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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

First Day back...

Well yesterday was my first day back and after really putting in everything I think I came to the conclusion that I was probably eating a lot more than I thought and thats probably a little why I gained weight last week so on to a new start. I think Im going to try to do calories instead of WW pts for a little while, see how it works and then go from there. My calorie range will be to stay from 1400-1800 a day so I think I should be able to do that easily.

My creations of the day were to take one pack of the starkist hickory smoked tuna creations, put one slice of pepperjack cheese on it, put it in the oven for about 7-8 minutes and put it on crackers, delicious!

My other creation was to take the laughing cow Light Garlic & Herb Cheese Wedge put it on french bread, toast it and wahla you have almost zilcho calories for a good garlic cheese bread...yum!! I did finally find this cheese and its fabulous I love this stuff and only 35 calories for an entire!

For exercise Ive been doing some crunches with weights which not only works your abs but it works your arms amazingly well. Ive only done them for a few days and boy am I sore but I love the feeling!!

I also went above my goal of 50 oz of water each day yesterday and it felt so good to finally get back into my groove as well!
Breakfast: 1% milk, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios
Lunch: 15 Town House Original crackers, StarKist Hickory Smoked Tuna Creations, The Laughing Cow Light Garlic & Herb Cheese Wedge, Pepperjack Cheese
Dinner: Ground Sirloin, Bertolli Olive Oil & Garlic Spaghetti Sauce, linguine, 2 pieces Earthgrains French bread
Snacks: Banana, Hostess 100 calorie pack Carrot cake with Cream Cheese Icing
Water: 58.7 oz.
Exercise: crunches with 10 lb weights
Total Calories: 1703


JOY said...

Well done on the calorie counting - I have tried this but didn't get very far as I am not very organised.

I hope this works for you - your smoked tuna with cheese sounds lovely! I might give it a try if I can find it here in Ireland as I have never heard of it.

Good luck!

Christina said...

Way to go on changing things up, whatever works best and whatever you can stick with is the key, have a great tuesday :)

CaRoLyN said...

I LOVE the garlic and Herb Laughing cow too! The swiss is just kind of blah but the garlix is AMAZING! I can't wait to be back on WW so I can have some. I never would have though about putting it on bread and toasting it though, thanks for the tip!
Great job going above and beyond your goals!!! Go you!

WeightWatchnWoman said...

Great job with your menu!!! It sounds yummy and I will have to try the laughing cow Light Garlic & Herb Cheese Wedge put it on french bread. Sounds delicious!!!

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