthy foods and low calorie foods. If anyone wants some staples of what I keep feel free to ask and Ill post them:)

Hope this is helpful these have been the most beneficial things that have helped me along.

So if this hasnt already been a long enough novel Ill now post my menu. I guess I just havent written much lately and had too much to talk about:)
Breakfast: nada
Lunch: handful of pasta with meatball, cabbage, green bean casserole, BBQ ckn. pizza, rocky road pizza, sweet tea.....water at grandmothers lunch
Dinner: hoagie roll, roast beef with aujus, Kraft Pepperjack cheese, baked cheddar & sour cream
Snack: 6 Chocolate chip Meringue Cookie
Total Calories: 1189
Exercise: 30 minute walk
Water: 60 oz.


Fatinah said...

I cannot believe you were able to resist all those goodies! And to go to a birthday celebration and only drink Well done!

Lola said...

Way to go! I would have caved at the brownies :)

Keep up the great work.

noelle said...

good job on a tempting day!

i love meringue cookies!!! such a filling little treat for not many points. I love the Miss Meringues mint chocolettes. Mint cookies drizzled with a little chocolate! MMMMM...and 10 for 3 points.

CaRoLyN said...

Sounds like you are doing FANTASTIC!!!! good for you for resisting all of those temptations!!! Especially the brownies...they are a weak spot for sure.
How do you check your tracker? Does everyone have one or did you set it up yourself?? Just curious!

Michelle said...

Good job girlfriend! I love those crispy fruit too! Keep up the great work, you're an inspiration to us all!

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