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Friday, January 25, 2008


Well this morning's weigh in went well about what I had expected I guess.

I lost .7 lbs so Im down to 165.5. I seem to be losing slowly but hey Ill take it anyday over a gain! That puts me right at 42 lbs lost and 20.5 lbs to go!!

I went to figure up my BMI and I have always been in the obese category because for my height (5'7") because I was over 189 lbs. Well I went to figure up BMI today and Im now officially in the overweight and not obese and not only that Im only 9 lbs away from being in the normal category...9 lbs??? Wow I didnt realize I was that close to normal. Thats just that much more motivation to lose those 9 lbs to get in the normal rate instead of being in overweight but at least Im not in the obese category anymore.

So for my height the normal weight is 119 lbs to 156 lbs so I think my goal of 145 is a good weight for me but wow 9 lbs thats just amazing to me!!
If anyone is curious about your BMI here is a calculator
BMI calculator

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Rebecca said...


super easy...

google has this program (?) called google docs. not sure if you get choices of which one, but the excel sheet looks exactly like in excel.

do what you need to do, and off to the right is a button called Publish, click that and another box pops up.

in the lower left corner is another button that says more options or something similar, click on that and another box pops up

in this box choose the format which is html in a webpage. be sure to click this one because i believe the default is just html but that doesnt work.

take the code, and just add it into your post.

hope that helps!

OOHHH...and wow.. your doing fab!

i see your eating anywhere from 29 to 31 points a day.

i was told today that i should up my calories and i'm so on the fence about it but maybe 24 points just arent enough. how'd you figure out that range for yourself?

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