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Friday, November 16, 2007

Another pound gone!

Well I weighed in this morning and honestly thought I would have a maintain and to my shock I had a 1.0 lb can we say shocked or what?! So I am now down to 166.3.

Total WL to date: 41.2 lb
Total to go: 21.3 lb

I cant believe Im almost down to 20 lbs to go, wow do you know how close that even sounds and losing over 40 lbs??? Wow Im just in amazement of how far I have come!

This week is going to be tough with Thanksgiving and especially be on Thursday. I will weigh in on Saturday this week as I will be unable to weigh in Friday as we will be out of town/at the game. I know if I can maintain my portions and Im just hoping for a maintain this week if I can do that then it would be fabulous. We will be going to both families (mine and hubby's) so there will be tons of good food and eating I must control myself though.

I do have all of next week off so Ill be around a bit more and try to check in with everyone, its a much needed break!


noelle said... are just moving on down the scale!!!

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