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Friday, September 7, 2007


Well Tuesday I did weigh in and was up .8 lbs which after a vacation, eating too much I consider that not too bad at all. I normally seem to gain around oh 3-5 lbs which is bad but hey vacation is vacation and you always want to splurge a little, right??

Well I have had the week from hell with school and by that I mean there has been so much going on that I havent gotten to do much else other then my job. I was so smart to give 5 different tests for 5 classes which wouldnt be so bad if it was just this is the right answer but being a computer teacher Ive had to go into every file and grade every single little thing. I think I learned my lesson the hard way on that for sure. Next time Ill give half on one week, the other on the other week so maybe I can stay sane for sure. Oh and then on top of all that we got the new software Ive been waiting for since the beginning of school (Adobe Design Premium for any curious..) and its taking forever and ever to install so yeah my week has been pretty busy. On top of all that my poor little pup got really sick and has thrown up everywhere and Ive had to take care of her and I think she is back to good now thank goodness! But I have to state the really good news of the week.....

I weighed in this morning and LOST...yes LOST...1.8 lbs bringing me back to my all time lowest Ive been at which is 170.6 Im so happy about that, now I can start working on getting it really off and thats just the motivation I needed it really made my day after having a heck of a week. I have been doing better on foods, trying to get back into working out (which hasnt been a ton this week).

Next week will be much better (no tests that will be given until the following week) and the software is all installed so Ill have a bit more free time for sure.

So to say the least I was very happy and so glad Im back into the low 170's almost in the 160's Ive got to prove to myself that I can get there by next week no excuses! Its only .7 lbs and I know I can do it!!

Oh and I changed my has a little weight as my icon, so cute and at the end is the little treasure as I lose the weight Im getting closer to my treasure.

For the other news, me and hubby have decided that for our 5 year anniversary (May 24, 2008) which is 8 mths away we are going to be going to Hawaii..woo hoo! so Ive got to work really hard to make sure Im down to my goal weight by then I cant wait so ive got something to work at as well!


Cory said...


Henriettæ said...

Yay!! You rock, Amber!!

Katie said...

Hawaii!!! Ooh, I'm uber-jealous. DH and I been dying to make it there. You can meet your goal by then. Go for it!

CaRoLyN said...

Congrats on the loss! Woohoo!

Hawaii!! WOW! Good for you! Just think of how great you'll feel on the beach at your goal weight!

Hope school is better this week!

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