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Monday, January 7, 2008


Thank you girls for all the wonderful comments it really does help more than you realize! Well to get me off on an even better start I really have done wonderful so far since WI, the best I have done in I dont know...maybe EVER....

Friday, Jan. 4 Food
Saturday, Jan. 5 Food
Sunday, Jan. 6 Food
Monday, Jan. 7 Food

For Exercise I have gotten in:
Friday-45 min.
Sat-2 hrs
Sun-75 min
Mon-30 min.

Flex pts Used (I will restart these on Friday)
Fri-14.1 pts used
Sat-2.9 pts
Sun-1.5 pts
Mon-none (went under by 1.8 pts with Exercise pts)

So I have used 18.5 pts and have 16.5 pts to use if I need them Tue, Wed, or Thurs which Im going to try to not use them but well see. I think I can do it or use 1 or 2.

Wow I guess I am an amazement of how well this year has started off for me. I have really committed myself to this. Not to brag or anything....haha!


Kathryn & Kevin said...

Brag away!! Losing 40 lbs. so far is quite an accomplishment! How long has it taken, so far?

Randi said...

Yeah I'd brag. But I brag about everything anyway and I haven't done anything as cool as you.

Rebecca said...

you are seriously doing phenomenal!!

you deserve it though...such a perserverer!!

i cant wait to see you reach goal!!!

keep up the great work!!!

Kate said...

Your doing great, you have a reason to brag!

noelle said...

So great to be so successful at the start of a new year. Just helps you want more successes, huh?

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