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Sunday, June 3, 2007


Thought I would finally update my measurements and see how much I had lost and was actually pleasantly surprised (a little motivation???!!!) I wish I would have taken all of these measurements beforehand but didnt think about a few of these. Also, I wish I would have taken them all when I first started instead of losing some weight first, oh well:)

1/3/07, 6/3/07

Chest: 42/37
Waist: 40/33
Hips: 43/36
R/L Bicep: 13/10
R/L Thigh: 24.5/21
R/L Calf: n/a/15
R/L Forearm: n/a/5.5
Weight: 194.5/175.8

Total inches lost (since Jan 3, 2007): 25.5
Weight Lost(since Jan 3, 2007): : 18.7 lbs


Colette said...


Henriettæ said...

You are doing GREAT, Amber!! I'm really impressed!
What do you think makes you succeed this time and not the previous ones? (I'm just curious as to why I never succeed... ;))

Cory said...

Sweet! That is really awesome! Keep up the fantastic work.

Fatinah said...

awesome stats - keep up the good work!!

Fatinah said...

Hey - just read my e-mail to see that we are in the challenge together - we are going to rock!!!!!

jeannie* said...

Ahhhh thats AWESOME!!!! Keep it up :)

Lola said...

Hey Challenge Partner!

Great numbers! Keep up the great work and you'll be rocking June!

noelle said...

great job!!!

I never took my measurements and sooo wish I had.

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