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Friday, June 15, 2007

Weigh In...MAJOR success!!

Well I weighed in this morning thinking oh it will be 1-2 lbs and 2 was really hoping because I had such a big loss last week. Well what did I have 2.5 lb LOSS I couldnt believe it I thought the scale was lieing to me so I get on again and it tells me the same thing so maybe my eyes and the scale arent deceiving me. I couldnt believe that means Im now down to 170.8 and less than 1 lb away from the 160's. The 160's that I didnt think I would ever see in a million years again and here I am less than 1 lb away....WOW...WOW

So Ive now lost 36.7 lbs and I have 25.8 lbs to go to reach my 62.5 lb goal of 145 lbs. Im well over half way there and cant wait to see my goal come!!!

Thank you girls for all your support you dont know how much it means to me!!


Lola said...


What fanstastic news for a FRIDAY!

Congrats :)

You must be soooo proud of yourself!

Cory said...

Congrats!!! That's a fantastic loss this week!

A Heathier Me said...

Congrats!!! That is soooo awesome! Have a fantastic weekend :)

Fatinah said...

OMG!! that is awesome - way to go!!!!!

Tigerlilly said...

Yahoooooo... 2.5lbs.. that is awsome! Your doing something right...Keep it up!!!

2L said...

WOW is right!! That's great. . .CONGRATS!!!

The Pts Calculator does what the pt finder does minus the big bulkyness & can be used as a regular calculator. I got mine @ my mtg for 9.95 but I'm sure they sell them on eBay too.

Noelle said...


That is a ton of weight that you have lost so far! Keep it up!

Kate said...

WOOOO HOO! Congrats on the Weight Loss!

CaRoLyN said...

That is amazing!! CONGRATS to you!!!! Next week you'll be seeing the 160s!!!! That is so exciting.
Keep it up and you'll meet your goal in no time girly!!

JOY said...

How wonderful!

Am sure you delighted with your loss.

I am so excited for you.

2L said...

Tag, you're it! :)
(see my blog)

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