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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day 4

Breakfast: Fiber one oats & chocolate bar, simply lemonade (8 oz.)
Lunch: vegetable soup (1 cup), peas (1 oz.), water
Dinner: grilled chicken with A1 marinade (~1.5 oz.), rice a roni fried rice (2.5 oz.), water
Snack: Jello fruit passion cup (peaches, pineapple, & mango in peach gelatin)
Exercise: 45 minute walk

Calories: 962
Fat: 11
Carbs: 152
Fiber: 22
Sodium: 3353
WW Pts: 19.4

Well first off I must give myself a pat on the back and I havent felt that way in a longggg time. Today was the first day in I dont even remember that I felt like Im getting this again its really getting back into the grove and eating healthy and tracking like I once did but forgot how important eating healthy and tracking really was. I know that sounds so dumb but its so very true. If you get out of a habit its so easy but to get back into it is much tougher but I think Im starting to get it back.

For my pts, I think I figured it up with the calculator Im supposed to have 25 pts per day. I put that Im moderately active during the day because sitting down while teaching is just not even an option. I need to bring a tracker one day to see how much I walk I have a large classroom and constantly am asked this or that or will you look at this so Im constantly walking around sone of these days Im really going to bring one

For other things, I got my calories way down (maybe even a little too low but feel great so why eat if Im not hungry?!), have I gotten those down from being in the 50's to in the teens or below actually, sodium down, carb down...yeah the only thing that I think needs a little more work is sodium but other than that its the first day Ive been pretty happy with everything I put into my mouth so go me.

Yeah ok today was just a great, great day and I just have to brag (a little or a lot )it hasnt happened in a while so I must make sure to make a note so that I can feel this way more often.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and its one of those weigh-ins I know I will have a loss. Im just hoping to lose at least most of my 3.4 lbs I gained back so anything from 166.6 to 170.0 would be good, preferably the lower range. Anything over 3.4 lbs will be a big hit and would put me even less.

Alright I think Ive rambled on long enough...hope everyone else has had a great day as well!


Law student said...

Good luck at your WI tomorrow!

Clementines are pretty much like mini oranges or tangerines. They are yummy! :)

Tigerlilly said...

Sounds like you are on a roll...keep it up!! Good luck at WI tomorrow.. I'm sure you will do fantastic!

Mmmmm Clementines...I will be eating them all day today because I have a whole box in my fridge! LOL. I dont think I will like them as much tomorrow!

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