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Friday, November 23, 2007


Well we finally got back a few hours ago from our weekend with family and a great football game also.

Thanksgiving First...I kind of disappointed myself but didnt do horrible either. I kept with my one plate but desserts OMG it was terribly good and well fattening to say the least. I got one plate and had one piece of lemon icebox pie and then a little bit of coconut cake that were both devine.The thing I think that killed me the most was drinking so much sweet tea. None of my in laws drink water so its terribly hard. If I didnt want to drink water out of the facet then pretty much it was tea or soft drinks which is a big no no in my book. So I stuck it out and I know I drank way too much but hey its over I could have done worst but stuck to my one plate and ate small portions of it all but there was so many different things my plate was stuffed full but I told myself one plate thats all (well minus dessert). So its over with Ill say Im thankful that I have some much food and a loving family but boy they fix some good stuff for sure..haha!

Tomorrow is my family's Thanksgiving so well see I dont think its quite as difficult there as it is at the in-laws except for the fact they fix like 10 different desserts (no lie, ok maybe 7) and thats probably the most tempting of it all.

So I didnt weigh in today since we were gone and didnt get back until late tonight so Ill weigh in tomorrow morning and see how it looks. Im fully expecting a gain and know that I just need to work hard to get it off no matter how much it maybe.

In other news...the football game we attended today (MSU vs. Ole Miss) and boy was it a game. I still cant believe MSU won..woo hoo!

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