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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Wow three days in a row Ive made it back here I cant believe it. I know I havent been perfect but its a work in progress and Im getting there slowly.

I never made it back to update my food so Ill go ahead and say we ended up going to Logans and I got a grilled chicken sandwich with BBQ sauce and a cup of chili and I only ate 1 roll and avoided sweet tea so not too bad, could have done much worst to say the least. Oh and ended up with a 45 minute walk for last night as well.

Breakfast: oats & chocolate bar, water
Lunch: chili dog, onion rings (4 or 5), oatmeal raisin cookie, lemonade
Dinner: California Pizza Kitchen BBQ chicken (2 slices), water
Water: 50.7 oz
Exercise: 45 minute walk

For my tips for the day...I ended up signing up for the Women's Health newsletter which I love the magazine it truly is wonderful if you havent picked it up it truly is worth the investment. They have some great stories and very inspirational stuff. My favorite magazine by far. Anyway I got these 40 tips and thought I would share...very interesting...

For my breakthrough of the day Ive been working to try to guzzle down at least 40 oz. a day (hey its a start back) and I got over 40 oz. so Ill work my weigh back up but its a start!

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Cory said...

Good job on the water! Keep that up!

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