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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Well today was one of those your disappointed in yourself but have some good things as well but not perfect. Wont beat myself up too bad over it.

For lunch today we went to a local meat place which has amazing burgers and usually I get cheese (didnt get that this time) and then a whole potato with sweet tea. Well I had my mind made up Ill eat half the burger, half the potato and get water. Well I get there order and guess what I do...first I order sweet tea, then I eat my whole burger and the thing was huge not because I was starving because I kept eating without even thinking about it and why did I get sweet tea...hmm not sure but I know it could have been worst.

Then my mom fixes a nice and fatty meal. Well I look for other options to eat but she fixed two different things I choose the least fattening one. It was alfredo (loaded with fat) or chicken wings which I found out I could eat 4 small wings for the same calories and fat as I could for the alfredo so I choose alfredo, moved on and accepted the consequences.

For the good part of the day...I made this wonderful cake for my grandfather and that cake is still sitting there and I never ate ONE bite..not even a taste of it. My mom even kept egging it this cake is so good you should try some of it. I kept and I kept with it she finally gave up so Ill award myself at least for that temptation. Now that cake is still sitting there but I think it was most tempting since it was nice and hot and the chocolate was just gooey on it. I must say it did look mighty good but I dont need it.

For my other cheese on a salad. My mom seriously looked at me like I had two heads when I told her Ill pass on the cheese. This is one of those things I used to pile on the cheese and not think twice but Ive been passing on it and its getting easier and easier but I cant say Im not tempted at all but its getting less and less.

Goals for May and how I did today...
*sweet tea: drank 16 oz....bad...
*drank 6.9 oz of water over my goal
*track food: done
Breakfast: Fiber One oats & chocolate
Lunch: Little Willie's Hamburger (ketchup, pickles), 1/2 baked potato (butter, salt, pepper), sweet tea
Dinner: 1 cup garlic chicken alfredo, 2 pieces of garlic bread (FF butter, garlic), caesar salad (lite caesar dressing, lettuce, wheat croutons)
Snack: none
Exercise: 25 crunches with 10 lb weights, 75 regular crunches
Water: 56.9 oz.
Total Calories: 1619


noelle said...

some good choices in there, too. You just ate a little of the alfredo (which sounds YUMMY!)...and you passed on the cheese and the cake. GOOD JOB!

Tomorrow's a new day...keep on plugging away.

1L said...

People make food tempting. Sometimes I feel like I eat things I normally wouldn't when other people are around. That was our topic at the WW meeting yesterday. . ."remaining calm" Seems like you did just that. Happy Hump day! :)

CaRoLyN said...

Don't beat yourself up. Although you fell a little off track you also made some really great choices! GREAT JOB on resisting the cake!! WOW!!! Especially after your Mother was egging you on!!! Telling you to try a piece after she knew you were trying so hard to stay on track! That takes willpower Amber!!!!! Pat yourself on the back!!

Anonymous said...

you are doing great hunny! It's so hard to try and eat right when you aren't the one cooking and there are sweet there and people just telling you to eat anyway. Good job! I'm very proud!!


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