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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wednesday Food

Well things have gotten pretty busy around here but I made a committment Im tracking everyday and I cant let anything come between no matter how late I stay up so here is my menu and let me go ahead and answer a few questions since there was so many Ill go ahead and answer them in this post:
1)I found the 2% pepperjack cheese at Wal-Mart of all places
2)Hoagie roll is kind of like a sub sandwich, its very good. Here is a picture of it if your curious what it looks like..Hoagie picture
3)Why dont I eat Breakfast? I havent been waking up until lunch time or way past breakfast time and felt it was better to just go ahead and eat an early lunch. Of course beforehand I had a major issue with eating breakfast as it never happened at all so its growing on me either way, I never have been a big breakfast person at all.
4)Lack of Fruits/veggies? Growing thing that Im working on my goal for now is 1 /day which before starting to lose weight if I ate one a week I was doing good so it’s a work in progress for sure. I know I need to eat more:)
5) What do I put on Sandwiches? I love using sub bread either a roll, bun..something different then your regular loaf bread, some good meat (I love Cajun meat..turkey, chicken, roast beef, etc.) and melt with some 2% pepperjack cheese…yum! You can add some dressings, dips, sauces but if I melt the cheese I find it gives it a good flavor. Also the big key is put it and toast it in the oven it makes it soooo much better for sure. Its almost like getting a good restaurant style sandwich at home!!

Exercise has been going pretty well its been so hot and Ive really worked up a sweat just from stepping outside it seems like but it makes you feel like a million bucks for sure. Water Ive been really well and going over what I wanted to so Im proud of myself in that aspect for sure.

I know for the day I was a little low on calories and such I tried to make time to eat some but yeah it was busy. Its better than throwing things out and eating too much thats for sure:)

This weekend we are heading out of town Friday morning so hopefully I can stay on track then as well. There will be tons of good food, lots of baseball, friends, family and so many temptations just need to limit myself for sure!

Oh and thanks girls for stopping by I went to look at the stats and Ive had 48 people come by in 2! So total count is at 929 visitors! It makes me feel as there is more than just one person out there reading along!
Breakfast: fiber one oats & chocolate bar, water
Lunch: Chick-Fil-A chargrilled chicken sandwich with honey roasted BBQ sauce, fruit cup, water
Dinner: shells with brocolli, olive oil and 2 tbsp parmesan cheese, baked waffle fries with BBQ sauce
snack: 7 wheat thins parmesan basil, 6 chocolate chip meringue cookies
Water: 67 oz.
Exercise: 45 minute walk
Total Calories: 1320


Henriettæ said...

Just coming to cheer on you! :)

CaRoLyN said...

Good luck this weekend and have a great time out of town!!
You are doing such a great job! We need to see sdome more before and after pictures!!!
The sandwiches sound YUMMY! How many points do they usually run?

Cory said...

Sounds like you're doing great! Keep it up!

JOY said...

We all check in on how you are doing.

Enjoy your day out on Friday - sounds like you have a lot planned.

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions - I am fully in the picture now.

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