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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thursday Food

Well today was a pretty good day, another healthy day even ate breakfast, veggies and all:)

Today was just one of those Im eating but just didnt eat a ton. Oh and my new love of the evening is lime & chili almonds (yes its one almond) and OMG they are delicious! I know almonds and such are good to have just not overdo it but wow if you want to try a new kind try these they are amazing with the flavor!!

My new recipe love of the week is brocolli with shells...
you cook a bag of brocolli until tender,
cook shells (or any other type of pasta will work),
after both are done stir them together add a little bit of olive oil so it doesnt stick...
add parmesan cheese (lighter option of cheese)
add a dash of salt or some type of seasoning because trust me it wont taste very well if not

wah la you have a good healthy meal that has your veggies, pasta, good fat. Its not very difficult at all and you will have leftovers for a few days..haha!

This weekend will be tough I know I wont even try to think for a moment it wont be but we are going to the baseball game (any college baseball fans out there??) the team me and hubby graduated from is in the super regional (MSU-Mississippi State) so we will be out there rooting for our bulldogs in the 90+ humidity weather with friends and all so should be fun. We will also be seeing family and all with lots of good eating but that also being said Ill be sweating my butt off as well as getting in tons and tons of walking so hope that kind of balances out but my plan is to eat stuff but keep portions small, its worked so far just need to remember that. Im planning on taking something to write my stuff down since Ill have no computer so I can keep an eye on what I eat.

Hope you girls have a fabulous weekend and Ill be back tomorrow for sure to post my weigh in:)
Breakfast: fiber one oats & chocolate bar, water
Lunch: Subway sweet onion chicken teriyaki with pepperjack cheese, lettuce, baked sour cream & onion chips, water
Dinner: shells with brocolli, olive oil and 2 tbsp parmesan cheese
Snack: 7 smokehouse almonds, 7 lime & chili almonds, 2 chocolate chip meringue cookies
Water: 45 oz.
Exercise: none
Total Calories: 1163

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CaRoLyN said...

Have fun this weekend!!! Sounds like you will have a good one. Just keep portions small but don't deprive yourself...that is what the flex points are for right? Cant wait to hear how it all goes!

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