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Friday, June 1, 2007

Weigh In

Well last week I obviously kicked butt with exercise and everything but this week Im not sure what the deal was I just couldnt get focused and crap sounded better or well I dont want to say better but more so what was there and I was too lazy to go out and get something better.

My reward for such a bad eating schedule...2.8 GAIN....I cant believe I gained that much. I dont know when the last time I gained that much in a week..yikes. part of me just feels like falling off the bandwagon and saying screw it but I know I cant have that mentality Im better than that I can do this but I must say part of me feels like giving up after having a gain that in the world did I gain that much?? I dont think I ate that bad but who knows I have been slacking and well I guess thats my reward. Ive got to get back to eating right and tracking or its going to be another gain next week..With the 2.8 gain that puts me at 175.8..not good...

So anyone else stuck in a rut?? Im in a major rut and this article came in today and it came just in time so thought I would share for anyone else stuck in a rut, hope it helps you out as well
14 Tips to Starting and Sticking with It

I will definitely be back to tracking on Monday so if I dont come post, someone come yell at me, deal??

My goals for June:
1)track food everyday (Ive only done it Monday-Friday)
2) drink more water..Im setting my goal at 50 oz. per day

These are two issues I know will help me more than I realize it. I can do this and just need to remember Im better than giving into junk...


Cory said...

You've chosen some great goals. I think they'll be a great start for getting you going!

Fatinah said...

awesome goals - I look forward to reading how well they work for you!!

2L said...

You gain some, you lose a lot! You gatta look at the big picture. . .look how far much you've lost so far!!

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