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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day two

So Im back on track this is the longest in a while Ive tracked my food, kind of sad at two days but so true. I seem to do one day then quit or get too busy doing umm something other than this...

So I weighed myself this morning just to see how I was coming after two days and I was shocked I had already lost 2 of my 3.4 lbs I gained, now how come I cant lose that kind of weight all the time, so not fair

So food for today...
Breakfast: Fiber one oats & chocolate bar, simply lemonade (8 oz.)
Lunch: salad (lettuce, cheese (.25 cup), bacon bits (2 tbsp), honey mustard dressing (3 tbsp) ), water
Dinner: chick-fil-a chargrilled chicken sandwich with 2 packs honey roasted BBQ sauce, fruit cup, water
Snack: 1 brownie, apple cider, fun size snickers bar
Exercise: umm probably none tonight

Calories: 1373
Fat: 56
Carbs: 189
Fiber: 14
WW Pts: 31.3

Not quite as good of a day today but not horrible either. I had a student whos birthday was today that came by with a brownie that someone had made for her and said you must have one to celebrate my birthday, how can you not have one, so how can I really turn that one down. Yeah I caved in I just couldnt say no


Tigerlilly said...

Hey.. thanks for the comment on my blog... and I think it is forgivable when it comes to a kids birthday brownie... I think. ;)

noelle said...

Good for you for making it the second day! I always find that a day OP and drinking lots of water helps me to drop a big chunk of that icky gain.

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