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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Great plan derail

Ever had this great plan before you went out, then you get there and it doesnt look so appetizing before you order? Yeah thats what happened to me tonight. I had it all planned out I was going to eat off the WW menu, get the cajun tilapia or a salad and yeah I got there and said oh screw it I dont feel like that. I felt like I let myself down and after I ate it I was like man why didnt I choose the healthy choice?! Im over and done with it but still I had a plan and yeah my plan didnt sound very appetizing. I didnt do as badly as I probably would have done before losing the weight but it still wasnt good.

That to say, I went over my pts but not nearly as bad as I expected I had. I had eaten a healthy breakfast & lunch so that helped. I almost feel like my body needed a little more calories as it seems like the past two weeks I havent been eating enough and it could be partial reason why Im not losing which is what happened before. I seem to do the best when I change it my WW pts + a few flex pts, then next week eat around 30-32 pts per day and even it out instead of one big smack down of flex pts so well see what tomorrow holds for me Im hoping for a loss either way

Food Journals (since I forgot to post yesterday)

Wed. Jan. 23
Thurs. Jan. 24

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Kathryn & Kevin said...

Actually, the cajun tilapia sounds pretty good. Is that off the Applebee's menu? Maybe that's where we'll head to tomorrow night.

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