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Friday, October 10, 2008

Loss is always good...

Well I finally had a loss a small one at that but its a loss nonetheless! I had a loss of .6 lbs today so Im at 174.0 now and hope it keeps going in the right direction!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Boy am I out of shape....

Well I know I havent posted in here for a while its because yes I have been down and out, gaining weight but Friday I officially have a plan for stopping it. Me and hubby both joined the gym and it only cost us for both of us to join per month $35 at the YMCA, how much cheaper can it get! Today was the first day though that we went due to having class, church and just plain learning the times they close and open. I must just tell my victory for today and my "boy am I outta shape story" though.

So today was one of the first days in a LONGGG time I felt good about my choices in food and I ever exercised and real exercise that I actually had a good sweat.

So today was the first time that we actually went to the Y and I worked out for 10 minutes on the elliptical that kicked my butt big time. I was in such pain before the 10 minutes but kept pushing myself for that 10 minutes and said I can make it come on (I was kind of my own cheerleader ) and made it, after that I did the bike for 20 minutes and I left there and even with those two things I am pathetic is that? I sweated like something else and have never drank a full bottle of water down any faster either. At first I really didnt want to go but am so glad we (me and hubby) went I felt so much better afterwards and am looking forward to going tomorrow.

Working out today just made me realize just how badly out of shape I really have gotten. I used to be able to do elliptical for 20-30 minutes with not feeling like I was going to do, now I have to work at getting back to that point, I can do it just have to work a bit harder to get there!

I just had to share so that hopefully in a few weeks/months I can look back and realize how far I have come and so someone can remind me of that too!

For food, I did well with eating veggies and fruits and felt so much better about myself today. I have also gotten addicted to blackberies they are my new fruit that I love!

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